I like early mornings and beautifuly prepared breakfasts. I like walking around bookstores and seeing people reading books on the floor because all the chairs were taken. I like cancelled plans, late night movies and white wine on a Sunday afternoon. I like googling facts about history. I like facts period. 
I like plans, but I live for spontaneous days. I like white roses in the winter and hydrangeas in the summer. I like discovering new music and listening to the same 5 songs 24/7 until I find 5 new songs. I like car rides and singing out loud, making my friends do the same. I like cleaning and keeping everything in place. I like huging people. I think we shoud hug more.
I like eating my chocolate in a certain way or it doesn't feel like I've eaten it at all. I like decisiveness in people, and control in me. I like getting randomly drunk. I like to laugh so uncontrollably I have to cover my face because at that point I'm definitely ugly laughing. I like having people around me that can make me ugly laugh. I like playing board games. As many as possible in 1 hour time.
I like to spoil ending of books and movies for people I care about. I know they like it too.





 One of the things I was excited about coming to Canada for, and I don't care how lame it sounds, was to watch the Oscars, finally, at the normal hour. After just finishing it, at a decent, yet still not I'm-totally-OK-with-it hour, truth to be told, I'd much rather stay up until 6AM, with my friends by my side, than to almost loosing my mind, trying to find an online streaming site. Ugh!

Firstly, who knew it's harder to watch Oscars in Canada than it is in a small little country that majority of living human beings don't even know about, and secondly, did I really stay awake for so long, just to go to bed disappointed over the final result? I really don't feel like The shape of water deserved an Oscar for Best picture. But that's just me. Though I'm usually right. #justsaying

Call me by your name or Lady bird! Something that's raw and relatable, and..not a fish!
(I know there's much more to that, but still..major turn off)

Me and my three closest friends have this tradition of watching the Oscars together every year, eating bunch of junk food and trying to stay awake as long as possible. Back home, the event usually starts around 2AM and ends around 6AM, so the struggle of being awake is real. This year, as me and Lana are both far away from home, we all decided to watch the event together over facebook, facetime or whatever would work the best. The guys were obviously a no show this year as we weren't there to wake them up, fuckers, but me and Lana made it till the end!

We'll eventually grow out of it, won't we, this tradition of ours? Would it, in time, be acceptable for all of us to leave our husbands/wives and kids at home while the four of us would drive to lake Bohinj, guilt free and have our night like we used to? Would we even want to?
Man I hope we do!

I'm off to bed now, way past my bed time!