Oh my lord, where to even start. With the day I literally burned my underwear because apparently radiators don't work same way all over the world, maybe talk about the day where I lastly changed postal code and my books got time to collect dust. Perhaps I should start by talking about a "let's go for one beer after work" kinda night that in reality turned out to be "a couple of beers and about 6 tequila shots later holding and electroshock device by a Mexican bartender named Ricardo who me, Q and A all kinda had a little crush on" kinda night.

Opinions and views change all the time based on things we encounter and experience, but there are things for which we are so stubborn about and only going through certain situation can then make us change our mind. Mine has flipped for 95% in a year living abroad. And I am stubborn AF..

I've talked a bit about Montreal before. My time there, what I liked, what I didn't like as much, and a little about what made me move away from the city of bagels, excruciating winters and French Canadians who refuse to speak English just for the fucking sake of it. Being back home in Slovenia now allows me to dive deeper into stories I want to share and that's one of the things I am happy about at the moment - having the time to actually do it. I love thinking about past and sharing stories I know will make other people smile, laugh or maybe enlighten them about something.

I am late to the party, but 2018 was a beautiful year for me. Not everything was good, like it never is, but I'll take it step by step explaining it. There is a reason for all that has happened, what brought me to where I am at this moment and I'm certain my Canadian story is not over yet. Until I go back I will write about it, live my life here to the fullest, be positive and most of all, doing everything in my power towards getting back to the city of crowded streets, Uncle Tetsu cheescake, 8 hour drive to NYC and people I grew very fond of.

I will start at day one. One essay at the time. And no rush, I have a year.

1 shirt, a little black dress and 2 days in New York


After two crazy, but super fun, weeks I finally have the time to sit down and talk to you again. Also some time to do laundry and clean in peace - yes, it's a thing I'm excited about.

August literally sprinted by, and as much as I can't wait for Fall, I also kinda don't want it to end because it was such a good month. It was also my BIRTHDAY exactly a week ago today and I am officially 28 years and 7 days old now! Man, oh man.

This was my first birthday that I didn't get to spend it with my close ones, and I figured, if I can't be surrounded by the people I love, the next perfect option was to at least be in the city that for sure can't let me down. I grabed my silver backpack, threw in one t-shirt, a black dress, toothbrush and two sandwiches for the way.

12 hours later and a year older, I woke up in Bryant park. It has just rained but the sun was coming up, people were doing pilates, and I enjoyed my waffle with berries, sitting on the chair across the fountain, people watching and sinking in the fact that I was, after so many years, finally back in the city I love so much.

Favorite spots in Toronto (part one)



I guess it was only a matter of time before I got sick when there is literally 30 degrees + outside. And because I can't just blow my nose and drink tea the whole day, I decided to make a post of my favorite spots in the city, so in case I don't pick up the phone, you'll know where to look for me. You're wellcome.

Toronto may not have that much of history, or soul, don't hate me, it's definitely not for everyone, and if I were to stay in Canada for longer than I plan to, I would surely move back to Montreal. But work and language wise, is much better for now..at least in my case. What Toronto lacks in history, it makes up in cool places to eat, drink and hang out in general. It's only my third month living here so there's obviously still so much for me to see and try, but at the same time, we know how I like what I like and I don't like changes, so here is part 1 of my current favorite spots in Toronto that are most likely going to stay my favorites in the exact same order.


I've literally been here so many times that I could easily be mistaken for a student by now. The architecture is amazing, very European and it feels like being in Hogwarts, and who doesn't wanna feel like they're being in a Harry Potter movie?? 
I love going there and walk around, sit on grass and read my book, or occupy one of the benches and just watch people and make up stories about them. We all do that, right?

I love sugar in all forms and shapes, we all know that. We also know when it comes to pastry, Quebecois French do it best. Les moulins LA FAYETTE recently opened their first bread and pastry shop here in Toronto, conveniently, just a block away from my home. My biggest guilty pleasure is their Choco caramel something (picture 3). Trust me on this one ok, it's soooo good!

I have a strange obsession with parks when visiting other countries so that is where you will most likely find me 80% of the time. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that back home, I am constantly surrounded by nature and it's been a big part of my life and it's something I miss awfully.
Trinity bellwoods park is my favorite go to spot. I go there many times to read and pet dogs, watch baseball games, they have free tennis courts, so many cool events and it's just a park with cool view and dogs. So many dogs.

If you're looking for a cool spot with cheaper wine, good live music and burlesque preformances - you're gonna love The painted lady! They have a cool vibe going on and so many talented musicians come to preform. The only thing that kinda sucks, is that you can only pay in cash. 

I'm not big on clubbing, but if I'm in the "going out kinda mood", Locals only on King W is the best option always. Hot bartenders, cool music, cool people AND, and the best light and wallpapers in the washrooms for selfies. Please, no hate. haha

So that is it for today! I'll be posting the second part soon I believe. Gonna take a computer rest now, my head's going to explode..who get's sick in this weather????? :(

Buh bye July


I was almost asleep when I heard some noise outside my window yesterday, and after that, I had spent 15 - 20 minutes of my life watching a random dude trying to tie two folding chairs, that were left outside for anyone to take, on his bycicle. He was trying really hard, but failed so many times that I almost went down there an helped him out. It was close to midnight, I was in my briefs and it was way too hot to make an effort to put a shirt on, so I just leaned back on my shelf, laughed a little, but most of all admired his determination of not leaving without the chairs. It was a succes, at the end if you wondered, and after he paddled (is it paddled?) away, so did I - to sleep.

Apparently I paddled super fast in my sleep, because I woke up in AUGUST!!

July was really fun, but August will be even better! Wanna know why? Because it's truly, madly AND deeply dedicated to LEO's! Yeah baby..our month is in full swing! This year though will be my first birthday since I crawled my way out into this world that I won't be surrounded by my friends or family. That's something that makes me really sad, because they make my birthday matter, othervise it's just a day. But oh well, I'll still make it a good one! Or just sleep through it haha..

After one month, or even more, of consistenly sunny and damn hot days, today is a cloudy day, which feels soo good and it makes me want Fall to come ASAP. I'm ready trenches, and leather jackets, and leaves changing colour, hot chocolates, mint tea, that crisp air..you know. Just a bit more.

So I'll go and enjoy this cloudy day until it lasts! Happy August everyone!! Yaaaay



24/07/2018 - photos by @dhawalphadke & some from my Iphone

There's a house on the street I pass by everyday on my way to work, and it's one of those town houses, narrow but deep, brick builded with big windows and high ceilings, with just enough space in front to plant few hydrangeas to make the house pop and my vase on the coffe table full, bigger yard on the other side, away from the street where my kids could play and dogs would have enough space to poop anywhere they would want to. It's being renovated at the moment, but I swear, everytime I pass it, it makes me want to march straight inside, make an offer and make it my "little" home. The only thing stopping me from doing that is that I can't afford not even 10% of the house probably, surely, and I haven't found a husband aka baby maker yet anyways, so I'll just have to wait a bit more to find someone who will build me a reading nook and fill me up with babies who will be in charge of strawberry picking and mowing the lawn. Otherwise, why the big house for, right?

I would pick a house in the country over a town house anytime. But that's now. Before moving to Canada, town house was my number 1 picture perfect. I have a lot of visions for my future, though some things always stay the same. Read this post - Picture perfect, which I wrote 3 years back and you'll see what I'm talking about.

At the end of the day, family and friends is all that matters, and the size of the house isn't that important, but you do have to understand - day dreaming is my favorite sport, so c'est juste comme ├ža. Pardon my French..

You know how they say if you really wish for something, and keep that constantly in your mind, it's for sure gonna happen? But then when in certain situations, that same people like to also say you're not supposed to wish or think about it too much so you won't jinx it?

Well what's more accurate? I'm turning 28 soon, so I kinda need to know if I'm doing it wrong..

Today I discovered the smallest, but cutest coffee shop near a place I work, and you know what's on their menu?? Ice cacao WITH whipped cream! Of course next to all the delicious pastry and other goodies, but can we talk about hitting the jackpot? haha

And I don't want to jinx anything by being too happy about it all, but last week was a great week, and it started by getting a job I actually love going to, it's literally 8 minutes away from the apartment I just got confirmed I get to stay in for longer period, and ever since I got to Canada, things are finally moving in the right direction.
There's still so much ahead of me, things I want to work on and achieve, but the apartment situation was really stressing me out because I wasn't sure if I was going to stay or not, plus the job..you know. But I get to relax now a bit and go and buy a rug I wanted ever since I first moved in. Yay!

It's 11PM now, time to watch an episode of Friends and hit the bed!

Good night and GOOD MORNING to my readers who just got up! Especially you mom, the first person I know to already be awake! :))

How imagination made us, but also broke us..


Blessed day everyone!

"Just try to imagine how difficult it would have been to create states, churches, or legal systems if we could speak only about things that really exsist, such as rivers, trees and lions." - Sapiens

Imagination is one crazy thing. It helped us create all these amazing things that surround us, made our lives richer in so many ways, but oh man did it fuck us up. I bet the person who started to think beyond what exsisted, was a.) definitely a woman, and b.) a woman who was sick and tired of picking up berries and wanted for a man to try a bit harder to get her, than just to hunt a rabbit for dinner. After that was achieved the possibilities were endless, and look how far we've came. I have no Ph. D. in history (or in anything - shocking I know), but I'm sure we can agree that's very likely how it all went down.

But as much as imagination turned out to be one of the greatest things ever, having no control over it is where it shows it's flaws. I can hold my liquor, I know when to stop when gambling (when I loose my $20), I never caved in to heavy drugs or coffee, but man am I an addict when it comes to imagining things that some part of me knows are never going to happen. Is it the constant hope that keeps me doing that or I a part of me just really truly enjoys torturing myself? I've always wondered that. Idiot.

Now, you know when I said a while ago I want to get into poetry? Well I have been practicing ever since, and I feel like there might be some potential there, but then again..how does one know if a poem is an actual poem? What makes a poem? And most of all, what makes it a good one? I know when I read other poems, and I guess it's just how anyone takes it as an individual..

I wrote a bunch, but most of them are super personal and current, and in no way am I embarrassed for turning my feelings into a poem, or writing them down in any form, but I am embarrassed to show them at this certain time. So I definitely will when the wind blows away, if that makes sense. But anyways, here it is, the most neutral of them all, the simplest first try.. and be gentle 

If I close my eyes
I can almost taste
the mediterranean air
I lived 
and breathed for
for 15+ years of my life.

I open them
 and see 
the big buildings
rising up
from behind green trees
sorounding me.


P.S. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts about it, is this how poem is supposed to sound/look/feel like? Does it makes sense? I hope it does..it made such sense to me when I wrote it hehe