How imagination made us, but also broke us..


Blessed day everyone!

"Just try to imagine how difficult it would have been to create states, churches, or legal systems if we could speak only about things that really exsist, such as rivers, trees and lions." - Sapiens

Imagination is one crazy thing. It helped us create all these amazing things that surround us, made our lives richer in so many ways, but oh man did it fuck us up. I bet the person who started to think beyond what exsisted, was a.) definitely a woman, and b.) a woman who was sick and tired of picking up berries and wanted for a man to try a bit harder to get her, than just to hunt a rabbit for dinner. After that was achieved the possibilities were endless, and look how far we've came. I have no Ph. D. in history (or in anything - shocking I know), but I'm sure we can agree that's very likely how it all went down.

But as much as imagination turned out to be one of the greatest things ever, having no control over it is where it shows it's flaws. I can hold my liquor, I know when to stop when gambling (when I loose my $20), I never caved in to heavy drugs or coffee, but man am I an addict when it comes to imagining things that some part of me knows are never going to happen. Is it the constant hope that keeps me doing that or I a part of me just really truly enjoys torturing myself? I've always wondered that. Idiot.

Now, you know when I said a while ago I want to get into poetry? Well I have been practicing ever since, and I feel like there might be some potential there, but then does one know if a poem is an actual poem? What makes a poem? And most of all, what makes it a good one? I know when I read other poems, and I guess it's just how anyone takes it as an individual..

I wrote a bunch, but most of them are super personal and current, and in no way am I embarrassed for turning my feelings into a poem, or writing them down in any form, but I am embarrassed to show them at this certain time. So I definitely will when the wind blows away, if that makes sense. But anyways, here it is, the most neutral of them all, the simplest first try.. and be gentle 

If I close my eyes
I can almost taste
the mediterranean air
I lived 
and breathed for
for 15+ years of my life.

I open them
 and see 
the big buildings
rising up
from behind green trees
sorounding me.


P.S. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts about it, is this how poem is supposed to sound/look/feel like? Does it makes sense? I hope it made such sense to me when I wrote it hehe




I find it so annoying and unfair that men can just freely walk around no shirt on 24/7, nipples free as a bird, getting all the tan, where I, come home every single god damn day with a different type of shirt printed on my body, and by the end of the summer my boobs will be whiter than than a basic white chick ordering her Unicorn capuccino at Starbucks. I know about the nudist beaches in Toronto, but in this heat I have no time or patience to use TTC. I am now a part of poor people in the city, so splurge on Uber is in emergency's only. All I'm trying to say is that we've came so far in equality and all..shouldn't boobs be next on the agenda? Oh wait...

It's been SUPER hot, scorcher (new word for me fyi) if you will, for more than two weeks straight, and one of the awsome perks in this city, and all of Ontario if I'm not mistaken, is that all the outdoor pools are free of charge and open everyday! Super happy for that, and there's one right next to me where I've been coolin' my tush and getting some tan ever since they opened.

AND can I just finish this quick update with the fact that I'm getting pretty good with knowing the city, as I've already sucessfully sent a few tourists in the right direction when asked - didn't even need to double check on Google maps! Does that mean I'm officially Torontonian now? Haha

Playing with matches


28/06/2018 - photos by @dhawalphadke

You know, reading all these romantic books can easily shoot you straight on to the fluffiest clouds where anything seems possible. If you tend to be sailing above the clouds on daily bases anyways, and you are, what my friends would also call me, a dreamer - reading romance novels can straight up ruin your real life expectations and fuck you up.

Being huge sucker for rom-coms, romance novels and love in general, you can only imagine how I not only swallow those kinds of books, but also want to experience that myself. Spoiler alert - I don't get to.


Who the hell knows.

I read an article not too long ago, about how feelings are rarely mutual, and when they are, and you find that someone who you really connect with, it's something you should never let go. No brainer there, but what I want to know, is how to make sure the feelings stay mutual? I just want to find someone who's feelings won't blow away as easily as dandelions seeds when the first breeze reaches it. I don't get (maybe admire a little) people who have a huge spread of emotions and are able to throw them around so easily. With me, when I like something, or someone, I kinda commit to that. Not commit commit, it's not voluntarily, it's just once the feelings are there, I can't shake them off by demand. You know. Although trust me, I would love to have that power sometimes.

Side note: anyone know any good/not super expensive eye doctor? I swear I'm getting blinder by the minute staring at this screen..
So after I read a couple of books that were outside of my favorite genre, I decided it was time to ease my mind with yet another romantic slash happy ending slash perfect summer read kinda story. Easy on my mind, super heavy on my heart. Haha just kidding, I still very much enjoy love stories and I don't think I'll ever get enough of them no matter of my, non existent, love situation.

I'm off to an ice-cream right now! It's so damn hot in the city, and even though ice-cream doesn't necessarily help that much with the heat, it still does in a way. It's good if nothing else. Of course.




I've been working everyday this week, which is how every week looks like for regular people I know, but I'm no regular. Princesses Unemployed people have it the other way. It's really been a while since I had to work every day, and I. am. so. tired. So this rainy Sunday couldn't come at a better time. I chatted with my fam, chatted with a friend, made the best risotto and now all that's left to do is to watch Friends and wait until appropriate time to make and devour pancakes.

That's all you get from me today, and my 5 favorites of the past week..

5 favorite things in the week from 18.6- 24.6

FAVORITE COFFEE SHOP: literally haven't been to one this week

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: ... (shut up, shut up, shut up)

FAVORITE MOMENT: E.T. screening at Trinity Bellwoods park - so much fun!

FAVORITE MEAL: didn't have not one normal meal during the week, so I guess today's risotto haha

and I'm back on Instagram! - @evesbreeze

Why is everyone honking at me?


19/06/2018 - photos by @dhawalphadke

Last week was in sign of typical over emotional and annoyed state of me living on this planet, but at the same time I am kinda proud of myself for keeping my shit together and not cry every second of watching sad dog videos, which is clearly all I like to do when I am in this "state".

But fear not! Based on at least 10 different horoscope websites (how desperate am I?), us Leo's are having it better this week. Not only it's a good week to work on our goals, but we're supposed to get lucky romantically, whatever that means, and it's the week when our intuiton is best to be trusted. But to be honest, Leo's intuition is almost never wrong no matter the day or week - our intuition is our best friend. We may not always go with it, but trust me, we're always aware. Prior to our season, we have to relax, clear our minds and accept closures even if we're not given one.

Not sure I believe in horoscopes, but I'll pretend I do..this week sound great. Thanks horoscope people!

Besides all my inner drama, it was a good week, and I finished it with a glass of wine that turned into two, and soon into vodka/soda and a phone full of numbers I will never use. One; I never thought I'll ever drink vodka again, and two; single men and women in Toronto are on a serious mission to change their status. At the end of the day, aren't we all, but the game here is almost too scary to get in. It's kinda fun, but also, I don't believe good romance can come out of meeting someone in a bar. But hey, that's just me.

5 favorite things for the week from 11.6 - 17.6


FAVORITE ACTIVITY: dancing in a bar (oh shut up, I'll start working out soon..)

FAVORITE MOMENT: tanning in the park, listening to a guy playing guitar

FAVORITE MEAL: gnocchi with tuna & corn - and yes, that's really good!

Oh and P.S. - one of the things I had to get used to here, is that nobody is actually honking at me, it's just sound a car makes to assure the owner that it's locked. So weird. Also kinda smart.



People in GTA are so active! Not only in sports, because I feel like everyone does that all the time (yawn), but also in maintaining social life. Everybody keeps saying Toronto is super expensive (because it is), but at the same time, bars and restaurants are constantly full. Who would have thought that there are more irresponsible people in this world besides me, who spend money on food and drinks even though they (we?) have no idea where the money's gonna come from at the end of the month for rent.

Even though social life here has absolutely no comparison to what we have back home, it's still very much exsistent. One of the struggles I had, and still do, is meeting new people. Scratch that. Not meeting people, but making friends. By the way, fun, but totally random, fact: I seem to be way more approachable here than I am back home. Also, not being on my phone 24/7 might actually help. In Slovenia, I had never experienced a random person walking up to me and started talking. Here it happens all the time. So I guess I don't have a resting bitch face after all. Ha universe!
Ok back to the point. Making new friends is hard! I met a lot of great people over my months in CA, but hardly made a fist full of friends, sadly none of which are in Toronto. So I am back to square one.
Besides my "full time" job at Aritzia, I started working on different events and that was where I expanded my option of making new friends, and I must say, it's quite successful.
I am all for meeting and getting to know a person in real life, but Bumble (dating/BFF app) has helped me out a great bit when I first got here. So when you're moving to a new city, or just traveling - that's your app! Honestly though, I never thought I would need an app to meet new people..

I also never thought I'll eat potatoes for breakfast, but here I am, ordering my share of potatoes with eggs and waffles on a Sunday's morning plate.

Oh, and in case you wanted another picture with my tongue sticking out, trying to reach the're welcome.

But yea, especially when you're older, I feel like it's harder to really connect with someone. By this age, I think we've all sorounded ourselves with the people we loved and trusted the most over the years of growing up, and the need for someone new as a friend, is not really there as much. It might sound harsh, but I don't need new friends, I already have the best bunch. The situation though makes me want to have new ones now. It can get really lonely starting somewhere fresh, and I need a buddy to try all this restaurants and cute coffee shops with me! You know, the basics ;p