Waking up to 11 degrees was calling for perfect day to go on a date. Finally a normal temperature where I can dress up, not look all frozen in my face, and wear some other shoes than Timberlands. Or so I thought. Not only the date was with myself, it turns out, that normal temperatures do not necessarily mean good weather. Was it warm? Yes. Did it rain? Of course it did.

Still, I was determined a little rain won't ruin my plans. Spoiler alert: it did.

I wore my oxford shoes for exactly 4 minutes and then I had to go back to my apartment to change, because here in Canada, not even the roads get fully cleaned of snow, even less the sidewalks, so everything was super slippery, because snow turned into ice and that's a big no for anything else than winter shoes. But OK, the rain wasn't that bad, and no, I don't have an umbrella, so I went for a walk, off to explore a bit, and on a mission to find a cute coffee shop where I could sit down, read my book and enjoy some me time. But in the middle of my adventure, rain started to pour, and because I had no idea of where I was nor if there was any coffee shop near me at all, the best option at that time was to turn around and go home. But there is always tomorrow! Only a much, MUCH, colder version of today.

Now, I have nothing against vegetarians or vegans to be clear, but I wonder, why the need to define yourself as one? I mean, I know that there are many reasons why one would chose to be either of the two, but what I am confused about, is why people choose that to describe themselves as? Being a vegan or vegetarian does not define who you are, it's not your characteristic. Or is it? Should I update my Tinder bio? Eva, 27, meat-eater/omnivore?

But seriousy, why?

Enough for today, and hopefully tomorrow, if I don't freeze, I'll be updating from a cute coffee shop! :)



 Out of all the movies I've seen, and I've seen A LOT, the movies that take place in Italy always affect me the most. There is something so captivating about the romantic/kinda morbid vibe that Italy sets me (us?) into and it always makes me wanna re-live everything that happened in the movie. It makes me wanna pack my bags, fly to a small Italian village, wear cute summer dresses, write and experience that Italian romance first hand.

Some would say I have too much free time on my hands, but I would say I just make time for things that make me happy. Watching movies is definitely one of those things. I normally watch a movie a day, two for sure on a Sunday if not more, but around award season, I go crazy. And award season is here!! Already seen so many good ones, so many still to watch, but there is one I know I will watch many many times again, the one of which characters and their story will follow me forever, and that masterpiece is a movie called Call me by your name.

It's been a while since such beautiful story has been told, and in the purest way possible. I've missed that so much! It was all about love, nothing else. Movies now days are all filled up with the main story that is followed up with another story, always an accident or a disease, you know, always something. But as in life, sometimes love is enough. Romantic love, family love. Oh and the parents in the movie were portrayed as never before. The fathers monologue at the end will give you so much, and his words will for sure change point of view of so many.

When it comes to movies that are nominated for bigger awards, I almost never watch trailers, so with this one, I had no idea where it was going, but boy what a ride! The movie is so so beautiful, amazing performances, perfectly shot and even the fashion was right on point. Really, really one of the best movies I've ever seen. AND (!!) I heard some news about sequel!! The movie is based on a book, and in the book Oliver and Elio meet again, so Luca, the director, is thinking about turning that part of the story in a movie too. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but that's an amazing idea! I'm already excited about it, and it's not even a sure thing! Anyways, GO SEE IT!! Thank me later.

If you will like this movie, than might I suggest you also watch Stealing beauty and The bigger splash. The latter is a bit more of a thriller, but Italian vibe and romance are very much there, trust me.

Breathe and Lady bird are movies in a completely different genre, but great movies as well, so put that on your "must watch list" too! Lady bird already got 2 Golden globes and has been nominated a bunch of times! I predict big Oscar nominations are coming for this one, and Call me by your name is definitely gonna be on that list too!

Going to finish my day with Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Heard so much about this one!



  I'm not used looking in other people's plates, but facing an apartment right across from my window makes it nearly impossible. I'm sitting here eating pasta, and they've been doing goddamn magic fish a la something for more than an hour! Kinda frustrating when their whole kitchen is the size of my apartment (times 2) and all I want to do is for them to see me, invite me over and let me cook for them. Is that too much to ask?

Since my current employer is on vacation, that means so am I. There are pros and cons about that fact. One of the most important pros is that until I still have food in my fridge, I don't have to leave my apartment and go out in the freezing cold. One of the cons on the other hand, means I am slowly running out of money because Canada has taught me nothing about saving money and being more responsible yet. Yet. I feel it will soon though, if I don't find a part-time job quickly.
Number one tip you'll get from me today, is you should never ever move to a country/city which language you don't speak. There are ways to earn money, and there are jobs/companies where you don't even need to know what OUI means, but the biggest problem is actually finding those jobs. I've been searching for only two days, so I haven't stretched that much yet, but you know..when you want something, you kinda want it right now. Yes you get different jobs here and there, and I got very lucky by having a friend who works at the salon to take me under her wings, but if I don't (and I know I won't, because I'm lazy and shit) learn french, Montreal will do me no good.

If you are, like myself, currently in a country where is freezing cold outside, and you don't want to leave your nest, but at the same time have no idea what to do the whole day, here is how my day went by and you'll maybe get some fun ideas.

- creep over neighbors and imagine you're there with them
- sing very loudly
- apply for jobs
- convince yourself to work out
- watch a movie
- clean your place
- keep convincing yourself to workout
- take pictures
- make lunch
- eat lunch
- write
- actually work out (yayy)
- listen to Miguel's new album
- go to bed
- watch White Chicks
- really go to bed
- hope for a warmer morning and a definitely more interesting day

On another more serious note, should I watch The Crown or not? Comment on my last Instagram/Facebook picture.



Hiiii 2018!

 Yesterday I flew into, what it felt like, the coldest day in my life! I went from freezing (Toronto), to inhuman freezing (Montreal) in an hour. But you know what? It's kinda worth it when you look around and realize winter has magic no other season can posses.

Right before the holidays started I got maaajor homesickness and all I could think about was going back home to my family and friends, get a dog and live a life I otherwise imagine living later in life. Where I am right now is where I wanted to be for sooo long, but I would never expect it to be this hard. Forget the job hunt, forget managing alone,..what's the hardest is waking up, knowing the people you love are so, so far away. Everything else is the same no matter where you are. So that has been a struggle every day, but luckily I got my family refill as soon as I touched London, ON!

But first things first..



 So here I am. 20 days into new life, sitting in my first home away from home, overlooking a brick building a block away from my window, and thinking: "I finally fucking did it!".

I am once again walking in my own dreams. Can you believe the feeling?

There is quite a few things that can easily be compared to Europe, but there are some that I don't think I could ever get used to. First of all, it's freaking windy here okay, so being cute is definitely not an easy option, and second of all, Montreal lacks of one thing I particularly can not live without - Nesquik (original) cacao.

On more serious note, this city is day by day growing on me more and more. I love the spirit of aspiration all around, I love the ability to grow and work on the things you love. Things I love.
There are so many things and places, to explore, to see. I love waking up here, not knowing what the new day will bring me. Because you, of course, make plans and everything, but when you're in a new place, you can never expect for things to go as you planned. Trust me. Like for instance, working in a salon never even crossed my mind, not even once in my life, et voila, guess where I'm working right now as an assistant? What's the most funny about it, it's that I actually love it! It's easy going, I can wear whatever (super important), I meet a lot of people, plus I'm learning about new stuff every day. Bingo!

Let me share a few things about Canada I noticed in my first weeks here..

  • everybody loves maple syrup. Everybody.
  • blowdry is very much still a thing (who knew?)
  • Tinder here sucks. #justsaying
  • people are SUPER nice (not a myth)
  • Europe's winter is summer comparing to winter in Montreal
  • super hard to find farm eggs and other goodies (if not impossible?)
  • not very enviromentally friendly city
  • attractive men all around
  • long lines EVERYWHERE (sigh..)
It's gonna take me some time to adjust to the totally different kind of lifestyle and everything, but it's getting easier by day. Though my FOMO (fear of missing out) on family gatherings and friends hangouts will always be present.

Why can't we have everything we wish for at the same time?



 As any holiday entushiast such as my self, decorations are always in order. Yesterday was the day I decided to turn Pinterest up side down for the best Fall and Halloween decoration ideas, started planning everything out, and opened all of  the boxes stored in the Halloween section. I also went to our shed where we kept hay for holidays as such. Little did I know I was going to experience such horror with my harmless intentions. Got my shoes on, got my sweats on and as I confidently wanted to pick up a piece of hay, a big fat mouse jumped out of it!!
A F U C K I N G mouse!! She was probably in even bigger shock than I was poor thing, my scream probably made her deaf.

I'm not scared of many things, but mouse and especially salamander freak me out!

Talking about scared, everybody keeps on asking me whether I'm scared to move to another side of the world all alone, and they are also very suprised when I say I'm not. Thats the least scary part of it. Going on my own, to a country that you (normally) can't just visit over the weekend is what excites me the most. I like being alone, but more than that, I want to see if I can make it on my own. Everything from finding appartment, doing all the papers by myself, getting a job without any help or connections. Not that is anything wrong to have help with all of that, I always had it before, but I think it's time to challenge myself a bit harder. I have absolutely no doubt I couldn't handle it, but it will be good to put words into action. Plus, when to do it if not when you're still single.

What I am scared about, is leaving my friends and family behind, knowing how fast things can change. There is never a right time to just go, but not everyone is still young, and well being of the ones I love is the most important to me. It will take some time adjusting to the fact I won't be able to be there for them in case of anything. Physically that is, I will still constantly haunt them with calls and Facebook updates haha. Do you think my baby Zeus (Zeus the dog) will remember me when I come back?? He's gonna fully grow when I'll be away :(

So no, I'm not scared of going alone. I had great experience travelling alone when I went to New York, and even though that was just a month and totally different situation, I think that was enough time to realize I can do just about anything I set my mind to. I loved it! It gave me so much strength and experience in all ways possible. I met great people, made amazing memories and it was all so easy! New York has a special place in my heart, it always had, but I kinda dare to think that where I'm going next, will have a similar effect. I like that all my options are very open, everything from what I'll do, where I'll stay, what I will see and even not knowing when, and IF, I will come back home. I love not knowing where all this will take me. Probably the most go with the flow I will ever be! We all know I'm not the most spontaneous person you'll meet. I can be, but I'm usually not.
Just in case something goes wrong at any point, it's good to know that my brother is about 6 hours away from the city I will live in. So I'll just rent a car and annoy him with my problems haha..

Anyways, I have another good month of time to spend it with my family and friends, the doggo and to really think about how the heck I'm going to pack my clothes for indefinite time! Can someone please help me with that?? #SOS