...no, not really.


Hot cacao in my hands? Check ✓
Clean desk? Check ✓

Let's go..

You know what sucks? Having three glasses of wine and being on a literall verge of drunk AF.
Like, when did that happen?

It's been quite some time since the last time I went out partying, and by that, there's also been quite some time I consumed a bit more alcohol, which is why I probably get so easily drunk these days. I know what you might think; lucky you, you don't have to spend so much money on alcohol when you go out. Well no. It's quite embarasing actually. Here's why:

1. I get lazy eye soon after finishing first glass
2. I get super chatty after second glass
3. I have to stop drinking after glass n. 3 because I'm just not the same level as everyone else I'm just having a casual mid-week dinner with
4. just because, 3 glasses? Really? *rolling eyes*

..I feel I could go on, but you can clearly tell that's not normal. It especially sucks when I'm on a date (not that I date that much, but it happens..), and I'm nervous and I already have to think about so many things, I then also have to think about keeping my eye as open as I can, I have to make sure I don't start babbling too much... You know, just first dates struggles intensified by a milion.

But overall, wine is so much fun. I love that it makes me laugh even harder, I love how easy it makes me feel, I love how everything around kinda goes away and you're in the big bubble with your friends having the best time and not giving a fuck about anything.
Yes, I realize I just described first stage of drunkenness, but it's the best stage. Everything after that is just whatever.

Oh how I've changed. I used to live for the weekend night outs and getting smashed. Now when I get drunk, it's usually unplanned and unintentional. I feel like the faze of going out and all will kick me again for sure, but for right now, I prefer more low key parties and hang outs with friends.

It's my day off today my friends and I'm about to hit the city for a coffee! Much needed! xxo



Dear Cupid. You're stupid.

It's been exactly 26 years, 6 months and twenty something days that you clearly haven't thought about me, much less decided to make me one of you targets. Shame.

Maybe your arrows are limited per year, but hey man, 26 years?

I don't know why exactly, but there were a few people in my life that have been stunned when they heard I'd like to be in a relationship, and even more stunned when I told them I want a family.
I've been wishing for a family of my own for such a long time, and my desire for kids is kinda unexplainable. If you know me for real, you know that's something I hope for and most frequently talk about. You would also know that by reading my blog. Just saying.

So why is it some people get the impression I want none of that? Is that what Cupid thinks to and that's why my love life is how it is? As in non exsisting at all?
But in all seriousness, how can you tell that by just the looks of me? You judgy motherfucker.
I do believe I seem a bit unapproachable, I've also been told so, but it's not like I can change my face. Anyways, Cupid, I think it's time to hook me up. I'm really nice, I swear.

Despite being single on every Valentine's day, I still love the idea of this holiday and I love to celebrate it. It's cute, plus is just another excuse to buy something new and drink few glasses more with no regret.

Yes you should express love each day and bla bla bla, but as if you and your partner do that everyday. As if he buys you flowers all the time, as if you buy new lingerie and surprise him, and AS IF you still have sex all the time. There are a lot of couples that maintain that on daily, or at least weekly bases but I'm afraid there are even more couples that don't. You see, I think Valentines day is a nice reminder to catch up on all the things you wanted to, but forgot to do prior 2/14.
Where's the harm in that?

It is a super commercialized holiday sure, but so it's Christmas and there are thousands of beautiful memories we hold of that day. As we do of many other days yes I know, but you see where I'm going?

My Valentine's days are different every year, always fun and sweet (as in chocolate sweet), but I really look forward of spending it with someone who I could flash my new lingerie to.
Hearing this stupid Cupid?

What do you think about Valentines' day? Love it, hate it, ignore it?

Talk to you soooon, xx



 There is only one hour left of January and with that, I hope there will be an end to my bad hair and skin days. My skin has been super annoying this month and then so was I everytime I looked myself in the mirror, and I don't like to be annoying.

Besides bad skin, January was pretty fun. Pretty fun in a way that it went by in a blink of an eye, in a way I got some very excited news about my future ( VERY near future I hope) and in a way I just feel good about it.

I don't have much to say today. It may or may not have something to do with me. With me in the mirror. Haha just kidding, I'm just super tired and ready to hit the bed! Talk to you soooooon, xxo



 I was overwhelmed with feelings as I watched Sebastian and Mia's first date scene in La la Land. It was the cutest, the most real demonstration of a first date, and for a moment I felt like I was the one sitting next to Sebastian feeling all nervous and excited of what was about to happen. 
Not a lot of movies these days have the power of  making you feel like you are the one in the movie, much less making you feel like you went straight back to high school hallways blushing like crazy after your crush just said hi to you.
Minus all the musical parts of the movie, because I'm just not into the whole singing dialogues thing, it was a perfect story and it made me think about how much has the dating game changed and how cool it would be to bring it all back. 
Dates should be fun, different..for dates we should dress up not dress down because we don't want to give the other one the feeling we dressed up for them, when in fact that's what we want to do. 
There are far too many games in the dating world these days. Can we go back to if we like each other, we don't have to wait three thousand years to text back, can we dress nicely for our dates that are not just a coffee in the city, can we openly talk about how much we like each other and not run away because of that fact. Can we make our first kiss special. Can we stay up all night talking on the phone and barely wake up in the morning and make it oh-so worth it? Can we?
I love boarding games, I'm all up for drinking games and there are so many fun games we could play behind closed doors, so why would anyone feel the need to play games that can make the other feel sad or unwanted. Only a sucky someone, that's who.
If you haven't already, go and see La la land and see what's it all about. It's about so much more than just their perfect dates and love for one another. It also shows how love sometimes just isn't enough. Which is kinda sad. Sadly real. 
Everything is on point with this movie, it's so real, and inspirational but it has that bitter feel to it, just like life does. It's so honest and real. I've already said that haven't I.
Go and see it! Go and see my instagram too :P



Good morning everybody! Oh wait..I've overslept the whole morning?!

It's almost 3PM and I've just now awoken completely. It's been forever that I slept so long, and it feels great. I really needed that. Obviously since I haven't even remotely heard the alarm go off.
It has a lot to do with the fact that I haven't had time to sleep for the past few weeks, plus this week was pretty crazy with working all the time and preparations for my brothers birthday/goodbye surprise party, that was, after so much that went wrong, a great success after all!

 Sundays are not only the best because it's literally my only day off work, but also because you can feel the calmness in the air, the noise dissipates for a moment and you can take a deep breath without having to stress about what you all still have to do. What I also love about Sundays is that I wear absolutely no make up. Sundays are a day off for me and my face hehe.

I love spending Sundays a 100% solo, doing absolutely nothing and usually catching up on my book that I can't seem to find the time to finish it. It's crazy isn't it. We live a life where something like reading a book becomes a luxury. We seem to make time for everything else first than for the things, the little things we love to do. I feel like we postpone those little things because there is a voice in our head that tells us that we'll have the time later in life to do all we'll miss doing now, but I think that voice is being kinda stupid.
You never know what life brings you, so you, we, should do what we want to do, or at least take more time to do the the things we forget to put in our busy schedules.
What I would like to see more on my schedule, and I will make sure I see more of, is reading, definitely, baking (god I miss that!), take more time to hang out with my friends and visiting my grandparents even more often.

 This year has started out pretty good and I'm feeling much better than I did. New beginnings and renewed mindset is all we need sometimes. That and a good book!

And if you are wondering, no I don't, nor I want to have a white Ferrari, but Frank Ocean was keeping me company while I was writing this post so I felt like he deserves a little credit.
Plus, Frank's latest album is the bomb so..

Oh and have you seen my new Adidas?? Whaaaaaaaat



 I haven’t been a good blogger in the past year, and by that I’m referring to my almost non-existence here in my little world. I definitely want to change that in the New Year coming, but I would still love to finish this year with one last post.

 This past year has been a pretty shitty year, period. It hasn't all been bad, but I don’t believe it will be much of a year to remember. I normally do my best to stand up high no matter the situation, but 2016 really managed to knock me down, so I cannot wait for it to be over!

I feel like there are certain expectations that we, as individuals, set to ourselves each year, and no matter what the society or whoever says, if we don't achieve those expectations, we tend to feel like we've failed. It's easy to say that 2016 sucks, but the reality is, I suck. But the good thing is, in two days, I will (and you will too) turn a brand new page and start over. I have a good feeling about it. No new resolutions, just doing my best to accomplish the old ones. If not accomplish them, I will at least try to, put myself first, stop doing things that don't make me happy and focus more on things that do.

I did always say I'll die trying, but with so much stuff in my head, I totally forgot about trying, and I can't wait to start again! I know I could start tomorrow, but it's so much easier to start on the first of new month. It's just how it is.

I think about where and when did I get lost in the way. I was always so motivated in things I love, but this year I really got lost. How and where I have no clue. C'est la vie I guess, not all things go according to our plan, and it's the way it should be right? It all happens for a reason, and mine better be a damn good one haha.

Besides getting lost along the way, I still had some great days and moments in the past year, and those will be the ones I'll remember forever.

For the New Year, I wish you all the best of days, go towards the things you love, the people you love, get rid of the things that don't make you happy and do your best to achieve what will keep your heart warm in the long haul.

On that note, I'd like to share my top 4 moments of 2016. Cheers everyone <3


 As three of my closest friends are all living and working abroad, we don't get to see each other as much as we used to, not even close sadly, but this summer all three girls came back from all around the world (literally..Mexico, Australia and USA) and we had such good days together. As if they had never left <3 Plus two of them came back again for Christmas holidays so I'm very excited!  


 It has been yeaaaaars since my WHOLE family went on vacation together and this year my mom and aunt made it happen again. Hope we'll do it again soon!


 Springs Zelenci were on my bucket list for so long and this year I finally got the chance to witness this beauty in person! I've been there three times already and I can't wait to go again. 
It's a must to see if you are ever in Slovenia, I am in love with that place. The colours and surroundings are always breathtaking. 


We had the best time visiting London (read about it HERE) and one of the things that was a must for me, was having an afternoon tea at Sketch. I had my eyes on Sketch restaurant for so long, and I always dreamed about that pink place. It was such a good experience, and having a brunch there felt like walking in my own dreams. 

You know when you want something for a long time, looking at the pictures all the time and then experiencing it on your own, feels amazing. Surreal actually.