90's K I D


 It's was of those Sex and the city and Pinterest kinda days, and besides sliding trough pages and pages of cool things I yet have to diy, dym (do it Myself), recipes I need to try and pinning countless style inspirations in my file, I've been thinking a lot about my earlier teenage years and about that, je ne sais qua feeling, that especially in the summer, I can't seem to shake feeling and thinking about. 

I did write that, I still think the same, but as I'm feeling nostalgic and all, I'll give it a try.

Spoiler allert. It's the best kind of feeling, that's for sure. 
It's a warm feeling, that homey feeling you have when everything is how it's supposed to be, and even if things are not quite there yet, in that moment, that feeling gives you life. It assures me that I'll get there, and have that constant feeling once I do. I bet it might sound strange, but when that feeling overfloats me, I think of lakes, summer, Texas, ranches, playing as a kid with my brother and cousins, New York, open air festivals,..all adverse when put together, but all so compatible in one way.

You know what I used to looove back in my growing up? Magazines. I couldn't always afford it, obviously, since I was a teenage girl with minimum to absolutely none income (funny now, definitely not funny back then), but my mom would almost every month, when the new issue came out, suprised me and with my own copy, which I was probably overly excited about, and made sure I kept all the issues of all magazines for years somewhere in my room because that was soo cool back then. Fansy overpriced books that just lay there untouched on a coffe table? Not cool. (though#sorrynotsorry, I'll definitely have one now). Magazines were a window to the world, and I devoured every word, every article and the next day in school, me and my friends would talk about things we had read and posters we've glued to our walls. There were so many things I first found out about in those magazines and I miss reading about new things in todays magazines. I miss being excited about something you have to wait a whole month to see what's inside, what they'll come up with and then going over pages again and again, seeing what you already saw, but still on edge to find something you've maybe missed.

If that explains any better, a touch of a feeling I get these days. The feeling a new magazine gave me so many years ago. (12 years ago counts as many years ago, right? (looking aside with a finger on my chin emoji))

Listening to Khalid, Lana Del Ray and Rihanna's American Oxygen all give me that warm fuzzy feeling. They all bring back my teenage memories and make me excited about making new ones. 

Do you ever get a certain feeling over and over again? The hardly explainable feeling that lights up your mood even when you're not feeling the best? I'd love to hear what triggers that feeling in your days, and what does it compare to?

Until very soon,