written 4/19; published 4/20 because I am apparently an old lady who goes to bed early

Today is the day where I could just lay in my bed all day and cry. Do you ever get one of those days?

About an hour ago I watched the last episode of the new Netflix show, 13 reasons why, and even though the issue about bullying has been in front of us for quite some time now, I still didn't take it well. The show is amazing and it speaks loudly about the ugly part of what goes on in schools, particularly at the age where everything alone is the hardest to deal with and it's a perfect display of how nobody/nowhere/ever trully knows what's going on in someone's head and how little things can figuratively and literally kill that someone. The hardest thing about watching this show is knowing, or better put, reminding us how much of bullying and abuse is still happening on daily bases and it's scary to know it's probably never going to end.

Like no one is born racist, no one is born an asshole either, but the're taught to be.

Don't be an asshole.

Don't do shitty things to people just because you feel like that will make you cool. Don't spread rumors for fun. Don't be mean dude! Not everybody is as strong, and even if they were, who are you to judge?

It's easy to get all that when you grow up. You've lived some, you've learned some.
At the age of 15+, it's harder to get how some innocent joke could damage someone. You're just having fun right? Teenage years are emotionally the worst I think. So many new things, feelings to deal with, and the last thing we, you, need at that time is for someone to point out our fears or emotions because it's what makes them feel better.

In a world full of Bryce's and Marcus'es, be Clay Jensen! Oh Clay, I feel in love with his character.
I need myself a Clay.

I had a pretty sucky day today, such a sucky day, but at the end we need to look on the bright side of life, right? Here are MY #13reasonswhy I get up every morning..

1. F O O D (obiously *eyes roll*)
2. my family & friends
3. my pretty little, The cutest dog ever
4. striving to get where I want to get (and having fun in between)
5. cool shows and movies
6. having drinks with friends in the city and getting unintentionaly drunk
7. tanning and swimming on hot summer days
8. saving up $$$ to see the world (soon  )
9. saving up $$$ to go visit my brother
10. saving up $$$ to go see my best friends who decided to live in another f*cking states far away
(*huge eye roll*)
11. having silly spontaneous & carefree days
12. reading a book and making plans of writing my own one day
13. family & friends (because its ultimately why we live for, those two )


14. (because you know..) the super cute guy I still get to rest my eyes on and day dream about (that sounds so pathetic I know)

What makes YOU get up in the morning?

If you haven't alreadly, go and watch 13 reasons why!

Talk to you soooon, xx



 I was just about to finish this ass long article about how I feel in my body, and what I'm trying to do to get myself in shape, but then I realized that I, myself, wouldn't be interested in reading about something like that, and then I tought, why would you be?

Well you wouldn't. I've got nothing to share that hasn't already been shared in all the newspapers and on every social media possible, so why even. Plus it was more of a self pitty kinda article really, so we're both lucky it didn't make it online.

So instead of that, we'll have a different kind of a pitty party.

Just kidding.

Lately I've been having some serious interest in learning something new and updating my brain box a bit, just so it doesn't completely rust. I read books and lots of different articles online, I try to keep up with what's going around the world at the moment, but that's not really a learning experience you could benifit from, so I'm in the search for something more rewarding. If I had the time on my hands, and the money because I imagine that kinda stuff cost hella lot, nothing would make me happier than to attend an writing course, but that's not an option for the time being.
Right now I'm working at a job that doesn't really allow me to express that much, I have no need, nor an ability to learn more or even grow in any way possible, and if you've been in this type of situation, you know if you don't make a change, you'll fall asleep and like with everything, it's harder by day to wake up and that just suuuuucks. You feel me?

I did some quick research while I was having a snack break and I found a few Universities that actually offer free online writing courses and that really got me excited! I need to explore it a bit more so I see how the whole thing works, but I think it's just what I need! Plus it's free, so that makes me and my credit card very happy.

Not attending University was a decision I still fully support I made and it was for sure one of the best ones I made, but I do miss the whole learning experince, not necessary learning maths or physics, but you know, sitting down, reading, repeating out loud, using rainbow markers and constantly learning something new. There comes a point in our lives where it's only natural we stop learning, or at least it reduces significantly, not because we would want it to, but because we're busy with so many other things that live throws in our way. But than there comes another point in life, when we want more, and we take some time to upgrade where we feel like it's the best.

Such a moody weather today, but I kinda like it. Here I am, sitting wrapped in a pink blanket in the middle of our garden paradise waiting for my friend to arrive so we can go through what has happened over the weekend.

Have a nice Tuesday everyoneeee!!



 April barely started, but I already have rosy cheeks from morning tanning sessions in my garden. It's crazy hot these days, and I feel like we've skipped Spring once again. What I usually do on Summer mornings, I strangely did today. I woke up and put on swimsuit. Swimsuit!
I adore days like today, sunny, hot, carefree,.. But nature still needs what Spring has to offer, so Summer hold up for a moment, your time is yet to come <3


Today I'm here to share some of my looks from this past week.

Talk to you soon, xx

M O N D A Y 

T H U R S D A Y 

F R I D A Y