As much as I enjoyed being a kid, I also wanted to grow up and do the things grown ups do.

 I was waiting for my baby cousin in front of her school yesterday, and because she was being late, I started to think about my days in primary school. Seeing some kids running around the windows took me straight back to one memory that I, don't know for what reason, seem to remember very clearly. It was a hot hot day, and we were having art class in a classroom with big windows looking straight out to our schoolyard, where I was most times seen on the bench, pretending to be in crutial pain in order to skip doing anything that would make me sweat. Or move more than I should. Anyways, me and my girlfriends took every chance we got to run straight to the windows and drool over the guys who were playing football outside on the court. So. Much. Fun!

I had like a milion crushes in primary school, and having a crush back then was like the best thing ever! It was never more than just that, but all that secret letters and spying on the boys, and just the hope of something made my days at the school much easier. That, and days where me and my friends went to ground floor, doing some magic (or at least trying to haha), hanging out at the attic every day after school and just talking and talking about silly stuff, and kissing the boys in the magazine!
What I loved about my school was that it was only 10 min walking from my home, and the fact that all of my bestfriends lived close to me. We all lived in villages close to each other, and we got to spend a lot of time outside in the woods or by the church on the famous steps where all the cool kids hang out (yup, I was the cool kid). Being from a village, growing up was slower than for those kids in the city. Talking about going on bases with boys, drinking, smoking and going out. I feel like we were able to feel and act like kids for longer period. Back then we all wanted to do those things like the kids from the city did, but looking back, I feel that going slow was the best thing for all of us.
It's sad to see how nowdays, 11+ old girls and boys are already all grown up with no interest of playing outside or doing the stuff we did. We basically went trick or treat-ing every year all up until high school!

Spending most of my early teenage years in the village, going to the movies, the mall or the city was so exciting for me! Always an adventure. Always a chance too meet boys, ask them for their number and then text with them until we spent all our limit on the phone. And to think I actually had a curage to do that!! I'm not sure if I would dare to do that now. What a pussy. It was much easier to do it back then, plus I always had my partner in crime by my side helping me do that. We were the best team for picking up numbers, weren't we chica?
Because I wasn't in the city that much growing up, I always had that love for the city that I still hold. It was a completely different world for me. Something I always admired and wanted to be a part of.

As I said, we were growing up slower, but we weren't much behind the "city kids", and when we were about 13 or 14 years old, the real fun began. High school was like SUCH A BIG DEAL for us. We started to go out, like all the time, meet all these different people, going places, dating,..everything! It was all so new to us, but something we always wanted.

For the entire primary school, I had 5 girls by my side every day for 8 years, and when high school began, our paths drifted apart a little, but we managed to be together as much as possible and even though we all created our own seperate lives, we always involved one another in everything.
It's rare what me and those 5 girls have, a never ending relationship and SO MUCH great memories!
I have to pick up my cousin from her school more often, I loved having some time again to think about past <3

Here's a picture of me and my girls that were involved in everything I wrote in this post. The first one was taken in 2009 (somewhere around) being spontaneous and in 2013 trying to re-create the first picture :D



 Trenchcoat season is ON!! So, so happy about that, and today, I also allowed myself to wear white pants this early in the season. Feels good to be wearing almost all white after so long (aka black winter). I got kinda sick during this weekend, and I don't really feel like writing right now, so for today I'll just leave you with my first April's outfit on Eve's Breeze and I'll write some more next time! 

Are you excited about wearing trenchcoats as much as I am?? I do need to buy a new one, I'm leaning twoards a black one maybe..or just a new beige one in different shade? Decisions, decisions..

Talk to you soon! xoo