{photos by Robert Ribič}

 Good afternoon my friends! We're already at the end of March and I'm amazed again and again how fast these days go by. Just last week days were so short, now there's bright outside till 8PM almost! Last week there were no signs of trees and bushes opening, now the whole garden is BLOSSOMING! I love the smell under the blooming trees, and the sound of working bee's. I could just sit under for hour and hours. Don't you just love to watch nature bloom?


 I've decided to make a new, and super fun, section on my blog, where me and my friend Isa will be making the most delicious and beautiful food for you to try at home too. I love hosting get together's at my place, and I usually do all the food and drink, so I'll also be sharing some of my ideas and tips for hosting a good party or get together here. I would really love to expend my blog in more ways, and I hope you'll enjoy it! :)

As the weather get's warmer and warmer, I tend to start wearing jeans more and more. Hate to wear them during the winter, but all the other seasons, bring them on. Can you relate?

Talk to you soon! xx



{photos by Robert Ribič}

 Why do holidays always end so fast? I wish every holiday would go on for at least a week or so, but then again we'd get even fatter from all the food, so maybe it's better to stay as it is. I do feel sorry for all the decorations we have to put back in a box after only few days, but hey, there's always next year!
I hope you all had nice Easter with the family and friends, I for sure did!

In these photos you can see my new favourite Oxford shoes with fringes. These are the cuuutest shoes I've seen in a long time, and if I ever get bored of finges, I can just remove them and the shoes are still beautiful. I love Oxford shoes in general. I think it's a shoe everyone should have at home, both men and women. It's a shoe that will never go out of style (did you sing that last part like Taylor Swift song goes? Well that makes the two of us). So definitely a purchase you won't regret.

That's it from me today, talk to you soon! Xo



 Goood evening my friends!

As promised in my previous post (HERE) I took today to make my, now traditional, Easter nests. These are super easy and quick to make, and if you don't forget to add sugar, like I did this time, they are guaranteed awsome for your tastebuds!

Here are the quick instructions.. (ingredients are on the first picture)

You first mix butter, sugar and salt. Then add one egg after another. Mix it good. Add coconut and mix it good again. Then fill half of the cup for muffins and use spoon do make the center of dough a bit lower, where you will later put in whipped cream or Nutella.
I prefer Nutella, but I just finished two days ago, so I alternated with whipped cream.
Bake it on 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes and voila, fill in the nests with whatever you prefer, add some colurful candies and you're ready to eat!

Let me know if you'll try it out, and feel free to share some of your favourite Easter desserts for me to try out next time! :)

Talk to you soooon, xo



{photos by Robert Ribič}

 You've been reading about it all over Facebook, Instagram and probably everywhere where there's an option to share something with everyone, and I'm sorry to tell you, but you will read about it here too. It's Spring tiiiime baby! 

 What I'm most excited about is probably wearing less clothes, wearing my sunnies 24/7, and being able to be outside more and more everyday. I'm excited for reading books outside, catching some pre-summer tan, excited about upcoming holidays and about the MOST delicious coconut nest I make for Easter. They're absolutely delicious and look cute to die for! I'll share the recipe in the upcoming days so you can try do to it yourself! Anyways, I'm so happy spring is here, even happier that summer is now just around the corner (so to speak) and that's a pretty good thought to wake up to.


 The outfit you see in the pictures is my favourite kind for warmer days. I'm in love with this HM dress and it seems like I'll never stop wearing it, leather jackets are hands down the best jackets there are, and the classic Ray-ban's go with everything and I love to wear them as much as I can. These sunnies also have a sentimental value, because these were my grandad's before, and he gave them to me. He's very much alive, if you might got the wrong impression, but I love having a piece of him with me and wearing them makes me feel like a badass thinking of all the things he went through in his younger days.

 What are some of your favourite items to wear in the Spring? :)

 Talk to you soooon, xo 



 While some people say going to bed with make-up only does bad to your skin, others say it doesn't make that big of a difference after all. No matter what theory is true, I try my best to clean my face everytime before I hit the bed. There are times where I get home a bit tipsy and removing my make-up is the last thing I do, or sometimes I'm just too lazy to do it, but besides that, I think cleaning up your face is an important ritual to sustain before going to sleep. Waking up with fresh face feels so good, plus makes applying new make-up the next day much easier. 

 As you might know, I've been super happy with REN products (read about it HERE)  that I've been using all this time for my face, but for the past month or so, I've been testing out a new brand, Corine de Farme, and it's time for a quick review. 

 Firstly, all the products smell sooo damn good! Not too sweet, very soft and natural. 
I got to test Corine de Farme purity micellar water, cleansing foam and refreshing micellar gel. When cleaning my face, I use all three for the better effect. I start with cleansing foam (I love to just do it when I'm showering), then I use micellar gel to brush off if there's something left of my make up, and for the finish, I put micellar water on cotton pad and go all over my face. What I love about micellar waters, is that they are so refreshing and I have no need to wash my face with water afterwards.

 I love the simple use of the products, love the smell, and the minimalist packaging looks so pretty in my bathroom.

 All the products I have, and more, are available online HERE and in all Slovenian shops that are listed HERE. Big biig thanks to Oblak commerce cosmetics for taking great care of me <3

 What are some of yours favourite products for make-up removal?


 For this shoot I've teamed up with a young Slovenian photographer Rok and you've got to check out his work, because he's kinda awsome! Sooo check him out HEREEE :)

 Talk to you sooon, xxo



 Everyone that knows me, knows that I'm a nervous person as fuck. There's not a day that goes by without me being agitated by something or someone. Definitely not something I'm proud of, but that's a part of who I am, and maybe by the end of this article, it won't sound as bad as you might think it is.

Again, not something I'm proud of, I hopefully will change that in the future, but I get annoyed SO fast by the little things that in no way would make any difference if they take a bit longer than I, for some case expect them to take. It's normally something that passes quickly, like when I'm driving in a car, probably every second car pisses me off, but as soon as I move past them, I forget about it and move on with whatever mood I was in before that idiot, that shouldn't have a drivers licence in the first place, crossed my path. So that's most times.

 Every now and then though, I get so nervous I could just break down and angrily cry.
There is nothing in the world that calms me down at that moment. Those moments appear more and more lately. The main reason is probably because I'm so damn tired of looking for jobs in this hopeless city, I'm tired of the whole process and I'm feeling kinda pressured that in couple of months, I will have to do something I promised myself I would never do. Settle.
Settle for a job I won't like, but will have to take because I'll have no other option. I know I shouldn't be picky, especially now when the whole situation with jobs is worse than ever, but I also don't wanna be unhappy. I really want to do something that I will LOVE to do, something that will matter and make me happy. Because if I'm happy, I'm not as nervous and bitchy then. At least I'm not bitching and taking it on my friends and family.

I feel like I keep knocking on the wrong doors and I am so. fucking. tired. of it (I said that already didn't I?). I don't wanna give up on my own promise, but I seriously need to go away somewhere to breathe in some fresh air, and get inspiration that I've been lacking of, and maybe then, I will find the right door to knock on. And maybe then I won't get so easily annoyed by the little things. Do you think there's a way not to get nervous as much? Or is that just a part of who we are as a person if we have that in us?

Just to be clear, there are a lot of times when I'm righteously annoyed and pissed because people are unclear or late, and when it comes to those two, there is no excuse! I'm "worried" for all the other reasons I get nervous about.

The only place I don't get nervous at, is the boxing gym. That's a place where I can really forget about everything that's going on outside the gym and just enjoy in the sweating, and the peace in my head. It's really hard to focus on anything other than boxing when I'm down there. Amazing actually, because again, if you know me, you know my mind is constantly thinking and overthinking about way too many things.

On that note, I just got back from the gym where I blew up some steam (that's right, I can ryhme ;p) and it's one of the best ways to start a day! I wish you all a great and fun Wednesday, and feel free to give me any advice on how to hold back at snaping at people because I'm being nervous, and if some of you are like me, please share how you deal with all of that so I'll know I'm not the only one! :)

Talk to you soooon, xox

And P.S. I hope you don't think of me as some kind of monster now, I'm actually a nice person. Untill you piss me off :p