{coat Max&Co., turtleneck&skort Zara}

 August was the last time I stopped by here, and the main reason I'm back here today, is basically because I'm bored as fuck, and I've already done everything an unemployed person can do in a day. A little push is something I most definitely need every now and then, to get me back to were I belong, and most of all, to where I know how to function the best. I've again gotten too comfortable at one place, which made me forget, neglect, the one passion I've hearted the most for quite some years now. So you'll be seeing me again over your news feeds and instagrams and all of that, for which I hope will be something good. If not, well, you'll grow to accept and love it. As everyone before you have. At the and of the day, I am such a delight for your eyes. (we are pass the point where I have to tell you when I'm joking, right?)

 I've just recently finished Lena Dunham's book (Not that kind of girl) and she's inspired me so much to get back to writing, and just capturing real life moments, and my toughts on a paper, and to turn every situation I've had, into a story than can be read to each individual person in their own way.
Her way of writing is amazing, and my vocabulary has grown so much just by reading her book alone.
When I'm reading books in english, I tend to always have a notebook by my side, to write in all the words that are new to me, and later google them to fully understand the meaning. I usually then try to incorporate them in something I'm writing, but today it's not that day.

 Today is the day, when right now, I'm going to bake, because I'm in serious need of something as sweet and chocolaty as possibile!

 Be back soon!