{jacket Massimo Dutti, blouse Mango, shoes Converse, jeans Zara}

 You know how people say, getting stuff of your cheast supposedly makes you feel better? Well I've been thinking, and deeply hoping, if it's the same thing when it comes to missing someone.
Does telling someone you miss them, miss them any less? Because if that's the case, that would be kinda amazing and I would for sure express that much more often.
Missing someone is probably one of the hardest things to deal with, and normally there's not much you can do about it. Even if you try to distract yourself with God knows how many activities and events, there's still that voice in your head, reminding and telling you the reason for taking on so much all of a sudden. So there's no way around I guess?


 Last week I meet up with the creator of Dendica jewelry and her brother, who was the photographer for the day, and we shoot some pictures for her new jewelry line. You can spot some of the pieces in these pictures, but the rest will soon be posted on her page. So make sure to check it out ;)) xx



{dress H&M, stockings Calzedonia}

 I'm sooo happy weekend is here, and for a change, I'm staying in tonight, so waking up tomorrow will be a treat. No hungover or tiredness. I'll use all my energy preparing Easter decorations and baking some goodies, yum! It's gonna be a chill family weekend.

 Anyways, today I'm sharing the second part of a shoot we did at hotel Cubo (see the first post HERE), and I feel like these photos turned out pretty awsome to! How egoistic for me to say huh? ;)

  I'm off to bed now, so check out this post, let me know what you think and have an amaziiiiing Easter weekend! :) xx