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 The title has actually nothing to do with me being on the dark side or anything, I just thought it suits the theme of the pictures in this post. It's a bit different than usual, and I'm loving it!
And just to be clear, I'm for sure keeping my toes on the bright side.

 There are so many people we pass and meet every day in our lives, we share so many eye contacts with random people for various reasons, or sometimes for no reason at all. But lately I've been thinking about the eye contact with someone that happened once, and it consecutively happened again, and again,..and the looks just keept going until I literally had no idea what was even happening.

 When a situation like that happens, doesn't it just wanna make you scream, like why are you looking at me, is my hair ok, do I have something in my teeth?? Then at the same time, why do I keep looking over there? Is he thinking what I'm thinking? What the hell is going on??
Haha, getting a little carried away here.

 I mean, did you ever wonder if there's a secret agenda behind those looks, or could it be that's just a strange coincidence? I'd like to hope there's much more behind it, like there just has to be something more, because I believe we only make eye contact with the randoms we find interesting and it probably goes both ways?
Not knowing the other persons thoughts about the situation makes it more interesting, kinda frustrating..but at the same time extremely exciting? The excitment of unknown. 

But maybe if we both knew, the excitment could even increase?


I love gray almost as much as I love black, but I simply can't help to adore 50 shades of Grey, the books, and can't wait to see the movie! So in expectation of the movie, mr. Grey, this outfit is for you.


Pictures taken by my friend, Anze B.



 {T-shirt Liu Jo, skirt Carla G., jacket H&M}

 Do you ever feel like you've wasted the whole night of sleep on countless thoughts running through your head, that leave you walk and look like a zombie the next morning?

 Overthinking was always my kind of sport, but sometimes the mess in my head becomes so chaotic, I wish for an OFF button, just to give myself a little break.
When overthinking, I get completely lost in scenarios I could only wish for, and it kinda f*ck's up my reality later on.

 I know the past is in the past, and we're supposed to only look ahead of us, but with some things, I just can't help myself and look back. There are days where I completely shut the door on the past, convinced I moved on, but then comes a song on a radio, or just some random reminder and I'm straight back to thinking and hoping, and who knows what. Damn you reminders!

 Do you think we're ever able to completely let go the hope of getting back something we've once enjoyed and loved? I'm not so sure anymore..


 Wearing black is not the easiest choice, it's the best one. Am I right?



 Oblak commerce team has been treating me so good trough the whole last year and this sweet surprise made my day once again. This time I got to try Cowshed body lotion and hand cream. Both products smel soooo good, the scent reminds me of summer and both cream and lotion absorb really fast, which as you know is one of my must's, especially when it comes to hand creams.

 Cowshed products are 100% natural, handmade and among other great qualities, they don't contain parabens.
Plus the packaging is beyond adorable! Not to mention the name, right? :)

 All the Cowshed products can be bought in Maximarket (Lj), Nama(Lj) and in store LevĨek (Vrhnika).

 That's all for today folks! Have a great weekend, xxo

kimono H&M



Good mooorning everyone!

 I’ve been searching everywhere for some kind of inspiration these days, and it took me a while to figure, it was not the inspiration I was searching for, rather than the courage to write and post something that I wanted to, but was subconsciously scared to. Putting my thoughts into words is a moment when for me, thoughts become reality, and reality is not always easy to accept.

 It’s funny how we sometimes keep so much to ourselves, postponing even the tiniest realizations in hopes that the time will make a magical change, but time usually doesn't work in our favor, so it's best to let it all out as soon as possible and just deal with whatever you've got going on.

 So now that we've established my reason for not posting some time now, I can safely say that I'm back and can't wait to pick up where I left off!


 Yesterday I meet up with Vesna (Wisible photography) and we took these cool photos. The weather was perfect and sooo warm omg, you can smell Spring all around!

 I'm heading for breakfast now and I wish you all to have a great Monday! xo

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