that hat


{pictures by Ajda Porenta}

CAN YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? Do you ever stop for a second and rethink about all the little things that happen in our lives every day and somehow make it better? I do it all the time, and it amazes me, how something so small can make me so happy. Just the memory of something sweet can make my whole day.
A lot of times I catch myself smiling from ear to ear of nothing but a memory, and it's just the best feeling ever. I love to wake up and see my dog go crazy of joy when he sees me in the morning, I love to walk into a room where a rose reminds me of how great my friends are, I love to clean my bag and find a silly toy that flashes me back on a cool know, those things!
I can't imagine my life without the little things, and without the sun of course, that's thankfully decided to be around more lately! The sun has inspired me to start running again and to work on my blog more. Finally.

When I looked myself in the mirror on a Saturday morning, just before I left my house, the first thought about the outfit was that I look just like I'm going to a funeral..but I wasn't. To clear things up, just in case the same thought crossed your mind. It's funny because it was a beautiful sunny, kinda hot day, and I decided to wear nothing but black. Oh well, the love towards black has no limit it appears.

hat H&M
everything else (but shoes)  Zara

You can call me Pippi


PIPPI. PIPPI LONGSTOCKING. It's that fuuuun time of the year again! Well, it was yesterday, but yaay! Masquerade definitely goes on my list of the 5 most amazing holidays/events of the year (right after my birthday ofc) and I always end up having the best time out and about with my family and friends.
I have such great childhood memories of masquerade days and getting older won't stop me from collecting new ones, dressing silly and just having fun!
This year I decided to be Pipi Longstocking because I looved watching her as a kid, I never dressed as her before AND I got to hang out with Mr. Nilsson, only the coolest monkey ever, trough the whole night! It was such a crazy and fun night yesterday, but today I'm gonna need a lot of mint tea and fresh fruits to make it trough this Wednesday!

Do you guys like dressing up for this type of days? I hope you do, and I hope you unleash the kid inside of you every once in a while! ;)