Evening everyone!

 There's a cool competition going on right now with Deichmann SLO so make sure to check it out, participate and in the end you can win some amazing prizes. All you have to do, is to show in a creative way how many shoes you own, share it as much as you can and cross your fingers to win!

 In the spirit of an ongoing competition (enter here), I've decided to show you guys my current favourite shoes I can't stop wearing this winter. Black flats are from H&M, brown classic UGG's (can't live without em'), my crazyyy comfy Necessary Clothing boots and the beautiful Zara heels for a night out.

 Let me know what are your favourite shoes to wear this season, good luck in the competition if you decide to participate and I'll talk to you soon! Its almost Christmas omg..the cookies are done, and tomorrow the project turkey begins! Im doing it for the first time this year and I hope it turns out delicious. If you have any tips, I'd be happy to hear them.





 Good evening everyone!

 It's exactly 11 days untill Christmas and I caaaan't wait for it! I'm taking some time off during the holidays and all I plan to do is watch Christmas movies, drink a lot of cacao during the day, mulled wine in the evening, hang out with friends and bake Christmas goodies.
 I'm sure that's not all I'll be doing, I could use my free time for some exercise, but then again, with all the food I'm planing to eat, I think it's better to start with that after the holidays are over. Right?

 Anyways, I'm super excited for the upcoming days, there is so much fun stuff happening and I'll tell you more about it next time! Right now take a look at this week's favourites.. :) xo

Ohh so cute! Stuff like this makes me want to bake delish sweets all the time.

3. CHRISTMAS TREE.. finally up! I love the look, the smell, everything <3

Nights spent with friends and mulled wine are never disappointing. This easily became one of my favourite parts of December for sure.



 After days and days and weeks of fugly weather, today, the sun finally made it's way to our city, and it felt sooo good! This morning was pretty awsome too. I almost broke my arm scratching the ice from the window of my car, but the moon and the sky were looking fine so fine, so I had quite a moment admiring those two. I hope the weather stays this way all till Christmas.

 We went to the park today and also took some shots for the blog. I’m wearing my favourite booties, plaid shirt that I never get enough of and my very comfy, as I call it, sheep jacket.

 I’m off to the city now with some friends, so enjoy the pictures, let me know what you think and I’ll talk to you soon! xxo

leggins Calzedonia
jacket SammyDress
shirt New look
boots Necessary clothing NY
sunnies Ray-Ban



Need I say more?

 I’ve been working as a hostess yesterday in one of the supermarket’s here in Ljubljana, and even though that’s not one of my favorite things to do in life, the money is good and I really enjoy talking to nice random people, have a talk, a laugh and sometimes learn something new.

 I’ve had quite a few fun encounters yesterday and observing people was always a strange, but such a enjoyable pleasure of mine, so I never complain about that. I love seeing older people holding hands, people meeting after a while and catching up right there in the middle of a market street, causing a cart jam and not giving much of a damn, I love kids and their cute faces! Omg, I can’t wait to be a mom! Is it weird to say that out loud? I always wanted to be a mom and have a huge family, but the desire I have for a kid lately is kind of crazy. I saw the cutest little girl ever walking past me with her dad fixing her hair and my heart just melted. That's a picture I will probably never get tired of.

 I also need to tell you about a girl I met, who made my day and really made me think about things we take for granted and just life in general. Her approach was so nice and polite, and she asked me if she could try the stuff I had, she really liked it, so I told her if she buys two products we have, she get's a gift after, like I say to all my customers. She explained to me that there are three girls at her house, she has to buy things for lunch, and that they already don't have that much money. She said thanks again, wished me a nice day and carried on. From the second she left, I didn't feel bad for her, but it made me feel so sad all of a sudden. She was soo nice and humble, and she didn't pitty herself or trying to make me feel bed for her, she just told me how it is and continued her way. There are so many people who say they'll come back, or think about it (and they never do), but not her. I love how someone her age, she was about 14 or 15, can act so mature and thankful as she did. When she left I couldn't get her words out of my head and I really wanted to do something for her, so luckily she passed me again and I gave her a free box of chocolates I had, which is trust me, not that big, and she looked at me with the most sincere and thankful look I ever saw, hugged me and thanked me again. She was so happy with so little and seeing her face touched my heart forever. I really wish more people were like her, humble, nice, and thanful for little things. Making people happy makes me happy, and she reminded me that I, and all of us need to do more of that. It's about little things, helping as much as you can in any way possible. I'm so glad I met her and made her happy. She did the same, if not even more for me and I'm forever grateful for that.

 I really wanted to share that story with you, and I'd love to hear if you had an experience like that when you did something for someone but it turned out that they did more for you in a way, so please share. Besides that story, it's Sunday, and the new The happy four is back! Take a look at this week's favourites.. 

Our beautiful new chandelier really lights up the living room. Love it.

I expected the worst out of me, but if we forget the constant hair fixing and touching my face for I don't know what reason, it turned out pretty good I think. In the interview you can tell I had problems with few anwsers because of the nerves, but I'm glad I did it, so I can learn from it and only be better from now on.

Banana + raspberries is my new favourite! Soo good at any time if the day.



Good morning everyone!

 I just woke up, made some tea and now I'm enjoying some me time, with brownie in one hand, The Internship on HBO and trying to finish this post with the other hand. A struggle basically.
There's no nicer way to say that the weather outside has been, and still is freakin' disgusting! I really wish for snow or a cold and dry weather, so there would be some more pre-Christmas spirit, but there's no good news on the horizon. It's somehow depressing really.
Besides the weather, everything is pretty cool, finishing house decorations, hangouts with friends, lot's and lot's of mulled wine..not bad at all.

 With the quick pause of yesterday's rain, I finally got to shoot this sweater I recieved from Sheinside. I'm loving the colour, it's soo comfy and just right for this season. Cute right?

 Ok, so The Internship has just finished, and now it's time for me to get out of my PJ's and get ready for the day. Have a greaaaat Friday my friends! xxo

sweater Sheinside
shoes Zara
skirt Somethingborrowed
stockings Svet Nogavic