When it comes down to changes I tend to act very immaturely about it at first, and as much as that fact is not the one brag about, it's the one that's true and I can't seem to shake it off. I'm not so sure I even want to. It's just sad, that something that makes me happy, has to end at one point in life. Usually, without even consulting with me first.
Like, I get it that some changes are good for us and bla bla, but it would be so much easier if we, as individuals, could control each change, exactly when and how a certain or situation would go, wouldn't it? It would surely save us some tears and bad days.
Well, that's just another thought I have no control over. I did however had a control over getting my hair done a couple days ago, and as much as I love the hairdo itself, I'm still processing and getting used to the change.
So when I think about it, I obviously had a control over it, but I'm not a 100% sure about it yet, so basically, even when I do have a control over something, it will still take me some time to adjust? Nothing makes sense right now, and trust me, even I don't get this last sentence I sounded so much better in my head! I think it's best for me to go to bed now and put all those changes that have been bothering me these last weeks on the side, and deal with it as I normally do. It takes time, but hey, when I'm over it, I'm really over it. Better late and for sure, than never, right?

By the way, how cute and cozyy is my new sweater?? I'm soo in love with it! :)) Night guys, xx

P.S. Follow me on my instagram or FB page to see my new hairdo I'll post tomorrow! ;)

sweater H&M
shirt Ralph Lauren
sneakers Converse
bag Zara



Ok, so finaaaally I got myself together and decided to finish and post these pictures that were shoot a whiiile ago! The reason I haven't posted any of this before, is because everything about launching this bag, Nomadka, was quite the project, and it understandably took some time to be as Ur┼íka and Miha (Nomadka team) imagined to be. But now the bag is out and about and it already got quite the success! No wonder though, click here to read all the amazing characteristic this versatile bag has to offer.

I'm so happy for being a small part of such a cool project, and even if it may not seem from the photos (I had to be serious :D), I had soo much fun shooting this!
Pictures were taken by the ever talented Vesna ( Wisible photography). Hoope you like the pictures and make sure to check out all the models of Nomadka on their official and facebook page ;)



{pictures by: Ajda Porenta}

I've had such a trouble getting out of the bed today, oh my! We were celebrating my best friend's birthday yesterday, and I'm not lying when I'm saying this, but I didn't drink as much (as I usually do), so I really don't know what kept me in my bed that long. Even now after breakfast and everything, I just want to crawl right back into the sheets. I'll try not to, it would be a shame to miss out on a day like this.
It was such a cool night last night, can't wait to show you all the pictures and tell you more about it! I've posted some pics on my instagram (evesbreeze) and facebook page if you're curious ;)

Sooo today I finally get to post this pictures we shoot some day last week and I love them! I loved the location, the colours, everything! Plus I love what I wore and if I could, I would wear black oversized black pullovers, tunics, etc all the time. Black makes me so comfortable, I can't even explain.

Have a great weekend everyone!

tunic & scarf Zara
boots Necessary Clothing
leggins & hat H&M
bag & sunnies Mango