{pictures by: Ajda Porenta}

  I've heard it a few times now, about a day without complaining that people these days do, and it supposedly makes you a happier person afterwards. It is stuck in my head ever since the first time I've heard about it and I'm thinking of doing it myself. It definitely wouldn't be a bad thing since I'm one of those people who complain non stop, just about everything. It's not that I'm so unhappy about everything or whatever, and I'm not really sure how to explain this, but I tend to complain quite a lot. Even when there's something that I would love do, I usually find one thing first to complain about it. It's those little, most of the times unnecessary whines you know. A very weird habit I guess.
 So I've decided to go through with it, and now I'm in search for the perfect day to try it out. I'll take it step by step and for the first time I'll probably do it on Sunday, because Sunday is kinda me day and I usually spend it at home doing nothing or doing very little, maybe go for a coffee, and Sunday is such a chill day so not much can piss me off or give me a reason to whine, so that's the best option to hold back on the not needed complaining I think. 
But do you think that a day without complaining means you're just not supposed to complain out loud or do the thoughts in your head also count? Because if that counts as well, I'm not so sure anymore I can do it. How can I mess up a fingernail while doing my manicure (and there's always that one) and not whine about it? There's still so much to think about this day I see, so it's probably the best to do it next week..or a week after that.. ;)

  Anyways it's Faaaaaaaall! It's not like it didn't feel like it through the whole summer, you know, but now it's officially here, best fashion season of all! I feel so good getting all my capes and ponchos and scarfs back out again. Cozy sweaters, knitted socks, countless cups of tea and so many fun events. Isn't it just the best?

playful playsuit


Remember the wishlist I posted a few weeks back? Well one of my wishes came true and I got this beautiful playsuit that I saw on Sheinside! I've been in love with flowers and floral print since forever, my closet is full of this print, so this is the perfect addition to my "floral collection". I love how the jumpsuit is loose but still emphasizes all the right female features, it has a boho touch, which I'm getting more and more into and it's just oh so playful. I'm super super happy about it!

Big big thanks to Sheinside again for this lovely romper,! Make sure to visit their site.. ;)

playsuit Sheinside (size M)
sunnies Ray Ban