Exactly today, a week ago (is that even a saying?), I celebrated 24 years of my beautifuly interesting, constantly up and changing life. When I put all the events in one place, and of course momentarily put aside all the problems and frustrations that I'm currently dealing with, I can safely say, as I probably do every year when I really think about it, I'm living a pretty good life. If my head wasn't full of not that important thoughts lingering up there, about things that won't really matter in few years, it would probably save me a bad day or two. But nothing is ever as it should be, and everything supposedly happen for a reason, so untill good days outbeat bad, I'll try and not complain as much about bad days, listen to Sam Smith and get on with my life.
God that man is brilliant! I can't stop listening to him and I can relate so much to his songs. Would looove to listen him live!

Anyways, my birthday! It's honestly one of my favourite days in a year and I get so excited about planning the whole day out weeks ahead and make sure to spend it with people I care the most about and I know that the feeling is mutual. This year it was pretty girly as you can see, and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Big thanks to my mom again, without who I'd probably mess everything up with my super crafty skills. 
I just maybe wish my birthday was on Friday so that the after dinner party was longer, but oh well, there's always next year! :)

I'd like to thank Ginger Lily paper for some of the decorations that were gifted to me and made the ambient even prettier! I wish I'd photograph everything but got lost in time. You need to check out their page for cute party decorations! 

Take a peek at the photos and I'll talk to you soon, xxo

twenty something


I don't think I've ever done anything in my life without telling at least one person about it. I love sharing news about my life, sometimes just bullshit information I've heard somewhere, so when felt a bit spontaneous and decided to go and get another tattoo, it was so damn hard for me not to talk about it. I don't know what exactly got into me, but I wanted to do this completly on my own, not telling anyone my business. It's the hardest thing not sharing something so exciting with friends, but now I'm glad I did it, it was kinda cool doing something for myself and it reminded me I should do stuff like this more often.
I won't stop sharing every single stupid thing I can think of, even though some people would probably be happy, but you know, try and keep somethings to myself. 

I do have to tell you that it's 9:07 AM as I'm writing this, I'm wearing my warmest bathrobe, sipping on mint tea, freezing my feet off and trying to get myself to get up and ready as I have so many things to do today! I hope to get things done quickly because I'd like to finish the book I am reading right now, The fault in our stars, which is soo amaaaazing! Have you read it yet?
I'm so happy I haven't seen the movie yet, so I can make my own vision about how everything and everyone look like and that, you know.

Anyways, I have to go now, so have a greaaaat day! xxo

summer-ish to fall-ish Sheinside wishlist


(jumpsuit buy here, crochet top buy here)

I'm already one foot in the fall, but a part of me still longs for the long hot summer nights and all the skirts and dresses I still haven't got the chance to wear. I'm in the hopes that September will be warm enough to mix and match summer clothes with the Fall ones. That's why my wishlist isn't completly full with summer pieces.
I die for white crochet top and pencil skirt (above). I have a crochet bodycon dress (see it here) and I love it so much I now want the skirt and top too! :)
Anyways, I want way too many things..I wanted to show you a few items that are on top of my list from Sheinside. Take a peek for more amazing and affordable pieces on their site ;)

P.S. aren't those two leather jackets just to die for? Neeeeeed!! :))

(V neck backless dress, buy here)

(plaid shirt buy here, pink blouse buy here)

(black leather jacket, buy here & here)

(casual coat, buy here)



{pictures by: Ajda Porenta}

..except for the utterly dark/grey weather that's been going on for waay too long now, that is! I don't know if it's just me, but this kind of weather is making me feel soo depressed. And lazy. Oh my god I'm lazy! It's like, there are so many things I would like to do and I prepare myself for doing, but then just by looking out the window everything falls apart in a second, and all I end up doing is absolutely nothing, which sometimes bores the f*ck outta me ( pardon my french). So dear weather, you better start behaving, it's August already, my birthday is comming up and I sure don't want it to be raining on my parade.

On the brighter note, I'm soo happy to let you guys know about my new collaboration with Sheinside. The site has been on my radar for quite some time now, and I'm always happy with what comes through my mail, so this collaboration was such a nice surprise! I chose a dress that I couldn't get my eyes off since the minute I saw it! It's so pretty I can't even deal! Now the weather really needs to be rain free so I can wear my dress all the time hehe.

Have a greaat weekend kiddos! xxo

dress Sheinside (buy it here)