I got the eye of the tiger


DRUNK IN LOVE. As much as I disliked Beyonce's new song in the start, I just can't stop listening to it now. I totally get the lyrics, loving the beat and I go crazy when Jay-Z starts. Not at all an interesting fact for you guys I believe, but I thought I'd share.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Eve and an even better Christmas day! My family and I had a delicious dinner, and then, for the first time ever on Christmas eve, I went out with my friends. It was a great day and such a cool, spontaneous night out!
A day before Christmas I recieved a highly expected sweater from Persunmall (find it here). Highly expected because, normally, I don't go for sweaters like this, so I was kinda nervous how it's gonna look on me, but I thought why not, ordered it the next second and now I'm totally loving it! It does look kinda cool doesn't it? :)

Oh, I went to see The wolf of wall street yesterday and it's sooooo sick! Can't wait to see it again, Leo is such an amazing actor!


bag Zara
sweater Persunmall
hat H&M

Jingle bells


HOLLY JOLLY! I love how in December everything triples up. The parties, glasses of wine, get togethers, make-up..oh the joy of holidays!

Yesterday me and my friends went for a pre-christmas wine and dine thingy, at our usual (and my favourite) spot, Evergreen. We had so much fun playing Secret Santa, eating delicious food and sipping on wine I could never get enough of! So drinkable and sweet. Anyways, we had such a lovely time, I'm so happy with the gift I got and I can't wait for more of these pre- anything parties/get togethers with my friends! The morning after was pretty rough on me though. I had to work early in the morning, got no sleep at all, so after this is posted I'm going straight to my bed! I need to get my strength for Monday last minute Christmas shopping!

Hope you'll enjoy the pictures and talk to you soon! :)

One more sleep


ALL I'M MISSING NOW IS SNOW. I just wanted to stop by and show you guys some of the Christmas decorations at our home for the upcoming holidays. The Christmas tree is a bit different this time around as you can tell, and instead of a classic Christmas tree, my mom had an idea to put bunch of spruce branches together and make it into some kind of a tree. I think it looks nice, especially when it's all blinged up, wich I take all the credits for ;)
Like last year, I also did the traditional Christmas wreath (first picture) and to spark things up a little bit,  I also did a special wreath, the Christmas book wreath, which you can see on one of the pictures bellow. It took me quite some time to do it, but I finally finished it and I love it! It has a perfect romantic touch.
If you would like to make the same wreath, I recommend you to go by the instructions of Rebecca Robeson.

A fresh baked pie is always a good treat while decorating your home! I'm always so sad to eat it though because it looks soo cute hehe..

Have you guys finished all your Christmas decorations yet? I think I'm all done so my next step are gifts and wrapping them! Yaay..