Vintage tartan


SPOT THE CHANGE. It took me more than a year (shame on me), but I finally had the courage to make a stop at the hairdresser and make a change with my hair! For such a long time I had my hair long and with no shape at all, so even if long hair is something I love, I'm kinda feeling this new hairdo.
How do you guys like it? Can you tell the difference? :)

Besides the new hair, I'm totally loving these sunny days that have decided to show up. The wind is crazy though! I did not see that coming when I stepped out of the house in just a shirt and a leather jacket.
Anyways, me and some of my friends are going for a quick getaway tomorrow so I'm off to packing now and I'll talk to you soon!

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” 

jacket H&M
hat Kocca
bag Zara
skirt vintage

All of the lights


{Pictures by: Wisible photography}

LIFE IS LIKE A CARNIVAL RIDE. The good, the bad, and sometimes it all mixes up.
As it turned out, I had to postpone my trip to Mexico to next year, but the good thing is that all the excitment before Christmas will most probably sooth me down. I'm so sad not to go and it's definitely one of the down's in my life right now, but that only means the next thing is going to be an absolute up, right?

Few days ago I recieved this cute, burgundy skirt (find it here) from Persunmall and I immediately knew where I wanted to wear it for - theme park right here in Ljubljana! I'm such a fan when it comes to theme parks, but I usually go just for good energy, cotton candy and more of a slow rides. I'm terrified of hights, crazy machines and freefalls! No way you'll see me on one of those insane ones, but if there is something that I am, a great supporter for everyone who decides to go.
Stockings are by Svet nogavic and were an obvious choice to go with this skirt. I'm so happy how the outfit turned out. How do you like it? :)

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skirt Persunmall
shirt, jacket & beanie H&M
bag vintage GroĊĦelj handbags
stockings Svet Nogavic
shoes Dr. Martens

Two sided


SHINE BRIGHT. So I walk in a mall the other day and there were just seconds between me completely embarrassing myself right in the middle of everything and crashing into a huge Christmas tree and then, luckily, using my ninja powers to dodge the tree. I mean really? Christmas trees, decorations and all, already? Oh boy, that's early. I do love Christmas don't get me wrong, j'adore that time of year, but I still don't think we should exaggerate this much, right? I mean, November barely begun.

The cold is now really starting to kick in and I'm so sad to say goodbye to my leather jackets, but I am excited to start wearing hats! The one that I'm wearing on these pictures in my new favourite!
I am also excited for abnormal cups of hot cacao I'm gonna drink, cozy places I'll visit with my friends, wearing UGG's, baking goodies for my fam, big oversized sweaters..soo many good things!
What are you guys the most excited in the upcoming cold days?


leggins Calzedonia
bag Dorothy Perkins
jacket Zara
hat H&M
shoes Mass

Not everything is as it seems


BEHIND THE POSTED. Let me start by saying that I always loved being infront of a camera, since forever, and there are rare days when I don't want to take a picture of myself or be photographed for my blog. It's my guilty pleasure and I enjoy it soo much every time. I always have fun at the shoots, but I have to admit, the hardest thing for me, is to be serious on the pictures for my blog! I don't know how so many bloggers can do that all the time but I just can't stay serious for too long. I try to be serious because the pictures usually turn out better and more "non amateur", but yes, it's hard! Isn't it?

There are so many goofy and fun stories behind every shoot and I wish I could share every single one of them with you guys, but instead I'll just leave you with some of my favourite "behind the scenes" pictures next to the one that was posted on my blog.

Hope you'll enjoy it and it's FRIDAAAAY guys!! Wohooo :))

P.S.: click on the caption bellow the picture for more pictures.

3rd November


RAINY DAY. Luckily it's Sunday today and I don't have to raise my productive bar any higher than just lay in my bed, eat some sweets and catch up with The X-Factor. Hopefully tomorrow the rain will stop so I can work on something new for you, my readers. I have such a coool idea in my mind! Cross your fingers guys ;)