A YEAR OLDER. 23 guys, can you believe it? I sure can't. For the past year I was still saying I am 21 and now BAM, 23! That's gonna be hard to adjust. My wishes for a year of 23 are to travel a lot more, finally learn swedish, hang out with people I love as much as I can, blog more, save some money (!),..and the list goes on. Except for the learning swedish, those are my life long wishes when I think about it :)

This year I celebrated my birthday three times. With my family, my elementary school friends and with my friends from high school. I had so much fun and I'm so grateful to have such great people in my life that make my days brighter! Besides these 3 days of celebrating, the whole week was kinda cool because it was my week off and I had the best time! I wish every week was a week off. Sadly tomorrow is a day I go back to reality and back to work. Plus I should really start working out from this week on because all of the junk food I ate this week! Now that will be a challenge..

Have a great evening my readers!

The Great Gatsby pt. II


GREEN LIGHT. I've seen The Great Gatsby shortly when it started playing in cinemas and absolutely LOVED it! I'm a romantic soul, so there was no question I wasn't going to love this movie. In a long time I saw a movie that I knew I was going to watch over and over again. Costumography, the music, Leonardo..everything was truly amazing. After I saw the movie in the cinema, I started to search for the movie online but sadly had no luck. 

Every August there is an event called Kino pod zvezdami, Movies under the stars, which is held on our beautiful Ljubljana castle. I always wanted to go and this year I finally did! Can you guess which movie I went to watch? The Great Gatsby of course! :))
The ambience was so amazing! It was a bit chilly, but still soo cool. Stars above us, junk food in our hands, Leonardo on big screen,..and we saw 3 shooting stars! Beautiful.

After all this time between the movies has passed, I finally got myself a copy of the movie on my computer, so rainy days bring it on, I'm ready! :)

Have you seen the movie? Loved it, hated it? Let me know your thoughts about the movie, would love to hear them.


Floral memories


FLORAL PRINT. No matter the season, floral print is something that always finds it's way to my closet. It's so romantic and timeless, isn't it?

 Yesterday I realised I haven't talked about New York in forever, and today I got an itch to do so. New York is constantly in my mind, and it's so hard not to know exactly when I'll go back. The streets, the people..it was perfect! So many things to do, so many things to see.. The feeling I had when I was there isn't comparable to no other. It's the feeling I wish I had for the rest of my life. You know, when you feel good, free and just so damn right? That's why I wanna go back. To feel what I felt and to see my friends again. Going to Soho in the morning, stopping at Whole Foods to pick up the best yogurts, lunching with my friends,..
I wish that would be easy just as it sounds. But no good thing comes easy right? I'm just gonna have to believe and save a lot of money! Plus a milion other things, but just these two for start :)

  Have you ever visited a country you now just can't stop thinking about? Did it effect you as much as it has effected me? Here are a few of my favourite New York posts if you haven't seen them already... ONE, TWO, THREE.

I'm off to bed now, exciting day for me tomorrow for me! Yaaay :))

shirt & bag Zara
sunnies H&M
shoes Converse

Late mornings


DAY OFF. Today "we" celebrate the Assumption Day here in Slovenia and even though I'm not religious, I have to say I'm really happy this holiday exists so that I can enjoy my day off. 
I got some good sleep, ate my favourite cereal without rushing and now I'm gonna get ready to work out a little bit. It's kinda chilly here today and with almost all tree leaves on the ground it feels a bit fall-ish already, doesn't it?

What are you guys up to today? If you celebrate the Assumption day or not, I wish you a happy, happy Thursday! See you later today on my FB page and instagram - @evesbreeze ;)

Sunday, fun day


GOOD AFTERNOON! Uh, this weekend was so much fun! Actually when I stop and think about it, the whole summer has been pretty amazing so far and it sure doesn't stop now. August is my favourite month of the year and I hope it won't go by so fast. There are so many different fun events going on around my town, my birthday is comming up, I'm finally getting my second dose of The great Gatsby and the sun is back on which means I have planty time to tan. Plus the sales are slowly finishing and the fall collections are filling up the shops. All the good stuff happens in August, you see ;)

So anyways, I'm back to tanning and then lunch time. Have a great Sunday everyone!