Just a cloud away


OLD PATHS. Lately I found myself stepping on some of the old paths I've tried so hard to stay off of these last few years. It's funny how one little thing can drag you straight back on it. If the positive changes are noticeable it's a good thing, but in my case, nothing much has really changed.

So, how strange is it for me to love every single step of this once already traveled road? It feels like all of the bad obsticles that were once there, suddenly wanished. If something feels right, than it probably is, right? I should just go with the flow and see about it. It's all happening for a reason. What a cliché.
But seriously, do we learn a lesson everytime we fail at something? I'm having a bad feeling it isn't so. Why else would you go down one road that was once bad for you? I'm guessing it's hope. One of my favourite sayings comes from Sex and the city episodes and it keeps ringing in my head: "Is hope a drug we need to get off of, or is it keeping us alive?"

 I still haven't found the right anwser to this question, and I probably never will, but I guess it's for the best. One thing's for sure, hope is definitely keeping me alive, but at the same time I have to be careful not to "overdose". The balance is always questionable.

Oh well, C'EST LA VIE!



HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to everybody that celebrates! One of my long time wishes is to celebrate the Independence day in the all American way. I've always loved their dedication to this holiday and to their country. The family get's together for a good old bbq, friends party the night away, lot's and lot's of blue, red and white everywhere, fireworks..they really put some effort into it and celebrate it like all the important holidays should be celebrated as. As you know, I have a special passion for USA, so this year I really had my mind set up to celebrate 4th of July at my house with my friends and family, but sadly something came up and couldn't do it. But there's always next year, right? Right.
How do you like the 4th of July? Do you celebrate it?

You might tell from the pictures that I was inspired by Lana Del Ray just a little bit. I love her music and she always reminds me of The great Gatsby. The movie is hands down one of my favourites! Can't wait to watch it again :)

Have you guys seen it yet? Loved it, hate it?

Hope you had a great day and talk to you soon!

Lucky ones


SUMMER DAYS are finally back on and I am just steps away from my summer vacation. I seriously can't wait to getaway from this city and basically everything that's surrounding me for way too long now.
Long days on the beach and even longer nights out, dancing with my friends. Just lil' bit more..

Have you guys heard about PersunMall online clothing shop yet? Well, this pretty necklace around my neck was one of the items I kindly received few days ago and been wearing it non - stop ever since! It's so cute and goes with pretty much everything.

Have a great week my friends!