Live while we're young


LITTLE THINGS. I've been an One Direction fan since their very begining and this year I finally got to watch them preform live at the Munchen Olympiahalle arena. I was trying so hard to get a ticket since the day the tickets were available, but had absolutely no luck getting it up untill just two days before the show! You can imagine how happy and excited I was when I got the news about the available ticket. Oh my, I went straight back to my wild teen years!
So anyway, luckily I got a ticket and the excitement got bigger and bigger as the concert was approaching.
The drive to Munchen was annoyingly long, but in the end all the pain in my legs, due to very uncomfortable bus seats, all the hunger and thirst was worth it! I love their songs so much and hearing them live was just amazing. Plus seeing them move and dance around the stage was priceless.
Sadly my camera was too big to take it inside the arena, so I have no quality pictures and only a few videos I managed to take with my iPhone before he decided to die.

I know that good memories stay with you forever and in the end that's all that matters, but somehow I still feel quite upset by the fact I have no pictures. I believe it's mostly because I'm so used to having everything pictured and saved so I can re-live it over and over again and now that I don't, I kinda feel lost. I'm gonna get over it soon I suppose, the feeling that I had during the concert definitely out beats all the pictures and videos I could have made.

 It was such a great day and I can't wait for more days like this. You know, seeing Harry Styles dancing around just a few grandstands away from me..aaamazing! I'm such a kid, I know ;)

How are you guys doing? Been to any fun concerts lately?

Snake - like


SNAKE DAYS. I've been dying to wear these pants for such a long cold time, and now the time has finally came! I absolutely adore them. I love the print, the material, the way they dance around my legs. So, soo comfortable.
As you all know, it's May 1st today, and my day off, wohoo, so I just wanted to share this pictures with you guys before I storm back outside on the sun.

Hope you're enjoying this lovely Wednesday wherever you are!