Meet olive


IF THE SHOE FITS. These days were simply amazing. Sun was shining like crazy, and I've yet done some sun tanning! Let me tell you, my cheeks are starting to get some colour. Wohoo..can't wait for more brown-ish colour. Though I never do get that sexy dark summer tan, I'm one of those "pale ones". No biggie though, that still doesn't stop me from sun tanning and reading a good book under the big hat.

Can you guys believe it's almost May? Time flies by soo fast. My birthday is practically just around the corner! Hehe, just kidding, I got a long way to go. Yet my whole party plan is already written down in my notebook and it's waiting to get realized. Soon Eva, soon...

How do you like todays outfit? I'm feeling so good in these kinda-oversized shirts! So comfortable. And the shoes, ohh the shoes, love them! I just spilled a bit of ego right here, sorry for that.. ;)

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Till next time,

Floral magic


{Pictures by: Wisible Photography.}

PERFECT PATTERN. As soon as I saw this Zara shirt, I knew I have to have it. It's so soft, comfortable and blue. Plus, the pattern is so eye-catching, right? I've always loved blue colour, but let me tell you, this last few weeks I've been absolutely obsessing over it! So don't be suprised if the next outfit will include something blue too. Just kidding, I'll take a little "blue break"

It's amazing how much floral patterns are affecting me season after season. If I could, I would wear floral clothes all the time! So pretty and romantic. Have you seen the new H&M swimsuits? If you haven't already, you can take look into my closet. I just couldn't leave the store without them. 
When I think about it, I think these are actually my first H&M swimsuits. On that note, I hope they'll last at least two seasons. Literally so cute!
Does anyone here have any experience with their swimsuits? Good, bad? Let me know.

 Have a greeat Sunday my friends! Xx

Blooming blue


QUICK HELLO! How have you been lovelies? I had such a good week and am super excited for the next one's coming! Sunny days give me so much energy and I just want to be outdoors as much as I can. Yesterday I treated myself with very first, 2013, ice-cream in the city. Such a good feeling walking around with nothing but blazer on and ice-cream in one hand. Love it!

Anyways guys, it's weeeekend! Hopefully it will be a sunny one, I would love to make a quick trip by the seaside. What are you guys up to these days? Excited by the fact that spring is finally is here? Don't you just love watching nature bloom. So beautiful.

Have a great weekend and have some ice-cream! ;)