time machine


MODELING. Believe it or not, I was in fact a model for a short period in my life! Yesterday when I visiting my grandma, I saw some old catalogues of a company I was modeling for, and felt the need to share some pictures with you guys. I LOVED photoshoots, hanging out with the other kids and dressing up. Doing my hair was one of the best parts. So crazy back then! It was such a fun fun experience for sure! Hope you'll enjoy the pictures, I sure did after seeing them again! :)

Have a lovely Saturday my friends!

Good morning


I wish you all a great day my friends! Xx

I'll bring you flowers


RAINY DAYS. I haven't blogged in such a long time now and the rain just won't stop pouring. Last days have really been terribile, weather vise, and to tell you the trouth, I hate shooting in the rain. I think most of us do. But the rain shouldn't be an issue, so from now on, I won't let it to be anymore. Besides the weather, life's been pretty good. No bigger changes or anything, but just good times spending with the people I love and clearing some old  issues that I have been holding on for some time now. Do you know the feeling when something, that has been bothering you for such a long time, is suddenly gone? I literally feel lighter. Such a great feeling.

Yesterday, as you all know, was a Woman's day. Day of flowers. It was such a good day. I had a day off, so my day started with delicious breakfast and a big dose of Susan Elizabet Phillips book. Have you ever read any of her books? AMAZING! Fun, romantic, and you go straight into the characters. Must read, definetely.
Later on, my friend and I grabbed lunch in one of the restaurants by the river, and then took a walk through the flower market. Ohh my, it was soo pretty! The city was full of flowers. Every second person we saw, while sipping on our tea's in the heart of the city, was holding a bouquet of flowers. I bought them too, no doubt.
I wish I could visit the market more often. Buy a bouquet of flowers, fresh vegetables for late lunch, go for a cup of tea to my favourite place. Wouldn't it be nice? :)

If you follow me on instagram, you saw that yesterday I also went to a family birthday party for my, now, seven years old cousin and finished lovely Friday in a company of my girls, laughter and a glass of wine.

I hope you had a great Friday also, and I wish you a great rest of the weekend!
Love, xx