Wings are made to fly


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Writing a column has been a wish that's been lingering in my head for quite some time now. But because an opportunity like writing it for a magazine or online page hasn't crossed my path yet, I decided to write it anyways. For starters I'll just write it for myself, but as soon as I'll be ready to launch, I will do it right here, on my page.You have to start somewhere, right? 
Writing is definitely one of my big passions and it's been put aside for way to long, and I for sure need a big blank page to express whatever the hell is going up in my head. As I said once before, expressing with written words for me is much easier than verbal. It's not that I don't know or like to talk, not at all, I love to talk, I could talk all the time, but you know, in certain situations it would be probably better to put a pen and a paper in my hands or I might say something stupid. Which happens way too many times than it should. I could say I'm a clumsy speaker I guess. There's so many times I want to say something really good or funny, but in all that excitment and just that big desire to say it out fast, I just can't find all of the right words and make it sound, well, not as good as I hope it would. So thank you Cai Lun for inventing this great thing called paper, you kinda helped me fix some pretty akward situations in the past. Reading helps me a lot, so as with writing as it does when speaking. My vocabulary has in fact improved so much since I started to read regularly, so read guys! Plus books are so much fun to read, imagination has no limits!

So my friends, that's it from me today! Be good, make sure to read, dress well, let me know about your passions and most of all have a fun FUN weekend!

Winter Lace


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I never really thought about what would my life be like if one of my closest friends went away for more than just a vacation. Not untill recently. Period longer than a month was never between us and it's so unreal to think that there will be a piece missing in our everyday from now on. I'm keeping you a bit in the dark here, don't I? Well here's the thing, my friend got an amazing oppurtunity to go to Mexico for three years to study act and it was just this morning she flew off to a whole new adventure! I'm extremely proud and happy for her, but three years? I guess Mexico will be crossed off my bucket list a lot sooner than it was originaly planned. Not bad news, right? ;) 
Thinking about all this, soon made me realize that growing up sometimes means growing apart. The good and the bad parts combined. We can never have everything, so me and my friends come up with an idea to buy bracelets for all six of us that will always keep us together and remind us of our friendship and our memories, no matter where life will take us. Sorta like "The sisterhood of the traveling pants"; she said. 
Ofcourse our friendship journey is not stopped due her stay in Mexico, I'm sooo glad for Skype and iPhone and everything that helps us to keep in touch! Good luck sweetie again if you are reading this <3

How do you like my braid/bun hairstyle guys?? I love it! Always wanted to try it and today I finally did. With my mom's help of course, but hey, I'm not a hairdresser. Well, I hope you like the pictures and hairstyle just as much as I do. 

Have a great end of the weekend!

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Touch of green


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When it comes to New Year resolutions, there are only two ways to go. You eighter make it or you break it.
I usually break it, but it's because I usually only think about things that are, so to say, superficial, or not so important for me or my life. It's a list I normally do like 5 minutes before midnight on New Year's Eve. This time on the other hand, I thought it through and the list seems much more real and achievable. 
 I also read a fun way to do the list, an inspirational board actually. You put all pictures that inspire you, of places you want to vistit, clothes you want to buy, things you want to learn, basically everything you wish for and you put it all together on a big board and place it on a visible spot in your room, or wherever it suits you, so you can daily be reminded of your goals and life expectations. It's such a great way to motivate yourself on daily bases. 

So, if you care to read some more, here are top three things on my brand new, 2013 to-do list:

- learn Swedish (active that is)
- go on a BIG trip (not telling you where yet ;))
-  save some money (what a  classic right, hehe)

What about you guys, are you into this whole New Year resolutions stuff? Starting from scratch ? If so, what's on your list for this year, would love to hear about it! :)

Have a niiiice end of the weekend everybody!