Bikini Battle: Eva. vs Ania'lysis - week 4


"Rather than aiming for being perfect, just aim to be little bit better today, than you were yesterday."

This past week was probably the worst week of all four weeks of our small project - Bikini Battle. So bad. One day (luckily just one) it actually got to a point where, in a whole day, I ate 4 small chocolates. Four! Sure they were small ones, but do you see where I'm comming from? I have been so good all the other weeks, days, but I think it was just the matter of time when I was going to crack under the pressure of wanting something that once, not too long ago, was on my menu almost every single day, before I started with all this healty eating and living.
But I think that every once in awhile there will come a day when something extremly sweet will be inevitable for me to consume. And that was one of those days I guess. And as bad as I felt afterwards, that much I also enjoyed it at that particular moment.

The ongoing week is going way better than the previous one, I'm back on track, but I'll talk about it next week. 
Today I would just like to share some motivational songs, that I like to listen to while I workout. They give me so much energy and they just keep me going and going. You should take a listen:

Bikini Battle: Eva. vs Ania'lysis - week 3


Week 3 people!! It's going by so fast and I'm improving by every week. But as a day goes by, the more I realize that the whole battle is not that much vs. Anja than it is vs. myself. Everyday I struggle and loosing my mind with all the temptations around me, and it's hard let me tell you! But then at night I remind myself how far I've come, and actually feel great about myself and the things I do and eat everyday.

Fame game


Exposure, recognition, attention. These are just a few adjectives that describe how I picture my life to be at one point. Fame and I have always had a thing for each other. They say that opposites attract and I for sure am attracted to fame. The money, ofcourse, is a BIG plus and I am a person who loves beauty. Beautiful people, beautiful food, beautiful house interior, beautiful places. And for that we need money. Once in my life, I would love to experience all the beautiful things, without even thinking that it is going to pass. Going on a trip to an exotic island and knowing that you now don't have to work one year just to pay off all of the loans and expenses you made for the trip.And that would be just one out of milion good things about being famous or how I prefer it: know for something great. As you know I love to write and I love fashion, so I would love to be known for my writing and someday fashion stylist. One day..
I know that there is a bad side involved with all of this too, but fame can be such a good thing if you know how to handle it. And if you have the right people by your side.
I would also enjoy having my own reality show. But with current situation I would probably be the only one starring in it, because no one of my friends would do it and my family would probably deny I'm one of them. Too bad though, that could be so much fun.

Anyways, the shirt! I got this gorgeous one size white shirt on Chicwish and it's just so easy to wear and it looks just like the one I was looking for. You like it? :)

I wish you all a happy and healthy week!

Bikini Battle: Eva. vs Ania'lysis - week 2


Due to my sickness, I wasn't able to post this sooner but here it is.

In the second week of our little "Bikini battle" I have to say I was doing SO much better than the last one. I had a plan and I was pretty good at sticking to it. And I will be holding on to this plan hopefully for a long, long time. Not only I feel much better, but soon I will also achieve the long wanted - sexy bikini body.

So, this is how I do :
- first thing in the morning I drink a big glass of water on an empty stomach.
- 10 min after, breakfast*
- snack before lunch is a must for me, so I usually prepare myself fruit plate (oranges and bananas are my fave)
- lot's of water trough the whole day! 
- for lunch I pretty much eat everything, only in normal portions
- I wait about an hour and half and then it's exercise time*
- after execise I shower myself, calm down, eat fruit or yogurt
- no food after six


Messy twisting


Classic bun. I've been wearing the classic bun on daily bases for the past 2 months now, let down hair just don't seem to please me anymore. I probably iron and let down my hair approximately 2 or 3 times a week, all the rest the bun. It's fast, easy and so cute to wear. But same as I got bored of the every day straight hair it was only the time matter when the same would happen with the classic bun. So today, I started experimenting different ways to spice up the bun. A fun hairdo with the romantic twist. The bun is still present, only this time, it's way lower than normally.
How do you like it? If you guys have any interesting "spice up the bun" ideas I would be happy to hear about them and try them myself.

Hope you all had a great weekend and be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow, when the second post - Bikini Battle: Eva. vs Ania'lysis will be posted!


Bikini Battle: Eva. vs Ania'lysis


5 weeks, one goal - turning my body into parfait bikini shape for the upcoming summer season. My blog friend, who I never actually meet, but have more than one thing in common, Anja aka Ania'lysis, made a rather interesting proposition for me. Bikini battle. We each have 5 weeks, 5 kg at least to loose and 5 blog posts to show and present you guys what we did on our journey to loose weight, what we eaten, what exercises we did, who did it better and most of all, if we made any progress at all.

One week down, 4 more to go.
To be honest, this is really, really hard thing for me to do, mostly because I love food so much. But because we make it a "battle" at least keeps me motivated. And I hate to loose, so I have to step my game up!
Here's how my first week (approximately) went..

Tell Me A Berry-tale


Starting with a quote today..

Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one's breath.

Kissing, as I remember, was always present trough all of my life. Kiss on a cheek when meeting my family and my friends was our way of a "hello". Shaking hands seemed, and still seems, way too formal when greeting people that I care for. When I was little, I remember spending a lot of my time with some Italian friends on seaside and I am certain that their way of greeting has a lot to do with how I started to greet my friends and family. For me it seems more personal and loving actually.
And then there are romantic (aka sexual) kisses. I will never forget my first kiss. I mean, how could I. It was probably the funniest and clumsiness kiss in my life, and at that time to tell you the truth, it was pretty disappointing too. "When do the fireworks and the Va Va Voom's come in?" I kept asking myself. 
When expecting too much, things can soon become vice versa. There was a romantic twist that night too  though. It took place somewhere near the sea, in the deep night and there was a big moon just right above us. And the guy was pretty cute too. Luckily, soon after that, I experienced some real good kisses and was no longer in the question mark of the whole kissing enjoyment.
Plus, kissing literally has so much positive sides, that is a must in our lives.

Here are the most interesting :
it slows the ageing process
- it boosts self-esteem
- kissing naturally relaxes you- it helps you lose weight

And here you can read what differend kind of kisses mean. My favourite would definitely be the woodpecker, followed by none other than french kiss.
A funny fact - in India the "French kiss" is sometimes referred to as the "English kiss" due to the fact that it more commonly appears in English films than in Indian ones.

I found out so many crazy and interesting fact about kisses and kissing while researching about it, that before I had no idea about.

So tonight I will end up my post with a BIG kiss for all of you my friends. Have a great night! :)

1 PIECE, 3 WAYS TO WEAR: Brown shoes #3


Last, but not least, part 3 of the first 1 piece, 3 ways to wear series. Here and here you can see the first two stylings with the same shoes. Wich styling do you prefer?
I like all of them, ofcource, but if I had to pick only one, I would definitely go for the first one.

So, this was just a "quickie", I'm off for now..