Rock me


Good evening my friends! It's been quite some time since I last posted up here, but now I'm back!
As the air is getting colder, I'm dressing warmer and warmer, head to toe that is. I always loved beanies, but never found one that would absolutely fit my needs. Now I finally did. I wanted a black one, but this one was just too big and too gorgeous not to have. Anyways, beanies are just cool! They remind me of a cartoon Ed, Edd and Eddie, where one of the characters wore it all the time. Not really the same, but I always flash back on that cartoon when I see a beanie.

How are you guys? Can you believe it's mid November already? Christmas gifts, New year's plans, winter boots all comming up now..kind of exciting right? Last year, this time, I remember being so anxious about going to New York, counting down days, minutes..funny to see where life takes us, you never know what's next.


biker baby


The worst thing about online shops, is that I always manage to find a piece that I would just die for! has the most amazing, furry and definitely a must-have vest I've ever seen. I'm not even gonna begin with sharing what would I wear it, because the list could go on an on. 
It would be a shame not to wear it everyday. Ok, ok, not everyday, but your get the picture right.

Anyways, if you don't know what to get me for Christmas, I'm just sayin', visit Repertoire fashionand I'm sure you won't go wrong! :)