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Picture yoursef in a big cabin, glass windows all around, chit-chatting with your friends by fireplace, sipping a glass of white wine..what would you picture yourself  wearing? I would wear this comfy Paul Smith cardigan with brown leggins and short Uggs. Mmm, that sounds nice. This online shop has quite a lot of interesting sweaters and cardigans, but if I had to choose just one for a getaway to cabin, this would be the one. Because my actual skiing getaway is close, I think that browsing on Van Milldert definetely paid off. I just have to save up now a little bit... :)

How do you like it? Pretty right.

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Whenever the smell of chestnuts overwhelms the city, the first mulled wine poured in our glasses and when moccasins are quickly replaced with Ugg's, we all know that the winter season is on. The last few weeks were extremly the above-like. These last weeks were probably also the last ones for trench and vests without anything warmer along. Anyways, I am super excited for this season, and I can't wait to go skiing with my friends. It's been such a long time since I stood on my snowboard.
When I was younger, my family and our family friends went skiing in Italy every winter season, and I can still remember how fun that was. Careless, crazy and full of snow!. But as we grow older, the family skiing holidays kinda stopped. So I'm ready to now get back on! On snowboard ladies and gentlemen..

This may sound a bit crazy, considering that not even Halloween has gone by, but the Christmas mood is getting to me already! I have secretly downloaded few Christmas songs I listen at night, the list for gift shopping is done and the ideas for Christmas decoration are lingering in my head for quite some time now, trying hard not to burst out to soon.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one with this Christmas obsession way before the actual Christmas time?
How have you guys been lately? I hope you're having a great pre-very-cold-winter time! :)


new on my wishlist


The colder it gets, the more intensive I search through online shops to find the perfect jacket for this winter. As you already know, fur is one of my, not so secret, obsessions, and browsing through made my search a whole lot easier. First stop, Yves Salomon category! As big and luxurious as this black furry jacket looks like, it would be a sin not to caught my eye. It sure did, isn't it gorgeous? Imagine this big, maybe a bit oversized, jacket combined with black leather skinny jeans, sexy biker boots and red lipstick? Loove! Take a look at their website, I bet you'll find one too many gorgeous pieces there ;)