all black, everything black


Have you ever caught yourself staring at people for no reason at all? I do that quite a lot, and I do so because in some way it kinda calms me. It really does. People you just look at give you no stress, no chaos, just a blank slate that allows you to paint their story on your own terms. Looking at people you don't know is like looking at piece of art. Most of them look exquisite, beautiful, but when you learn about the story behind, nothing looks as beautiful as it did at the first sight.
So observing people, and picturing how happy and careless they are makes me happy.

About the outfit! I have already introduced you to the Malloni shop in this post, but today you finally get to see me wearing some of the amazing pieces I found from the new A/W collection. I adore black clothes individually, but black on black is my favourite "combination"! And look at this pants, how cool is that! Seriously guys, I don't think I've seen, or wear, better pair than these. Comfortable, easy wearable and definitely outstanding. 

So if you are going to visit Malloni let me first give you little heads up about the collection.

Mallon for autumn / winter 2012/13 represents a woman who flirts with trends Rock and Grunge style. The selected materials such as wool, metallised yarn and leather color and shades of gray, black and white tones that accompany them are dark brown, copper and aqua shades of green, Mallon woman emphasizes the female part of his boys' ego, but through a sophisticated elegance and timeless beauty expresses it's innovative and unique identity. 

So that's it guys. Make sure to visit the shop, show some love on their FB page Malloni Ljubljana where you can also see lot's of pictures and articles and make sure to follow me also on twitter, FB..and have you visited my lookbook yet? :)

Have a wonderful Saturday all!

Furry day


"I don't even imagine myself doing anything else, rather than things I have planned for me to do. I just don't see no other option." - EK

After so many years, after so many different ideas and different state of mind, I am so happy to now know in my heart and soul, exactly what makes me happy and what I see myself doing. Since I've establish that, the thought of not making just that, hasn't crossed my mind not even once. It's a scary thing to even think about, and I have no idea how to anwser a question like that, so I don't. Believing and working hard is the only way! As long as you fulfill those two, you are on a good path! And never settle for something that doesn't make you happy, we only live once, and at least for me, that's a hell of a motivation!

As the mornings are becoming more and more chilly, but Winter warm jackets and coats are still a bit too much, I decided to update my trench with a little fur addition that's more than successfully, keeping me warm. How do you like it? I think it revives the whole outfit, plus it's really really warm! And soft..

Anyways, the weekend is almost over, I had a great one and I hope all of you did too!


Baking with style


Ok, ok, we all know how to bake muffins, but listen, this simple recipe beats all of them out there! If you use the right cacao and cooking chocolate, and ofcourse yogurt, the muffins are heavenly delicious! I normally use Manner dark chocolate and Manbana cacao. Mixing those two together, like I said, heaven!
And what gives it a really good and slightly refreshing taste, is plain yogurt. Much better than fruit ones, I assure you. Anyways here's the recipe of muffins I always want on my table..

Here is what you need (I always double the ingredients):

* 2 eggs
* 110g sugar
* vanilla sugar
* 70g plain yogurt
* 250g flour
* baking powder
* 50g butter
* 100g cocoa or cooking chocolate

Ps: in case you're wondering, I'm wearing Zara scarf. Soo soft and BIG! Loves.



"Don't throw away something precious for something that one day will mean nothing."

Being young a lot of times gives us an excuse to do something that we probably wouldn't even think of doing when a bit older per say. We ARE young and we should be trying all of different things, travel, explore, be stupid, but at least for me, like in everything, there is a fine line I know not to cross no matter what age. Especially when it comes to relationships, romantic and friendship ones, the "I'm young excuse" just shouldn't be working. Enjoy until you find it enjoyable, love untill it's lovable, but never give away something you enjoy and love for a crazy wish or thing you would like to accomplish just to cross it off your personal things-to-do-while-I'm-young-list. And by crazy I mean super crazy, drunk crazy, crazy crazy.
Anyways, I am all about seizing life as much as possible, but like I said, there are limits.
When do you think that the "I'm young excuse" stops working? Does it ever?

One of the things I try to seize as much as I can these days, are also all the Summer dresses I haven't yet worn and mix them with something that will keep me warm through the day. Cute flats are also back in the game! This pair of flats that you see on the pictures, I got in Udine, Italy, are super comfortable and I can basically wear them with everything. I am in a look for some new high top sneakers though, but still haven't found the right ones, so I would be more than happy if you guys have any asuggestions.

Happy almost weekend everyone!

Three's a party


Hello my friends!

Today I'd like to share some pictures from a lovely meeting I had with two, of my favourite, Slovenian bloggers, Stardustandroses & Dreamlandofskyandsand . The rain didn't stop us from having a great time, and a little fun photoshoot in the end.

I wish you all to have a beautiful Tuesday!



September has obviously decided to bring a pocket full of rain with his big arrival to the city. To tell you the truth I kinda like it! The heat was becoming unbearable and the ground couldn't be more gratefull for the rain splash all over. For my birthday (see here) my girlfriends bought me the second and the last, third book of Fifty Shades series, and nothing beats a weather like this, with a great book in my hands, warm blanket and good old movies like Pretty Woman and Notting Hill, in the evening. After a long and hot summer it does feel good.
I have to say, I will miss all the summer, light dresses (I haven't even wear them all yet!), sandals, shorts..
But it's comforting to know, that Fall has so much to offer! Like I already said in my previous posts, Fall is the best time for outfits!

What do you guys like to do on a rainy weekends? Has anyone read Fifty Shades yet? Let me know what you think about it, I lovee it!

I wish you all a happy Saturday & September!

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