flower power


There is nothing that can compare with few days of total disconnection from phones, internet, real life. Summer days are the best, I think we can all agree on that. I like to start my day with morning run around the camp when most of the people are still sleeping, jumping in the sea afterwards and later on, stopping by the cutest little local bakery for the yummiest croissant and freshly squeezed lemonade. Brilliant! And the view up there is so beautiful, you can see it in one of the pictures, trully amazing.
What I enjoyed the most, was watching sun rising in the morning, and then watch it sink in the water in the evening. I never get to see sunset this beautiful as I do at the seaside. Tanning right by the sea, refreshing salty water, cute guys all around, reading books, listening to the waves..., oh my, I could do this everyday!

Back to the city now, and with few more days off I'm yet thinking what would be the best way to exploit them. A trip to the lake wouldn't be a bad idea, right? If you have any good ideas just let me know, I will be happy to hear about them any maybe even realize them.

What have all of you been up to these past sunny days? Hope you are having a great time wherever you are.


white on white


New place, new people, new beginning..doesn't that sound nice? I probably talked about this one too may times before, but every once in a while I get a reminder in my head, telling me to do so. Or should I say, do it before I loose my mind. But sadly, I am still on the same spot as I was months ago, talking about the same stuff. So hard to get anywhere around here where I live. Not literally, work wise. Even literally actually if you don't have a car, or a driver licence for that matter, wich reminds me, I need to do that too. Soon. 
Anyways, a change in place and people would do me great right now. Anytime actually. 
They say money doesn't buy happines, but I know for a fact, that the money I would use for buying one way ticket to New York and a place to stay, would make me the happiest girl in the world. And please don't hold on to what I have just said, there are other things in my life I am happy and grateful about, but somehow, for me, isn't enough.
To live, work and just to be surrounded by people full of hope twoards something bigger, would give me so much energy and enthusiasm to achieve what I really want and what makes me happy. All I need is a chance. And in the end of a day, don't we all?

 Are you guys satisfied with where you live, I mean work wise, people wise..? I would kill for an internship at some fashion house, magazine or anything that would later on help me to get, or even start my dream job. But like I said, the place where I live is not the right place.
So if anyone out there is searching for someone, as in fashion assistant or writer for a magazine, feel free to contact me :))

Till next time,


Quick'n easy


Finally a new recipe post! I am so happy to share this insanely delicious recipe with you guys! I found it one day while browsing trough Pinterest, and trust me guys, it's worth baking. And eating it later.. The most interesting thing about this recipe, is that it doesn't contain any eggs or butter.

Here is what you need:
  • 175g white flour
  • 100g white sugar
  • 150ml milk
  • 50ml oil
  • 1,5TS baking powder
  • 2TS vanilla sugar
  • around 3-4 peaches
     Starting up, we mix flour, sugar, baking powder and vanilla sugar in a large bowl. As all mixed, we then add milk and oil. If the dough is too hard, you can add a little milk to soften it up, but be careful, it's not supposed to be fluid. Preheat the oven to 180 ºC (356 ºF).
As everything is well mixed, pour half of the dough into the pie model. Then put the model into the oven for 3-4 minutes. During, peel and thinly slice peaches. After 3-4minutes, take out the model. Gently arrange slices of peaches on the dough and then pour the rest of the dough on the peaches.
Put back in the oven, and leave it baking for 30 minutes.

Oh, in the top dough I also added small pieces of cooking chocolate, because it's really good when it melts. 
And that's all folks! Quick'n easy and soo tasty! 

Bon appetit!

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves


I read an artice once, talking about woman's curves, how that is what looks sexy on a woman, little bootey, little something here and there, and ofcourse in normal quantity. Before I always tought, even for myself, skinny is the way to go, you know in a super skinny way. But oh my, I'm so glad I didn't starve myself to death. I didn't starve at all if I might add, on the contrary. Pssst...
I still think skinny is sexy too, ofcourse, but now I am more into getting my curves where they belong, and as I said in the right quantity. Curves are sexy. Marilyn Monroe for me is one of the sexiest woman's ever and we all know she looked damn good in those white one-piece swimsuit, Christina Hendricks amazing, Scarlett Johansson breathtaking. It really does look more attractive, more feminine. So why did we ever, and I think we all did at one point, feel like having curves isn't sexy? Maybe is just me. Is it?
I can't even remember when I started to think that skinny is how I should be. Eighter that or I will forever be unhappy. I'm not super skinny, so how come now I'm happy? Is it because now I'm not making comparisons with how a model wore something and how I wear it? Or is it because this time, for a difference I see myself for who I am when I look into the mirror rather than imagining what it would be great to look like?

Oh, and I am sooo excited to tell you that my very first interview was published this morning! It really made day, so a big thanks to WANNABE MAGAZINE! Click here to read it.


Pimp my shrimp


The crazy busy schedules in our lives sometimes unintentionally loosens the special bonds between some people we love. But what I like, is that no matter how loosen the bonds at one point are, there is always a way to make them strong again. There are some people in my life that I am sure that they are here to stay and I'm so grateful for that.
So, a few days ago, I meet up with a very good friend of mine, that I, for the before mentioned crazy schedules, haven't seen for quite some time now, and it was just the same as if we would be never apart. The words were raining, the laughs were hardly overcomed, drinks kept comming..We spent such a lovely day and captured this wonderful pictures.

Do you know the feeling, when you get along with someone so much, and for some reason you just can't keep in touch as much as you did before, but when you do meet up, it's all the same, like nothing has changed? 

The shirt on these pictures is one of my favourite shirts in my closet, the fit is perfect, the colour is great for all seasons and it's just so comfortable. If I could, I'd wear it all the time. 

Hope you all have a great, storm-free weekend ;)

It's in the morning


I don't think getting up will ever be the easiest thing to do for me in the morning, or in any other part of a day for that matter, but peaceful and fresh mornings, since always, have been on top of my I love list. It's just amazing how peaceful it really is. The rising mist, the sun comming through it..and breakfast. Yes, that's my favourite part of mornings. Shocking, huh? Besides that, I just enjoy getting ready for wherever I go, putting on make-up, dressing up. It's not always the easiest thing to do, especially on a bad day, but I always see the challenge in all of this, so when I win the battle against bad day, my mood, the feeling is great. I remember that I used to style my outfit every night before I went to sleep, but now I just wake up, feeling as I feel, and dress for the moment. Much better way I think.

And let me be honest, my everyday mornings don't exactly look like most blogger's mornings do, as I read around. Sometimes I wish they did though. You know, reading favourite blogs and pages while sipping favourite drink... No, no. Make-up & dressing up first, then I eat, if the time let's me, then I prepare my bag and then "bum" through the door and off to work. I have no time for blogs in the morning. During the week that is. During the weekend the story is much different. I take my time. Time to make delicious breakfast, time to read blogs while I eat, time to read a book, time to just sit back on the couch and enjoy the beautiful mornings. I love weekends. I love weekend mornings...

How do you like to spend your mornings? Are you at all a morning person, or you like to sleep in? Please tell me I'm not the only blogger who doesn't have the "tipical" blogger mornings ;)




Yesterday I watched the movie Flipped and let me tell you, it was the cutest movie ever! It's about young love trying to find the right way. The same events but two different minds, two differend views, opinions, and how it all becomes one eventually. Movies like that are always a joy to watch, because they bring back the romantic part of me, back to wanting to experience love like that one day. I'm all about cuteness. Candless, love letters, roses, shy looks and approaches...Back in the day love was all about actions, not so much about words like nowadays. I wish we could bring that back. But at least love like that still can be read in a books and seen in movies.But future boyfriend, if you are reading this, note the words, I'll expect nothing but cute actions and lot's and lot's of fun. 

The next day, today to be specific, I needed to shoot some outfit pictures, because the movie was just so inspiring. I loved the time when the movie took place, their style, interior. So I put on a jumpsuit, took my grandpa's vespa and hit the road! Hope you like the pictures.

Oh, I'm on instagram now too, you can find me under evesbreeze, and another one bites the dust..




You are you, I’m me, let’s live in harmony. Coexist with each other, love each other, be yourself .