Weekend getaway, Venice


Our getaway to Italy started out very promising. That was until we got completly lost.
But let me start from scratch. We woke up early in the morning to avoid any possible traffic or obsticle down the road. Just after 20 minutes driving we got stuck in traffic, never mind the early time. But with Carly Rae Jepsen on the radio, the time went by much faster. I love how this song brings everyone's dancing moves on the table, no matter the circumstances. So after an hour driving, we made a first stop to fill the belly with some "good old" pump food, as in triangle chicken sandwiches. Not so good, but it is a shame to miss it. It has becomed like our tradition while driving twoards our goal.
Anyways, after a couple of hours we then finally made it to Mestre - an Italian city, where our plan was to park the car, and let the train take us to the well known water city Venice. Only that the train was completely full for nex two hours and we then had to drive all the way to Venice with car. I've been to Venice quite a few times, but I never drove or even pay attention to the roads and neighter did my friends, so the trip was a liiiittle bit extended, but in the end, after one too many missed roads we finally made in to the main parking lot. The clouds were in this scary dark colour, and the wind was relentless and just as we touched the ground of the water city, it started to wildy rain. It was soo scary! Papers, umbrellas in the air, people finding their shelter to hide and it was soo cold. Luckily the storm lasted only for about 15 minutes, and right after we started to explore the beautiful streets and the architecture of this interesting city. It never get's boring, the people, the restaurants. And those amazing flower balcony's and laundry hanging right next to the strong walls. A great thing to observe. 
After all that walking we than stopped in a cute nice restaurant to refill our energy. I had a chicken. Again.
So the city was great, we had so much fun, but it was time to go relax. Our next stop was Lignano. But I'll tell you more about it in the next post.

Have you ever been to Venice? Did you like it as much as I did? I just hope you haven't had all that troubles finding it as we did ;)


Bow shock


Summer has officialy started and along with that also long, extended weekends and weeks of  summer/seaside careless fun! And since I'm done with studying for couple of weeks, the preparations for the upcoming weekend are in full run. First stop, Italy. Whether I am gone for a month, a week or just three days, the size of my suitcase is always the same. My mom calls it a problem, but I call it, amm, well.. not a problem? I love preparing all of my stuff for getaways and I definitely exaggerate, but I like to have more choices. I like to play with clothes, accessories all the time, not just at home, so I basiclly take as much as I can with me. Summer and new places are that much fun to dress up.
Besides a big suitcase, I also need at least three small bags: beach bag, city bag and going out/party bag.

Top 5 things, that I never (and you shouldn't too) go to the beach without - beach bag:
 - a hat --> great for the beach, while reading a book, and absolutely lovely for exploring the surroundings and cute summer cities
- a book --> who doesn't enjoy a great book in the holidays
- a sunscreen --> never forget to apply the sunscreen at least 30 – 45 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun, it takes just that much so the sunscreen can absorbe into your skin
- my blackberry --> for nothing more than a great music to my ears
- and last but not least money --> cold water and ice-cream can't never be out of reach, especially water..drink lot's and lot's of water, and try to stay away from any sweet juices

Top 5 things for exploring the city - city bag:
- a camera --> I love to capture everything I feel is beautiful, especially me and my friends fooling around
- my blackberry --> in case of losing my friend on the way, hehe
- refreshing tishues --> like it says, to refresh if it's really hot, or to prevent a stain from too much gelato at one time ;)
- a wallet
- a mirror 

Top things I take with me while going out:
- my wallet
- my blackberry
- a mirror

So how do your preperations and packing go for the summer? You rather take more than less? Vice versa? Let me know your top things to bring with you on your vacations.

Have a great Friday and enjoy the upcoming weekend!!

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Room number 2


“Peace is always beautiful.” - Walt Whitman

When at one point I stop, just for a split second, I then realise how fast time is passing us by. 
It feels like just yesterday I was walking between some of the highest buildings in the world, never wanting to leave, and now I'm less than two months away from my twenty second birthday. Six months went by like nothing. When did the time pass us by?
And looking forward, as good and as exciting summer is, it always ends way to fast. And with so much going on all the time, some of the things just slip outta my head. I do have a little planner and I try to note as much as I can, but sometimes I wish I would have the time to write daily diary. Pen, paper and written words. About my every step, thought, everything. Like I used to. I literally wrote it everyday. So much fun reading it now,  realising how much has changed, especially in my thinking. So yes, I would love to make time and start again, I think it's a great thing to hold.

I love going back in time, and I love how a touch of simpleness and beauty can take me just there. Moderen mixed with vintage. If I could take one room, to sleep like a baby in, to every part of the world , the room in these pictures would be the one. Soft pillows, cute nostalgic accessories, big soft bed, peaceful colours..so beautiful.

If you are traveling to Slovenia and you want to feel like home, this is the perfect choice. Right in the middle of the main city. Explore their beauty - Lesar Hotel Angel.

I wish you all a great week and watch out for the sun ;)

Opening - Malloni


I live in the city, where you can see interesting buildings on every step, you get to taste the best english breakfast possible, jump on little train to see the castle, visit the cinema in just few moments after, great restaurants, bars, mostly anything you can imagine, but what our city is lacking on, are good, quality, interesting and especially different, unique shops. And I am so happy to see that the fashion side of the city is finally awakening. It was about time. And

About that. A few days ago, I got an invitation to an opening of a new Italian shop located here in Ljubljana, Malloni. My schedule is busy busy in this time,  but I new this wasn't a thing to miss. The opening was so lovely. Champagne upon arrival, delicious and fashionable (see the picture bellow) snacks and yummy coctails in between. 
Usually shops with a little higher price range to me are intimidating to walk in, but this shop is so nice and inviting that you feel bad not to walk in. It has a touch of warmth and mostly there are so many gorgeous and must-have pieces. I love the hanging of the wally display, and the white stones on the floor seem like such a good idea, especially for the summer.

So if you are around, make sure to check it out. Meanwhile you can like them on their Malloni Ljubljana facebook page and see for available clothes, accessories and shoes - they have amaaaazing shoes! Can't wait for my first purchase there ;)

The opening was right after I was studying in library, so that explains me not wearing heels for an opening. But a good pair of flat shoes can make you look just as good as if you'd wear a pair of heels, right girls?

Have a good one! And as for me, I'm back to studying..