Here are some photos, I again wanted to share with you guys. The photos were made back home after shooting for this post with my mom. She thought of doing this crazy/funny hairdo for me and this is what turned out. So cool! I love this photos, what do you think about it?

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We kicked yet another carnival night away for this year. It was, as it always is, a great night, full of all kinds of surprises, the good and bad ones. Only the good will retain in our memory. Even thought I have the feeling that the whole masquerade thing here in Slovenia is slowly decreasing into oblivion, I'm glad to see that the nights on Saturday and Tuesday night are still full of all kinds of crazy, sexy, creepy masks ready to party, dressed as someone else. It was way much cooler when I was a kind, I remember,  going from house to house with my friends shouting "Trick or Treat" and eating all that candies and doughnuts. That was one of the good stuff, who gets and eats more candies. It soon changed for money. When the people just didn't seem to care enough to buy a bag of candies for us kids and they rather replace it with money. It probably seemed more handy. Not for us kids it didn't. I know we soon stopped going from house to house. People got more and more annoyed by masks and just didn't open doors. That's why it's really sad to know that today's children will not experience how I experienced masquerade myself at their age. And what kind of a good time that was. And for that I hope, that some day Slovenians and all the Europeans will bring, or at leat try to bring this holiday  back to life as it used to be.
As for me, I will always be ready to dress up as something fun and different and party with my friends and eat way to much doughnuts. I just can't say no, it's almost a must during the carnival, or at least I comfort myself it is. I like it so much that I actually do it twice a year. Our carnival now in February, and Halloween in October ofcourse.
I'm such a kid sometimes :)

And as for the outfit,  this  is one of my favourite ones. Comfortable skinny jeans, high top boots (love this pair) and comfortable cardigan with bright colours and a warm furry scarf around my neck. Cute and comfortabe. It says it all.


Blue on Blue


Buongiorno miei amici !

How's everyone doing? I'm pretty fine I think. This week though, I was feeling super jealous on everyone being in New York  for fashion week. "One day Eva, one day", I keep telling myself. Until then I can just be thankfull to all the fashion sites for uploading all about the fashion shows daily. My far most favourite show this week was definitely Ralph Lauren's. Strong and feminine. He hardly ever goes wrong. His style is something I see myself wearing in couple of years. Right now I still like to mix styles a little bit up from time to time. But the base stays the same. Like for instance in this photos, not something I would wear on daily basis, but it felt good wearing it today. Sun is up, masquerade party is on for tonight and it's just perfect to light it up even more with my electric blue pants&blouse. Wearing strong and bright colours makes you feel like that too.
Have a great masquerade day/night tonight, dress up in something you secretly desire to be or just bring the child within and be something crazy and wild!

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I got my dose of sushi yesterday! Amen to that.