Just recently I found out that I have totally different prespective on the subject as majority has. You see, most people consider sex as something intimate. Something personal, something that they would rather not share to their friends, keep the dirty secrets to them selves. I'm not saying it isn't, but I think that even more intimate than sex, is the connection with that certain someone. Sex is something easily explainable, as specific as you want. But describing feelings at some paticular moment, talks, deep long looks, is something much more diffucult, if not even impossibile to explain. And if you can't put it in words, why even? If you can't describe it just as perfectly as it was, it's a shame than to explain it badly. I personaly know exactly how it was, remember every word, every look, everything. And in no way possible I can explain all that with words. So I rather keep it to myself. Me not talking about personal relation with someone, doesn't mean that it didn't happen, it just means that is something, well, mine. To share something, with someone, explainable just to us two, is beautiful, true and real intimacy. 
What do you think about that, what's  intimate for you?

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Have a great week darlings!

About me

The secret ( 30 facts )


Good evening my friends!
How's everyone doing? It's getting pretty cold here, right? Oh my gosh, I look like a bear every morning I leave my house. And I never look like a bear! So yes, it's pretty darn cold. So, for some time now I wanted to share 30 ( supposably ) interesting facts about me with you guys, but I never yet had an opportunity to do so. And now, in my week of NO inspiration whatsoever, I can finally do that. I wrote this a while ago, not much has changed, but when I first read this thing called challenge, I asked myself »What exactly is challenging here?«. Well, that is the WHOLE challenge! Writing 30 facts about yourself is not such an easy thing to do. I really, really had to think hard to come up with all of the facts. I mean, deep down we know who we are, what we love, but we never talk about it as so much. We subconsciously just do things that we like and love to do, to eat or whatever, and it becomes a habit, so eventually we, how can I say this, we -  don’t put so much attention to it over and over again, we just love and enjoy it. It’s like smoking. We all know the feeling, when you REALLY desire a cigarette, you take the box, grab the lighter, put the cigarette gently to your lips, lean your head a little bit, light it up, watch the fire burn the ciggarette and inhale it as strong and deep as you can. The first inhalation is the best. All the others we do just because we don’t wanna waste the cigarette, and the money ofcourse, no special attention to it, we don’t notice it as much as the first one. ( P.S. I’m not a regular smoker, but every now and then I love the feeling just described).
I hope you know what I mean, anyways you should try it, it’s an interesting game about ourselves and you never know, you just might find out something new about yourself!
Post your interesting facts bellow in comment box or you can send it to my email and I will pick out the most interesting ones and post in my next post.

So here are 30 interesting facts about moi....

Honey, I'm home


It's been 4 days now, since I got back from the US. I feel a bit depressed, let me tell you. Life here is so much different. A day after my return, I meet up with my girls up for lunch in the city. Lovely day. Sun was shining, everything was peaceful and calm, I could hear the birds singing, the sound of river underneath my feet,.. But hey, isn't there something missing? There was no noise, no smell of sweet nuts or hot-dogs, no- no people?! Where did everybody go?! I could literally count all the people that were at the city that day. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but comparing to NY there were none. No fast walking, no pushing, no getting in a way. No one in front, next or behind me. I will have to get used to it. Again. I would rather not thought. I'd rather go back. Go back to the crowded streets, back to gas stove (I promise I'd learn how to use it), back to fighting with the window that doesn't want to close, back to surprisingly short beds and countless restaurants, random people and countless of opportunities. I don't know how or when exactly, but I will definitely move there one day. Until then, I'll try to visit, the city and my new friends there, as often as possibile.Don't get me wrong friends, I love my city. It's beyond beautiful, cozy and personal. It's a great place to grow up in. Amazing, actually. It has blessed me with great familly, great friends that I will hold on to the rest of my life, best memories, it has taught me the true values ​of life and love, that maybe I wouldn't have learned in bigger cities. It's just too small to be stuck here forever, don't mind the expression, if you want something bigger.

Well, it's about time I stop whining to you, to my friends, my twitter! I think? Yes! I will enjoy everyday here like it's my last, and before I know it, I'll be where I've always wanted to be. Sounds like a plan. I'll do the formal plan later ;)
Today, I woke up quite early. The reason were my friends. Coffe by the river in the city on the sun, chatting and chatting about things that have happend while we were apart. And a cup of hot tea. Mmm, I haven't had that in a while now. Later on I meet up with another friend of mine, and we went to Ljubljana castle. Such a beautiful view up there. We also took some pictures, the ones you can see in this post. I've already shoot some pictures at the same place as you can see in this post. The venue is so nice I just had to come back. Especially to chill and enjoy the sunset.
So, what are you guys up to in this cold days? Is there anything fun going on in this city? New things to see, do?

Until we meet again


Here I am. Spending my very last hours on the ground of this big concrete jungle. Last night when I went to bed, something strange happened to me. I was dreaming. Again. Before New York, every night when I laid to my bed, I started to dream about things I want to do, to see, to accomplish. You know, my dreams. But here, not even once. That's because I was actually living my dreams, I realised. I didn't get much sleep yesterday.
I'm so sad to go back to my country. I do miss my family and my friends, SO MUCH, but I know in my heart that I don't belong there.
It was an amazing trip. And I'm not done with it, I still have so much to share with you guys. But now I have to get to the airport. I hope they have frozen yogurt there, because Pinkberry here at CU was closed today and I have to have one last one before I go. Yumm!
Here are some of my favourite pictures of New York in black/white, hope you enjoy them.


Frozen yogurt


If you are a vintage lover and vistiting New York, then Williamsburg is definitely the right place to go to. Stepping out of she subway, into a really homey, comfortable streets, full (and i mean full) of vintage shops. I've never been to a real vintage shop before, because in Slovenia vintage is still  hidden somewhere undercovers unknown for me, so this was really exciting. There are SO many things to choose from. And cheap! So cheap. Like a great diamond flannel shirt just 10$. Ha, so cool. I have to go back there and buy some stuff. 
After already 24 days spent here, I still haven't been to Starbucks not even once. Standing infront of it and trying to catch their free Wi-Fi yes, but going inside no. I'm not a coffee person, and those good cookies that they have, I can buy in every store, so why wait in line. It feels strange though, because everyone is all about Starbucks all the time. Me not so much. But there was one thing I was determined to try before I leave this city. Frozen yogurt. Have you ever had it? It's like one of the best thing's I've tried so far. Pinkberry. Another must do in NYC.

"Huston St., Christopher St., 14 St., closing my eyes, Penn Station, 59 St. Columbus Circle, stay clear of the closing doors, 66 St.,...omg is this ride ever going to end?". I asked myself repeatedly while we were slowly overcoming block by block. The night trains here take forever to get from point A to point B. And it surely doesn't help to live waaay on the other side of point A. I had a lovely dinner tonight though. A friend of mine prepared a home cooked meal. And for the first time, while being here, I ate a home cooked meal, and get this, in the same place that was actually prepared! Now I can honestly say I did everything there is to do in this city! I'll get more in details about the everything part in the last New York post, but for now, I'll just enjoy my last days in this crazy addictive city.
There is one thing, among others, that New York has taught me, and I'm especially proud of, is NOT TO JUDGE. Sadly most people in my country, including me, do that all the time, not even knowing a person. We are so used to it, that it has becomed something we do subconsciously. I mean not everybody, but most. And now being here, I can say that I overcomed it. It feels so good, to just be and to look at people without judging or people judging you. At first people here may seem ignorate, but in the other way, acceptable. Everybody is in their own bubble. Sure they look around and observe, but you never hear the wishpers or sideway glances. And trust me, if they don't like something or somebody, they will express it loud and clear. People are honest and direct. Sometimes in a scary way, but better that than whispers. Straight to the point. But I wouldn't wanna to be in that kind of position, let me tell you. So I don't crack bubbles. And that is just what we all should do. Accept. Now looking at people is just refreshing, interesting. Trying to get their story. I always wonder what goes through their minds, where are they going, what will they do. Wouldn't it be interesting to see a random persons day, after you saw them once in your life and made up and imaginative story about them. To see the real story.  To see where were you right, and where you were wrong.

It's 01:09am right now, and my eyes have been fighting with me ever since the Huston St., so now it's time to give in. Good night to my friends from the same time zone and GOOD MORNING to those who are just starting the day!

Soho, Soho


Happy New Years everybody!!!
Let the year of 2012 be full of beautiful love, unforgettable moments, crazy nights, everlasting friendships and great family moments. Did I mention love?Lot's and lot's of it!

This year, just as Christmas, also New Years was completely different. At first, during the whole day it didn't even feel like the new year is approaching. I did a quick shopping in Soho, found this amazing bag, that I have been looking all over NY for, went for meal and then straight to shower to prepare for the night. 
Here's a quick background story. A few days ago, I meet this lovely French mademoiselle at the metro. We started talking and from that point on we were hanging out together everyday. Such a nice girl. So, I joined her and her other French friends on nye in one of her friends apartment. Heels, camera, coat, let's go! Oh, the wine! Those French and their wine. Typically, I don't drink wine as much, but hanging out with them got me drink it way more often. Not that I complain, no. The place was so beautiful. 42St. Times Square. Great location and even better view! Gorgeous. And did you see the moon yesterday? Wow, breathtaking. When the midnight started to approach, you could just feel the vibe from the streets. The shouts, whistling, singing, so strong. I really wanted to just join all the people on the streets and to shout and whistle with them. We saw the fireworks straight from the apartment. I was so happy looking outside of the window, seeing all those jolly people, the fireworks and realizing that I'm in NEW YORK! The feeling was priceless.
I spent an interesting night yet again. But next time I'm definitely hitting the streets. You know the feeling, when you cheer for someone who's running the marathon? And all you wanna do is to drop everything in a second and run with them! As fast as you can. The adrenaline.

How was your night guys? Did anything special, anything new?
Today for me it was kinda chill day. The day after the night. Soho was once again on the menu. It's my favourite dish, pshh. But this time it was way, waay more peaceful. Like in the shops for instance, no lines, no rivalry, no nothing. So refreshing. Lot's of stores and restaurants were closed. Not that many tourists. Great.
So, that's that for now. I have to get my sleep now, because tomorrow I'm playing a tourist again! The Brooklyn way. 

And I wanted to share my top 5 songs to listen to while wondering around the streets of New York :
1. Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo
2. Bon Iver - Skinny Love
3. Nouvelle Vague - Ever Fallen In Love
4. Cher Lloyd - With Your Love
5. Dirty Money - Last Night Pt.2

No matter what your favourite music genre is, this songs are just the best forNY streets.
What are yours top five songs right now?

Have a great day my friends!