After a very very long time me, my brother and my mom went for a sunday trip to a beautiful lake about an hour away from our home. The nature there is really amazing and the lake was yet frozen on the surface. We had a lovely time and my brother and me took some amazing pictures. My mom, once again, has turned out to be an excellent photographer. It's like her secret talent or something. Which should remind us all, that there is no time in the world nor the age that could appear as an obsticle in finding and developing the hidden talents.
As my mom is usually always complaining about my outfit, so this time I let her do the magic and be the stylist of the day. She did a pretty good job with the outfit too, don't you think?
 Today I'm gonna leave you with one of my favourite motivation quotes:

"Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.GO GET YOUR DREAMS! "



Behind every cloth there is a story. So today I am going to tell you mine. As you might have noticed I adore all kinds of ponchos ( or cloaks, if you prefer ) and I like to wear them almost all year around. So, when my mom was younger, and I was still in the non  - existence, she bought herself this very long, black/greyish woolen cloak with the real big fur around the hood, somewhere in Italy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a supporter of real fur, but I won't not like one just because it's a real one, you know? The cape is about a decade old, or even maybe more, but it's so well preserved that it doesn't even look a year old! Anyways, the cape was amazingly beautiful, just a little bit too long for these times, so my mom took it to the seamstress to shorten it. A funny thing happened just a week later when we got the cloak back. The fur was missing! Can you imagine? I have no idea what happened to it. My mom doesn't know eighter, but there is one thing I'm sure of, first thing on monday morning we'll investigate the situation.Meanwhile I found a great substitute that suit the cloak just fine, a faux H&M fur that I also wore in previous post.

As I have mentioned one time before, when it comes to winter, I subconsciously switch to dark clothes. I have to change that, seriously. But for this post, I decided to make the pictures in the black'n'white colour too. I hope you like it. This time I really wonder guys, what are your views on fur. And be honest. Are you a supporter of a real fur or not , or are you a secret supporter of a real fur but you don't say that out loud because you are afraid of what the majority might say? Share me your thoughts.

At this point I wonder, how far can we go with the freedom of speech, not to make ourselves look ugly? Is there ever a right way of saying?
Then again, what's the point of the whole "freedom of speech" if at the end of the day you can't say what you really mean just so you don't step out of the safe zone? Personally, I think it's just a saying that makes us to think, or feel,  that we live in the world of freedom but then again we clearly don't?

Back to black


Now it's getting so cold here and with (almost) all the Christmas decorations and the lights around the city a minute away from starting the season it really feels like a winter. The Fall was getting quite boring, so the felling of the Cristmas siprit just around the corner makes things a little bit brighter. I am counting the last 20 days till my trip to NYC down, and I don't get much sleep at night out of all the excitement. And I have been reading this new book about a woman who comes to New York, discovers a totally new world, new people and she does it all on her own. It's interesting to read about her first steps in the big city, because in few days I will be writing my very own NY story.

Not much is going in my life lately, I have been pretty good with saving my money now days so I try to do my best keeping myself out of the shops and I putted the night life and daily lunches on a side too. But it is very hard. Can't wait for the shopping spree! So many new things I need for the winter, from the scarfs to the shoes, a new coat...pretty much everything. Ohh and the Christmas gift shopping for my family and friends. That will be the best part of the whole season!
Besides my new camera, I have another winter obsession. Teas! My perfect morning starts with a hot cup of peppermint tea and a good day ends with one too.But today when me and my friend went for a tea in Tea House I ordered something else, a tea called Grandmas Garden and it was delicious. It was that good (and a hot guy that gave the impression like he comes here a lot) that I will surely visit this place more often. What about you guys, what's your favourite winter obsession?

Rumor has it


..that I got a brand new camera.And it is very much true!My very own,beautiful Nikon COOLPIX P500!The camera is just perfect for me, easy to carry around, the pictures are AMAZING and there are a bunch of cool settings and scenes to choose from.I love it.And when I'll learn everything the pictures will be even better.Oh, I'm sooo excited!A big, BIG thanks to my mom who bought it for me.

So, in this post I'll just be posting some random pictures that I took since the day I got it.It was a chill weekend with my family.This last few days were really depressing so this weekend was really what I needed.And now there are only 22 days (!!!) left to my dream trip to New York.I can't can't can't wait!!Enjoy this random pictures for now and in next days be sure to be seeing more of my outfit pictures ;)