Crush at the museum


Today I woke up in a cloudy and windy morning. Never at that point, would I expect that things could get worst. But let's take it step by step.
First thing in the morning I meet up with my Belgian friend at Tom's restaurant near CU, where Seinfeld was also shoot, for a quick breakfast and to do a plan of what we should do later on. Considering the weather, we then quickly decided to have a museum day. After a quite long ride and walk fom the subway we finally reached the Met. You should see the line! Poor people were standing there and waiting to get in for at least an hour. But thanks to my Belgian friend, we imperceptibly skipped the line, and just in few minutes we were already somewhere in the middle of the Egiptian time, admiring their interesting culture, beautiful jewelry and the most amazing sculptures. The museum was HUGE and it felt like they brought a piece of Egypt to this museum. We basically checked out the whole museum. We went from Egypt, to Greece, Europe ofcourse and many, many more. If there weren't for so many people visiting, I would probably enjoy the museum even more. 
After a couple of hours we left the Met. Surprising the rain started. No, not started, it was pouring! And ofcourse we didn't have an umbrella.Luckily there were a bunch of umbrella sellers not very far from us. But as we reached them, we were already soaked to the bone, so we didn't waist any more time buying them. I comforted myself with the hot-dog. A couple blocks away, so did my friend.
Guggenheim. Skipped the line once again, this time we did it the right way. I remembered that I have a membership card for all museums, that a friend of mine back home gave it to me.
"Wow, this is crazy!" Was my first thought, stepping into Guggenheim. Stuffed horses, little boy hanging, Hitler on his knees,! His work is really bold, provocative, yet so interesting! The exhibition was disturbingly interesting. What was he thinking, is still my main question. If your in NY, it's a must see!
After two museums down, we headed back home. Rain still didn't slow down. So there I was, wet till my neck, my Uggs will probably not dry till I get back home, and don't let me even mention the hair! 
Next time when the day starts with clouds, I'm taking my umbrella with me! Or I should just check the weather out more?! Anyways, we have to embrace it all. The good and the bad, the sun and the rain. It's all beautiful in a way, right?

Now I'll anwser questions from one of my readers, that I haven't had the time to do it before.

1. What are you doing in NYC and what was the purpose of  going there in the first place?
Going to New York was one of my longest, bigest wishes. I've fallen in love with the city over watching it on TV, movies, series and reading about it in books. It was something I wanted to go and experience it myself. To see if it's like they say it is. And most of the times they were right. My purpose was to see how people really live here, what's good and what's bad, how's the food, jobs, fashion..everything! One day I would love to live here, so the best way to see if it would work for me, was just comming here and experience it all. By myself.
So that's what I'm also doing here. Enjoying as much as I can, meeting new people, discovering NY piece by piece, living the crazy New York life. Crazy in a good way :)
2. How long are you staying there?
Sadly, I'm staying here just for 12 days more :( But I'm definitely comming back in 012!
Oh, and don't take the picture with me doing the heart bellow the horse wrong, the heart was for my friend and the horse is captured with me, because she loves Cattelan.
And the shoes on the first picture? Yes it's gold. And yes, they actually walked in them. And we say that wearing heels hurts..

When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true


Hello beauties!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas Eve and even better Christmas day! Mine was very good. At first I thought I'll be spending the holidays alone, but it was nothing like that. A friend of mine kindly invited me to a house Christmas party, that was hosted by this lovely french girl, who's been living in the States for a while now. I didn't really know anybody, but I soon realized that I wasn't the only one in that position. It was a very interesting Christmas. For me it was the first time in my life that I haven't spend Christmas with my family back at home. It was nice to see that people who are away from their home and families, still ghater around, to have a good time and spend Christmas Eve as it's supposed to be spend. Everyone had to bring two presents. A funny small one and a big "real" one. The game was called A Secret Santa, so nobody knew whom the presents were from. Then each of us got to choose one present, based on the number that we got. I at first got this funny looking hat, but then in the second round everyone got a chance to exchange their own present with someone else's, so later I got this thing that I still don't know what it was and even later on it all got confused, so I ended up with my own present and a R&B Christmas CD. Overall, I  meet some very nice people, ate delicious food and had a great time. It was a Christmas well spent.

One of my favourite places to go around here, has definitely becomed Soho. I take the 1 train to CC, then I change to C train and I get out somewhere in Soho, where there are only a couple of lost tourists are wondering around. Those first blocks before the "center" of Soho are so good to walk on. Small worm shops, cute restaurants, the street basketball court with bunch of kids fooling around, pretty much not a tourist spot. But soon all the street drama starts. No way you can stop even for a second to do anything. You dropped something? Forget about it! It's like a rough sea. Easy getting into it, hard to get out. But that's just the main street mostly. But as I said, side streets have the real charm.
And I still can't get over the kindness of people. Today, the most cute guy that I've seen so far told me that I have the most amazing eyes. How's that for a good day?
So, I as promised, I visited the Lady Liberty. Me and my new friends didn't want to wait an hour to get on the ferry that goes straight to Lady, so we just took the free ferry that drove past the Statue of Liberty and towards Staten Island. It was stunning.
Now I have to make myself something to eat before going out, oh and by the way, did you know that in most apartments here, people still use the gas stove?? This is going to be interesting...

New York - Times Square


I am in love.
Unpredictable, beautiful, big and powerful are just a few words that describes my new love. I'm having such a good time here! That good that I still haven't done most of the sightseeing. Shame on me! But I'll start on friday. Promise.
These last couple of days I've been hanging out with one of my best friends, who camed out to visit me here in New York. And we had the best host in town, just so you know. Ok so, the parties here are sick! There is NO comparison to what we have back at home. From the underground hidden places to high roof top party clubs. It makes you wanna party every night. From Monday till Sunday. Crazy, this New York.
As you know, I first stayed at Brooklyn, then moved to LES and today, and as I'm writing this post, I am accommodated in my apartment right next to Columbia University. This place is yet again very different from the previous two. Each part of New York City has it's own touch.
The part of Brooklyn where I was staying was nice, with a hint of danger at nights, very calm during the day, pretty much just tourists walking around, hidden restaurants and not that many of them, lots of graffiti, practicaly no traffic. Lower East Side on the other hand was much more "something's going on" area. Lot's and lot's of all kinds of small and good restaurants, more locals, people rushing, shops, good clubs nearby and definitely more safer than Brooklyn. And here, yet another story. Peaceful, very peaceful, I'm not quite sure yet how else would I describe it. I prefered LES but it's nice here too. Overall, I'm just 20 min away from everything. The best part of being here in this apartment right now is that I actually have a CLOSET!Yes, finally. I was so tired of my messy suitcase.
So, as I said, tomorrow I'll start with sightseeing. Statue of Liberty, here I come!

New York - Hear the sound of the police


It took me about 5 years, two flights, 10 hours and 4 movies untill I finally touched the ground of New York. The emotions were, and still are undescribable. I am trully impressed by the kindness and way of life of all the people here. And everything is as I expected it to be. Even better. It's so funny and amazing to actually walk on the streets where so many movies and series were shoot at. I've always seen it just in movies and magazines, so now, being here kinda feels like walking in my own dreams. And they're a freakin amazing dreams, let me tell you that.
Right now I'm staying in Brooklyn in one of the hostels and here's the thing I love it. I've been to a hostel just once before, not a good experience, in my life and now I  really get  to see the whole point of it. I had the chance to meet some pretty wondrous people. The atmosphere here is great. Hearing the laughter through the thin walls, people's shyness while first meeting, minutes later new frendships, even though maybe a long distance ones, being build and just the vibe of something fresh gives such a good energy.
New York is breath taking. It suprises you on every step. Literally. Like today for instance, I saw a middle age woman breast-feeding her child on the metro in the rush hour! That's crazyy.  Interesting though, in a way. In a very strange, unknown way. Oh, I lied, not everything is as I expected it to be. There is one way the movies have fooled me. You know when, in a movies someone steps out of the train, busy as he is, but he still manages to be out on the streets in the blink of an eye? Well it's not that easy, let me tell you. That's because most of the time the movies obviously like to skip the fact that there are so many stairs between the train and the actual exit. I almost died the first time I saw all those stairs in front of me. And you know, I don't actually even have a choice, I need to walk up them. But I admit, it's getting easier by the day. NYC is trully amazing, I love every second of it here. So many different people, and the atmosphere here changes by the street. Most of the streets are like really crowded, full of people rushing everywhere, hot dogs, taxis, all kinds of obstacles, noise, trash, you name it, but when you go to the 5th Av everything just gets a whole new prespective.Everything and everyone is much more flowing, peaceful and I felt really safe there.
The shops here are insanely cheap and great! Not all of them, but I try to keep out of those that I know will make me poor. I seriously have no idea how I'm going to survive here. Remember what Carrie B. said when she first moved to NY: "When I first moved to New York, I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more." Now change the Vouge part with clothes and, voila, you get me.
The thing here that wow's me the most, is actually the openness and kindness of the people. But the news is, that that's because I'm appearing to be a cute young tourist, as one of the wondrous people that I got a chance to meet, said to me. It kinda makes sense. I really am cute.

Two days ago, at about 4 o'clock in the morning, while waiting for my train, I sat down by these two amazingly talented guys and just listened to their songs that resound through the whole underground. You know when someone is singing and doing something from the heart,and they did, it makes it even more enjoyable to listen. New York, I must say, is getting better and better.

New York kiss


A BIG hello from New York!
I'll write a new post soon, but right now, it's shopping time.... :))

Mulled wine and a 3D FS


Thursday morning. I was awake in a beautiful sunny morning. Sunny days have such an amazing affect on the whole rest of my day. So, with my favourite tea by my side, with belly full of divine breakfast I sat down by my computer and began to write this blog. 

Yesterday, I attended the fashion show in a slightly different and special way. The designer Jessica Jagec decided to present the new collection with the 3D hologram. The show was quite interesting, although I prefer live models and clothes. It's such a huge difference. The pictures are not that good because I was at the back, but I think you get the picture how the fashion show looked like.
After the show me and my friend went for a walk around the city and ofcourse on the tradicional winter mulled wine. Winter without mulled wine would not be the right winter!Right? :)

Maison Martin Margiela exhibition


So yesterday, a day before the exhibition ended, I finally got to visit the Maison Martin Margiela exhibition in one of the town galleries. There were even a few creations of  Slovenian designers and my most favourite was a big black bag, on picture bellow, by Marjeta GroĊĦelj. 
Then, just around a corner was the main exhibition and let me tell you, it was love at first sight. The furry vest, was amazingly beautiful. So special. If you don't know yet what to buy me for Christmas, now here's and idea. Just kidding, although it would be a really nice thing having it I won't lie.


Pudding with style #2


December is finally here and even though I love to bake all year around, now I actally have an excuse to bake & eat even more. There is no secret that I can't live without all kinds of baked goods, cookies, puddings and everything sweet. And besides all the eating, making all the good stuff is even better. Exciting actually. But there are a few days when I like to have something fast. At that times I make pudding with fruit addition. Sweet and easily fast to make. Yuuuum