Waking up early in the morning was never my favourite thing to do but there are still so many morning stuff that are actually worth waking up for.Like the first rays of sunshine or the new horoscope in the morning paper you read in hopes to be a good one and believe in it if so, the buzz you get when you open your closet and yet again hope for a good result later on in the mirror,the morning e-mails and texts, the new blog posts,etc.And then there's breakfast.Personally my favourite morning activity, if I can call it that way.When time allows me, I like to afford  myself a copious breakfast.If not, I usually just buy a yougurt and a fresh baked croissant and eat it on the way.
The location of eating breakfast is another thing I love about it.Now days you can have it anywhere you want.And the good thing about it is that you don't need to do anything!Another thing I love is when the food looks like from the pictures in the magazine.And I always take a picture of my meal too, one day I'll make a photo album just of all my breakfasts and lunches.My mom says it's annoying but I can't help myself.It looks way too delicious not to! :)
The waffles with banana&nutella on the following picture- amazingly good.The pictures were taken a few days ago when me and my friend went to the city and because I was late and I didn't want to deal with the eternal morning problem "what to wear", I borrowed my brothers sweater.And oversized pullover, tights and Ugg's are, as you might have guessed, one of my favourite "going to the city" styles.

Casual friday


If there's one thing I am sure of, is that the quote“Good friends are like stars.... You don't always see them, but you know they are always there” is very much true.After 15 years, I can proudly say I have one of my best friends still right here next to me.We don't hang out all the time, but when we do, all the blasts from the past come alive and it's like we'd never left our little village Elementary school.It's funny how once, a group of crazy little girls were wondering around the halls of the school of a big wide world out there, then still unknown to us, are now a group of the same, yet more grown up ladies who now each on her own are discovering out that world.Our paths are oriented in a very different directions, but every now and then we find a mutual path to meet up and share all the interesting things that are going on in our life's.I love it when we meet up, it's so much fun.

This friday though, just me and Ana meet up for a breakfast and a quick shopping in the city.I found the most amazing Chanel nail polish, Mat top velvet and it is my new obsession.It looks gorgeous.I'm already in love with black nail polish but with the mat colour it looks even better.You have to try it! :)

The best of both worlds


I have been searching for the "Read more" button for some time now and yesterday I finally found it!Besides putting on the pictures and writing sth I still have no idea how to use Blogger.Shame on me!But I'll take it step by step.I even managed to change Read more to More, more, more.How very innovative, right?Ok, joke a side.I had a very lovely morning today with my bestie at the city.Besides all the work and a bunch of other stuff I rarely have the time to spend with my friends so it's really nice when I do.

Why can't we just have the best of both worlds?

I feel the urge to tell you that last week, when I was waiting for my classes to start, I had a chance to experience a whole different world.Just by listening to people talk near me, I knew I left my world somewhere behind.Not necessarily a bad world.But a completely different one.More relaxed, in ways of dressing and talking and god knows in what.So strange how, from city to city people are different.The most strange thing about this is, that it's not so far away from my city.Yet so different.The word different has been used one too many times,I know.But this is the only one that it describes it the best.I might be born in this small city, but my heart belongs to my home city.I can not imagine myself living anywhere else but in Ljubljana.And now I better stop, before I say too much.
Ahh so different, there are no words to describe how I felt.Like I don't belong.Well I don't and I don't even want to, but you know what I mean, right?Well anyways, nothing against anyone, just not my kind of style.Can I say style?Or maybe should I say not my kind of people,world?Hmm...

Ok,so that is what's been lying on my mind lately or at least just one of the things I wanted to share.Now I'm off to bed.And yet to another magical world of mine.

P.S. I have a facebook page Eva. and a twitter so you can follow my updates there too :)



Yesterday, due to a very, very cold weather, I for the first time this year was forced to turne on my portable radiator to keep me worm.The Fall is finally getting it's true features.
Today,for the first time in a long time I got some nice quality sleep.And it felt great!Now I'm full of energy for the upcoming week.In the late afternoon me and my mom went for a walk in the woods with our dog a side.And that's how this pictures were made.
When the Fall comes, I subconsciously wear brown and beige clothes.And more when the winter is approaching,I switch to darker colours.As most of us do, I guess.
What are your favourite colors and clothes for the Fall dolls?Mine are definitely brown, as written before, and I adore all kinds od poncho's and boots!

Have a great Sunday dolls...


Let me tell you a secret..


What's a better thing to do during this nasty weather outside, as to bake something delish and make a bunch of other stuff in between?Not much else, I think.I'm pass the whole "laying in bad all day" so instead I try to keep myself occupied.For instance today , as the pastry was baking, I washed my hair, read a book and took my dog out for a walk.Not a very bright idea, because the rain was pretty much out of control and I was totally wet afterwards.
And now,after a long cold day, I will too wrap myself with warm blankets and watch a movie or two.Tomorrow I really need to start studying, so I need to rest a little bit before.What are you're plans for this rainy weekend dolls?
Oh and have I told you about the appartment I found for my stay in NYC?It is absolutely gorgeous and the location is pretty amazing as well.I cannot believe that is just another 66 days left till my big travel.I am so excited!!There is one thing crossing my mind this days and that is that I would really like to organise a "Slovenian blogger meets the NYC bloggers" lunch.All I have to do is to reach out for the bloggers and hope for a good response.It's not such a bad idea right?It would be really nice to meet some interesting people sharing the same passion as I do.
I'm off to bed now.

Have a nice friday night beauties!

From suburbia to the city


The city.Embraced by millions of lights, the sound of the saxophone playing, echoes through the whole city.You can still feel that summer-ish vibe.Just by adding a long worm cardigan and a scarf that makes sure you don't get sick.I could just sit on the bench and observe the happening around me. I'm in love with the whole city vibe.And the people.I was always (and still am) curious what's happening in the minds of other people.I always then try to think of the things they »are thinking« about, or make up stories by the look on their faces but then I never actually get the anwser.Strange, huh? :P
Well today, after my job and a long, loong hot relaxing bath me and Tinkara O. meet up for a cup of tea (again!Seriously, I don't know what's with me and tea's this year) and we opened the chestnut season!Yum!How awsome is that.So yummy.

As long as there's love, I'll try


Well hello dolls.
Let me just start off by saying that my obsession with Sex and the city is getting bigger and bigger by the minute.Although I have finished all seasons and the movies a while (whiiile) ago, I still wach it all the time.It's literally my daily rutine.A good dose of SATC really makes me feel whole lot better.There are situations in the series that I can totally relate to.And it helps me.Strange, isn't it?Well if it helps,I think, it sure doesn't hurt, does it?Well you see the thing is, and even though, yes I know that the series are kinda "made all up" but still, me and Carrie are a lot alike.Let's eliminate all the movie stuff, but the love life?It couldn't be more alike (without all the "sexing around the city" ofcourse).So it's really interesting, how you can see one situation in a tottaly different prespective than you sometimes would see yourself.It maybe makes you see somethings that we were too blind to see at that time.SATC is to me like nicotine and caffeine are for some others.
Besides my  clear obsession, tomorrow is the very first day of college.Ok, in my case, the second first day.But this year I am determinated to actually do something, go to classes and finish first year!I simply must do that.How?Not so sure yet, but I'll give my best at it.The sooner I finish, sooner I can start doing things I love the most.And to travel.So yes!Tomorrow I'll start.
And about today, yes!Ohh I spent a very, very lovely sunday around my family.And later in the afternoon me and Maja went to the city.We had a nice walk around the city castle and then we meet up with one of our dearest friends for a cup of tea and delicious cake in the heart of the city.It was so beautiful.And yet when you walk through the city, you can smell the fresh roasted chestnut.Amazing.It's actually funny too, because the weather or can I say the heat is not really matching with some of the symbols of the Fall.Anyways, it was a great day.I'm now going to wach, you know what, and I am leaving you with this quote:
"What is now proved was only once imagined."