Just around the corner


The summer is comming to an end.Leaves begin to fall, cold brezze in the morning & night, the stores are all packed up with new seasons clothes.That excitment of unknow, you know, the transition from one season to the next one.It gives you a feeling of a new chapter.Still the same year, but yet it feels like something new is about to happen.I am so excited to turn the page of my calendar to September.Now it's just 3 month's till New York.Just 3!!Can you imagine how fast it went by. Unbelievable.Feels like just yesterday I was sitting in my room and making plans for my trip.And now it's actually just around the corner.For my last year's birthday my dolls bought me a New York calendar and every month I am even more motivated by the beautiful pictures of places I'm going visit.
Overall, I'm loving every step till Fall, and in my opinion, Fall is the most exciting season fashionaby like.All the ponchos, scarfs (adore those), boots, ballerinas,… experimenting with all this is the best.Can't wait to start!
Here's my »not yet Fall like« outfit.. 

Skirt & ring H&M
Blazer Massimo Dutti
Shirt Hugo Boss
Shoes Zara

Photos by: Tinkara O.

I'm legal baby


Yaaaaay, I'm 21 people!!New York parties, prepare for me :)) My birthday party was great!Most of my friends followed the dresscode rules so I was pretty happy about that.And the weather was perfect too, ok maby lil' bit TOO hot but still, the sun was shining.Trully a good day spent with the people I love the most.And I'm so gratefull for the best mom in the whole wide world.I couldn't do this without her.Probably I'd have to cancel my party if it wasn't for her :)
So above all, I'd like to thank all for comming & thanks for the gift <3



I just bought myself  lil orange bag & bracelets in H&M.So cute. 

A girl like me


What an amazing weekend!It hasn't been for a while now that I got my full beauty sleep for 3 days straight.No job, no stress, no nothing.Just me, my book, pool & sunshine and YES some work out!Plus all that, me and Tinkara O. got together once again and shoot some amazing pics.As expected ;)
This dress was also actually made by her and I absolutely love it!We shoot pictures in this beautiful park in the middle of our small concrete jungle.I was there for the first time and I will definitely come back.
And we are preparing something completely new and in a way different soon!Can't wait for it.My first little "project".We first need to do some trials and find a perfect location and then to the next level.I'm so excited!