Summer is delicious


So the summer has officially began!!!So me and my friends decided to spend a day by the sea, just to relax lil' bit from all this crazy drama and people fom the city.It was such a great day!For the first time this year we all jumped in the water at the same time, the water was just amazing!We were sun tanning and we all got pretty "burned".But the red is supposed o change to brown later, right? :)
Well above all we, once again, had an amazing day, drama free, all besties together...perfect opening for the season.We ofcourse had to celebrate it on the other level too tho, so we got home, got dressed and went outttttt!!!!Partyyyyy time with all other sexy chickas we just can't live without!!

P.S. Today I was first wearing this super cool deep blue pants with elegant fold in the front I got in Calzedonia,with my navy Armani flip-flops,Mango camel bag and my mom's white top (..that I have no idea where she got it, but it's gorge).Then I jumped into my  new awsome, also, Calzedonia swimsuit and after that I wore white flax Zara shirt with H&M twisted brown belt and a big beach Colistar bag.

Till the next party post.....






I just love pudding's with fruit addition!

 Oh, and I finally I changed the color of my nails to light browngreyish.But I'm not used to any other colours than black or red so i'll probably change it in no time.
Ah, habits are difficult to abandon. What's your fashion habit?



I'm wearing Zara short pants&Ralph Lauren shirt



Yaaay..after a few months of persuasion myself to do it, I finally did it!I choose the word believe cause is one of my favourite ones.I'm a beliver so that's why it's just perfect for me.So if I ever forget to believe, I'll have a non stop reminder on my wrist.I love it.I do not regret it one bit.

What kind of tatto would you choose for yourself?If anything at all? :)

"I like to play dress up, I'm in love with fashion."


So, yesterday me and my friends went to fashion show of  Slovenian Academy of Design VŠD, and besides the quite bad position and abnormal heat the show was great.It felt like some pieces were created just for me.I fell in love with the soft pink dress wich had like some kind of silver glitter on the right sleeve, so beautiful.I also loved the open backs on some of designs.The pics aren't exactly great, but I managed to catch some pretty nice pieces.After the show, we went to drink and after that to a not very long beauty sleep. ;)



Saturday fashion edition.


The city got a vibe of nostalgia.Well preserved antique vehicles and good will of the proud owners, nice observations from friendly italians, mini flea market with sun glasses all kinds, turntable, books.

I was wearing: Massimo Dutti shirt,Dorothy Perkins bag,Zara short pants and H&M scarf