Are you a morning person such as myself?
Sure,I have days when I won't get out of bed for anything in the world!But those days are normaly mornings after a wild night out with my friendsBut beside those days I just love to get up to start a new day.New day = new opportunities,new stylings!Adores.
My morning goes kinda like this:

  1. I get up,
  2. check text's and emails on my blackberry,
  3. then I use the loo and brush my teeth,
  4. next is staring at myself in the mirror,then staring at the closet,
  5. ..still not sure what to wear, so I first do my make-up&my hair,
  6. then I get dressed,
  7. prepare my bag (which includes all necessary things I'll be needing until I get back home), put my ballerinas on, last check from the front and back in the mirror and off I go start my day!
And no, I usually don't have breakfast.But I admit I am trying,it's just hard to fit food into my busy morning. ;)

Sunday trip to the lake


I was wearing : Zara denim shorts&shoes,Asos t-shirt,Dorothy Perkins bag,H&M necklace and some mom's old  turtle brooch wich i LOVE!



                        It's my new Berry cover!Isn't it just awsooooome :)) Loves!

Back to navy


I'm soooo happy that NAVY IS BACK this season!!The feeling when I hear the word "navy"..ohh undescribable.My first thought jumps straight on the gorgeous long white boat which is anchored near the long sandy beach where in the night we light fire and just sit around it, listen to the sounds of guitar playing.
Just the symbols of all navy stuff involved in fashion clothes gives you the sense of freedom, sunshine and sees.The sense of complete nirvana.We all know the feeling when the summer is getting closer, right?We all think of good times, summer love&rest..Well when we bring out all the navy clothes to the forefront of our closet we know that the summer is here!

Navy is the summer.Summer is navy.
And we all love it.
Blue stripes, red stripes, gold buttons, all kinds of lines, frillery, Ralph Lauren,..BLUE!Beautiful deep blue color is my favorite feature of this style.
I know exactly which two pieces I will put together on my next lunch date with my friends or just for a walk across the city.HOT pink skirt & blue/white striped shirt.I never in my life thought I'll combinate those too.But that is the whole point of fashion, surprises never end!

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Happy birthday!


My co-worker had a birthday last week, so this sunday after work we all gathered up in the best patisserie in town @Zvezda and we mini-celebrated her birthday!!Always such a nice time with them!

I was wearing: Zara skirt, Mexx t-shirt and my grandfathers (mine now) Ray-Ban's

Grab your coat, and get your hat.Leave your worry on the doorstep,just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street.


I must admit that for few years now, I have been totally obsessed with hats!Here where I live we don't  have many events (or none for that matter) at which me and my hat could attend.Just so we are clear, I am talking about that BIG (ok or small), but definitely fashionable,different hat.
You know, that kind of hats that British princess, or so-called "royal-blooded" ladies wear at gala events, or to horse races and other important and lady like events.
Hats have been such a good women's and men's accessory for years before I was born.In the past, the hats did actually indicate the social position of the person who wore the certian model of a hat.Now days it's kinda the same right?
I mean "normal" people usually just buy a hat because of the sun or something like that, but only a few people wear it as an fashion accessory:
Let's start wearing hats people! ;)

Here are my favourites:

last year's breeze


I was wearing: Zara jumpsuit and a vintage denim jacket from my mom's closet



 I always wanted to be a "curled" one. Now I'm a curled one only once in a while.

Suits, suits, suits...


I just love to see well-dressed man Especially men who have their own style.When you see that even men have sense in fashion.And sense of his own style.
I love going to italy and just sit on the corner of some italian bar next to main market and watch people who pass me by. There are man in suits everywhere!You see them early on the first morning coffee, you see them on the bike rushing to the job.You see young men in suits, you see elderly gentleman just picking up few groceries for his wife or meeting with friends on saturday morning just to chat.No matter where they are going or what or they going to do during the day, they always dress like they're going somewhere special. Without exaggeration of course. It's like front row at fashion show. And all italians or so very friendly and charming.
Italy always put's me in a good mood already in the morning.When I drink my energy/natural orange juice I'm off to the stores.
And let the shopping begin!



                                              I HAVE to get this dress!I'm in love.