Buh bye July


I was almost asleep when I heard some noise outside my window yesterday, and after that, I had spent 15 - 20 minutes of my life watching a random dude trying to tie two folding chairs, that were left outside for anyone to take, on his bycicle. He was trying really hard, but failed so many times that I almost went down there an helped him out. It was close to midnight, I was in my briefs and it was way too hot to make an effort to put a shirt on, so I just leaned back on my shelf, laughed a little, but most of all admired his determination of not leaving without the chairs. It was a succes, at the end if you wondered, and after he paddled (is it paddled?) away, so did I - to sleep.

Apparently I paddled super fast in my sleep, because I woke up in AUGUST!!

July was really fun, but August will be even better! Wanna know why? Because it's truly, madly AND deeply dedicated to LEO's! Yeah baby..our month is in full swing! This year though will be my first birthday since I crawled my way out into this world that I won't be surrounded by my friends or family. That's something that makes me really sad, because they make my birthday matter, othervise it's just a day. But oh well, I'll still make it a good one! Or just sleep through it haha..

After one month, or even more, of consistenly sunny and damn hot days, today is a cloudy day, which feels soo good and it makes me want Fall to come ASAP. I'm ready trenches, and leather jackets, and leaves changing colour, hot chocolates, mint tea, that crisp air..you know. Just a bit more.

So I'll go and enjoy this cloudy day until it lasts! Happy August everyone!! Yaaaay

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