I find it so annoying and unfair that men can just freely walk around no shirt on 24/7, nipples free as a bird, getting all the tan, where I, come home every single god damn day with a different type of shirt printed on my body, and by the end of the summer my boobs will be whiter than than a basic white chick ordering her Unicorn capuccino at Starbucks. I know about the nudist beaches in Toronto, but in this heat I have no time or patience to use TTC. I am now a part of poor people in the city, so splurge on Uber is in emergency's only. All I'm trying to say is that we've came so far in equality and all..shouldn't boobs be next on the agenda? Oh wait...

It's been SUPER hot, scorcher (new word for me fyi) if you will, for more than two weeks straight, and one of the awsome perks in this city, and all of Ontario if I'm not mistaken, is that all the outdoor pools are free of charge and open everyday! Super happy for that, and there's one right next to me where I've been coolin' my tush and getting some tan ever since they opened.

AND can I just finish this quick update with the fact that I'm getting pretty good with knowing the city, as I've already sucessfully sent a few tourists in the right direction when asked - didn't even need to double check on Google maps! Does that mean I'm officially Torontonian now? Haha

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