24/07/2018 - photos by @dhawalphadke & some from my Iphone

There's a house on the street I pass by everyday on my way to work, and it's one of those town houses, narrow but deep, brick builded with big windows and high ceilings, with just enough space in front to plant few hydrangeas to make the house pop and my vase on the coffe table full, bigger yard on the other side, away from the street where my kids could play and dogs would have enough space to poop anywhere they would want to. It's being renovated at the moment, but I swear, everytime I pass it, it makes me want to march straight inside, make an offer and make it my "little" home. The only thing stopping me from doing that is that I can't afford not even 10% of the house probably, surely, and I haven't found a husband aka baby maker yet anyways, so I'll just have to wait a bit more to find someone who will build me a reading nook and fill me up with babies who will be in charge of strawberry picking and mowing the lawn. Otherwise, why the big house for, right?

I would pick a house in the country over a town house anytime. But that's now. Before moving to Canada, town house was my number 1 picture perfect. I have a lot of visions for my future, though some things always stay the same. Read this post - Picture perfect, which I wrote 3 years back and you'll see what I'm talking about.

At the end of the day, family and friends is all that matters, and the size of the house isn't that important, but you do have to understand - day dreaming is my favorite sport, so c'est juste comme ça. Pardon my French..

You know how they say if you really wish for something, and keep that constantly in your mind, it's for sure gonna happen? But then when in certain situations, that same people like to also say you're not supposed to wish or think about it too much so you won't jinx it?

Well what's more accurate? I'm turning 28 soon, so I kinda need to know if I'm doing it wrong..

Today I discovered the smallest, but cutest coffee shop near a place I work, and you know what's on their menu?? Ice cacao WITH whipped cream! Of course next to all the delicious pastry and other goodies, but can we talk about hitting the jackpot? haha

And I don't want to jinx anything by being too happy about it all, but last week was a great week, and it started by getting a job I actually love going to, it's literally 8 minutes away from the apartment I just got confirmed I get to stay in for longer period, and ever since I got to Canada, things are finally moving in the right direction.
There's still so much ahead of me, things I want to work on and achieve, but the apartment situation was really stressing me out because I wasn't sure if I was going to stay or not, plus the job..you know. But I get to relax now a bit and go and buy a rug I wanted ever since I first moved in. Yay!

It's 11PM now, time to watch an episode of Friends and hit the bed!

Good night and GOOD MORNING to my readers who just got up! Especially you mom, the first person I know to already be awake! :))

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