Why is everyone honking at me?


19/06/2018 - photos by @dhawalphadke

Last week was in sign of typical over emotional and annoyed state of me living on this planet, but at the same time I am kinda proud of myself for keeping my shit together and not cry every second of watching sad dog videos, which is clearly all I like to do when I am in this "state".

But fear not! Based on at least 10 different horoscope websites (how desperate am I?), us Leo's are having it better this week. Not only it's a good week to work on our goals, but we're supposed to get lucky romantically, whatever that means, and it's the week when our intuiton is best to be trusted. But to be honest, Leo's intuition is almost never wrong no matter the day or week - our intuition is our best friend. We may not always go with it, but trust me, we're always aware. Prior to our season, we have to relax, clear our minds and accept closures even if we're not given one.

Not sure I believe in horoscopes, but I'll pretend I do..this week sound great. Thanks horoscope people!

Besides all my inner drama, it was a good week, and I finished it with a glass of wine that turned into two, and soon into vodka/soda and a phone full of numbers I will never use. One; I never thought I'll ever drink vodka again, and two; single men and women in Toronto are on a serious mission to change their status. At the end of the day, aren't we all, but the game here is almost too scary to get in. It's kinda fun, but also, I don't believe good romance can come out of meeting someone in a bar. But hey, that's just me.

5 favorite things for the week from 11.6 - 17.6


FAVORITE ACTIVITY: dancing in a bar (oh shut up, I'll start working out soon..)

FAVORITE MOMENT: tanning in the park, listening to a guy playing guitar

FAVORITE MEAL: gnocchi with tuna & corn - and yes, that's really good!

Oh and P.S. - one of the things I had to get used to here, is that nobody is actually honking at me, it's just sound a car makes to assure the owner that it's locked. So weird. Also kinda smart.

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  1. Leo's intuition is almost never wrong no matter the day or week.
    meet and greet Luton