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28/06/2018 - photos by @dhawalphadke

You know, reading all these romantic books can easily shoot you straight on to the fluffiest clouds where anything seems possible. If you tend to be sailing above the clouds on daily bases anyways, and you are, what my friends would also call me, a dreamer - reading romance novels can straight up ruin your real life expectations and fuck you up.

Being huge sucker for rom-coms, romance novels and love in general, you can only imagine how I not only swallow those kinds of books, but also want to experience that myself. Spoiler alert - I don't get to.


Who the hell knows.

I read an article not too long ago, about how feelings are rarely mutual, and when they are, and you find that someone who you really connect with, it's something you should never let go. No brainer there, but what I want to know, is how to make sure the feelings stay mutual? I just want to find someone who's feelings won't blow away as easily as dandelions seeds when the first breeze reaches it. I don't get (maybe admire a little) people who have a huge spread of emotions and are able to throw them around so easily. With me, when I like something, or someone, I kinda commit to that. Not commit commit, it's not voluntarily, it's just once the feelings are there, I can't shake them off by demand. You know. Although trust me, I would love to have that power sometimes.

Side note: anyone know any good/not super expensive eye doctor? I swear I'm getting blinder by the minute staring at this screen..
So after I read a couple of books that were outside of my favorite genre, I decided it was time to ease my mind with yet another romantic slash happy ending slash perfect summer read kinda story. Easy on my mind, super heavy on my heart. Haha just kidding, I still very much enjoy love stories and I don't think I'll ever get enough of them no matter of my, non existent, love situation.

I'm off to an ice-cream right now! It's so damn hot in the city, and even though ice-cream doesn't necessarily help that much with the heat, it still does in a way. It's good if nothing else. Of course.

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