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Whoever thought that moving to a different country is easy, was clearly one lucky son of a b*tch. It's been six months since I moved to Canada, and I'm still struggling on a daily bases. Starting in Montreal, then London, and now finally, and hopefully, to my final destination - Toronto.

Finding a job is relatively easy, while making a career or finding an apartment that's not a shit hole - completely different story. Finding an apartment here is one of the most stressful things to go through. Most of them are in awful condition for a price that doesn't match in no right mind, a lot of them have crazy rules that don't make any sense (no friends over, no cooking, staying quiet after 10pm,...) and then there are the good ones, that are of course already gone by the time you sat your ass down on the metro to go see the place. The demand is so high, and the rent prices are insane. The worst part about it however, it's that people need a place to stay, so they have no choice to take what there is, even if it means over paying for not even an apartment, but a shit hole room with typically at least three other people. I moved to Toronto in May, and lucky for me, I got contacted by someone who was just looking for a new roomate. A nice young couple, living in Little Italy, where I lastly unpacked all of my things, put books on the shelf, and got my own closet space.

Before moving to this place, I stayed in the core of Toronto, which was amazing, but now that I'm here, I realize the downtown life is not for me. I know that's what I always wanted, but you can't know for sure until you try it, right?

Not only my room is super cute, but the whole apartment is nice, and what's most important, is that my roomates are cool people! Again, I was very lucky. Plus, did you know that this is the first time in my entire life that I live with roomates? And no, living with siblings doesn't count.

Today I woke up, and decided to explore the area I live in and I love it! People say hi to you on the streets, cashiers also say hi too you and don't start by saying if I need a bag, there's old people (there's close to none downdowntown), SO MANY dogs, a ridiculous amount of coffee shops and little stores, and oh..

But yea, the apartment was a start. Now it's time to find a job. A real job. Which I don't think I'll get that lucky with that soon, but I'll keep on trying. Right now I work at Aritzia, but it's not full time as it should be, I mean it kinda is, but it's not..anyways super weird, so job hunting yet again! Living in Toronto is not a piece of cake, but there sure are a lot of places where you can eat it! You probably wouldn't be able to afford it for some time because the cost of living is crazy expensive, but hey, as long as there's an option right? Thank god I'm good at baking myself..

Anywhoooo, here are some snaps I took on my little walk this morning..

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