Who would have thought that making a decision about deleting deactivating an Instagram account will ever be a hard one. Or important one for that matter. It's an app. It's just a god damn app. How is it we get so addicted to scrolling and liking thousands and thousands of pictures, especially of people we've never met in our lives? Tell me, does Rihanna really care or even notice you've liked her picture?

I love Instagram, but as with everything else, not everything you love is good for you.

Especially with the Active now feature, it became too much. My focus was on the wrong things, it was to the point I was obsessed with being on the app 24/7 and not one good thing came out of it.
It's been two days without it, and it's a bit weird, I'm not gonna lie. I'm so used to clicking on the app all the time, and now that I don't have it, I literally have SO much time on my hands and I haven't yet figured out what to do with it. So many times I find my fingers subconsciously leaning towards the phone and I have to remind myself that there's nothing to see.
It's weird, but at the same time, I feel like a big burden has been lifted of my shoulders.

At some point I will get back into it, I still love to post pictures and find inspiration, but I have to clear my mind first, forget about some stuff, focus on everything else, and make sure not to overthink as much as I do. Because I clearly do that too much.

Is it passion that drives us insane?

On the other note, I finally finally finally found a perfect apartment I just moved in yesterday! So I hope only good things keep on happening from now on.

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