People in GTA are so active! Not only in sports, because I feel like everyone does that all the time (yawn), but also in maintaining social life. Everybody keeps saying Toronto is super expensive (because it is), but at the same time, bars and restaurants are constantly full. Who would have thought that there are more irresponsible people in this world besides me, who spend money on food and drinks even though they (we?) have no idea where the money's gonna come from at the end of the month for rent.

Even though social life here has absolutely no comparison to what we have back home, it's still very much exsistent. One of the struggles I had, and still do, is meeting new people. Scratch that. Not meeting people, but making friends. By the way, fun, but totally random, fact: I seem to be way more approachable here than I am back home. Also, not being on my phone 24/7 might actually help. In Slovenia, I had never experienced a random person walking up to me and started talking. Here it happens all the time. So I guess I don't have a resting bitch face after all. Ha universe!
Ok back to the point. Making new friends is hard! I met a lot of great people over my months in CA, but hardly made a fist full of friends, sadly none of which are in Toronto. So I am back to square one.
Besides my "full time" job at Aritzia, I started working on different events and that was where I expanded my option of making new friends, and I must say, it's quite successful.
I am all for meeting and getting to know a person in real life, but Bumble (dating/BFF app) has helped me out a great bit when I first got here. So when you're moving to a new city, or just traveling - that's your app! Honestly though, I never thought I would need an app to meet new people..

I also never thought I'll eat potatoes for breakfast, but here I am, ordering my share of potatoes with eggs and waffles on a Sunday's morning plate.

Oh, and in case you wanted another picture with my tongue sticking out, trying to reach the ice-cream..you're welcome.

But yea, especially when you're older, I feel like it's harder to really connect with someone. By this age, I think we've all sorounded ourselves with the people we loved and trusted the most over the years of growing up, and the need for someone new as a friend, is not really there as much. It might sound harsh, but I don't need new friends, I already have the best bunch. The situation though makes me want to have new ones now. It can get really lonely starting somewhere fresh, and I need a buddy to try all this restaurants and cute coffee shops with me! You know, the basics ;p

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  1. I love this pic, and you look beautiful in this dress:-)

  2. I met a lot of great people over my life, but hardly made a fist full of friends.
    meet and greet Heathrow