Last time we spoke, my situation was still very French (?), but today, I am reporting to you from the land where people only use French to kiss. French kissing. Get it?

Montreal is a great city, a city I will definitely go back to very soon, but it's not a city I would see myself living and working in. The language was an obstacle that would take me quite some time to overcome, and in a world of raining money, that would be way more possible than in a world where it just won't stop raining/snowing and I'm in love with everything that's pretty and it costs money.

Like I said before, I could have a million different jobs, but that's not why I came to Canada. I came here to find one job where I would be able to grow and learn, and pour out all the creativity and plans I envisioned, that are bursting inside me. That's why Toronto is a next step in my little journey. Plus the city has the vibe I was looking for. When you know, you just know. You know?

I had so much fun there tho! The peak of my three months living there was definitely the X ambassadors concert that I'm still not over. It was soooooo good! Sam sounds amazing, like crazy amazing, and the venue was intimate, small and just perfect. Usually nothing is perfect, but this  concert kinda was. Plus, I brought a cute guy there with me who got me a bit wine drunk and kissed me all night, and if that's not everyone's best kind of night, I don't know what is.
There was so much more in those months there, obviously, but that was just the best. Even tho I had to move now, I think staying in Montreal first was the best idea possible, and I can't wait to go back soon.

Anyways, I'm back behind my computer now, writing cover letters and sending job applications like crazy, because otherwise I will go crazy from not working. How some people choose not to work a day in their life amazes me. I could never do it, like what do you do all day then? Seriously, what?

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