The next statement may not always apply, but in the days I've been here, I've realized an easy way on how to set apart Europeans from Canadians or more accurately, people living here. Firstly, Europeans tend to use other computer brands besides Apple, shockingly, I know, so that might give us away, and secondly, you would probably find most foreigners sitting in a cafe with nothing but a drink on their table, making an actual conversation with the other party, or reading a book if alone. We're definitely not used of bringing computers with us everywhere, but when we go out for a coffee, lunch or whatever, we do so to simply hang out.
The so called "work sessions" are done in working hours, and there's a sharp line between working and social life. Rarely you'll find us mixing the two in our leisure time. And we're BIG on leisure time. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that (working sessions), but with social media being as strong as it is already, I think getting away from it, is someting more people should start doing in their days.

I miss that. Even when I loved doing what I did for my job, I always looked forward going home, changing my clothes, and meeting my friends for a drink where we hanged out and talked and talked and talked until it was time to go. Or just a stroll around the city, window shopped, smoked a cigarette or two, walking and talking.

You know what, the grass isn't always greener. It probably never was, it's just we always want what we don't have. Always.

Don't get me wrong, I love going to different cute places and write there from time to time, it's just that people here don't socialize the same way we do, and I don't like that. Whatever bar/coffee shop you step into - Macbooks all around! You see friends walking by with earphones in their ears WHILE talking? I saw a woman with her son on the metro today, and he was listening to music instead of talking to his mom or just sit there quietly with her. And he was not a kid or something, which would make it easier to understand. I mean, would you ever disrespect someone like that? Just be with each other. Really not that hard.

It's the homesickness talking I guess, but I really wish social life here would be more similar to ours.

What I initally wanted to share here today, are the cute coffee shops I've been to so far and you have to visit them too if you're ever in town! (and invite me with of course.) There are soooooo many I still need to go to, but I already have some favourites. I don't drink coffee, BUT (!) I am obsessed with hot chocolate/cacao, and my mission is to find the best one in Montreal.
Numero uno, hot chocolate here, is not what hot chocolate is back home. Here hot chocolate is cacao, but not the best version of it, and hot chocolate as we know it, thick af, does not exsist. As far as I know.

So anyways, I rated hot chocolates in the cutest places I've been so far from 0 aka the worst to 5 aka the best. Also, I feel the need to say, Starbucks hot chocolate is kinda good! I don't like to go there that often though..the whole "TO GO" concept is not my thing. (or is that just my unemployment talking?..)

 Amazing decor, super nice people and a cool sign Ciao bella I'm definitely going to steal one day!

Cute breakfast/working space. Hot chocolate was good, but the pinc latte is just an instagram worthy drink. Tastes so bad! The things we do for the gram..


The worst hot chocolate ever, but the cutes coffe shop and AMAZINGLY good croissants!


This place used to be a bank I think, and it's sooo pretty! The vibe there was so good, and the hot chocolate was pretty damn good. The best one so far I dare to say! Great service as well.


And for the record, I too want a Macbook. We're just not gonna be together all the time.

Ok bye. x

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