Hiiii 2018!

 Yesterday I flew into, what it felt like, the coldest day in my life! I went from freezing (Toronto), to inhuman freezing (Montreal) in an hour. But you know what? It's kinda worth it when you look around and realize winter has magic no other season can posses.

Right before the holidays started I got maaajor homesickness and all I could think about was going back home to my family and friends, get a dog and live a life I otherwise imagine living later in life. Where I am right now is where I wanted to be for sooo long, but I would never expect it to be this hard. Forget the job hunt, forget managing alone,..what's the hardest is waking up, knowing the people you love are so, so far away. Everything else is the same no matter where you are. So that has been a struggle every day, but luckily I got my family refill as soon as I touched London, ON!

But first things first..

I fell in love with T O R O N T O

It's no New York, but it's totally ME! Definitely more my paste than Montreal. #sorrynotsorry

After being completely starstruck by Toronto, we were on our way to my brother's and his girlfriend Lara in London (ON) where my mom suprised me with her visit!! She suprised my brother a day early, and he kept on messing up over the whole day about my mom being in Canada, but I just didn't get it AT ALL! Thanks god I'm blond? haha
It was such a nice suprise and we had our first Canadian Christmas together, along with two friends and Lara's mom as well. Mom's came just for a couple of days so we decided to visit Niagara falls, go around London, Grand Bend beach and explore my love Toronto before their departure.

Now that the holidays are over, now that I had a part of my family with me, now that I had a puppy next to me,.. NOW I feel I am good for some time! And now it's also the time to really dive deep into the plans that brought me here, to start working on next phase of my so called dreams and making sure new year will be a GREAT one. Except for the few highlights, 2017 was not a great year for me. But since that's over, there is no need to go back and explain. Right.

To finish this post, I wanna share a quote for all the overthinkers such as myself, that I feel we should be reading and living by every single day..

Happy 2018!

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  1. Love reading your posts...good luck in 🇨🇦

  2. Great post..great photos. Enyoj CA