I'm not used looking in other people's plates, but facing an apartment right across from my window makes it nearly impossible. I'm sitting here eating pasta, and they've been doing goddamn magic fish a la something for more than an hour! Kinda frustrating when their whole kitchen is the size of my apartment (times 2) and all I want to do is for them to see me, invite me over and let me cook for them. Is that too much to ask?

Since my current employer is on vacation, that means so am I. There are pros and cons about that fact. One of the most important pros is that until I still have food in my fridge, I don't have to leave my apartment and go out in the freezing cold. One of the cons on the other hand, means I am slowly running out of money because Canada has taught me nothing about saving money and being more responsible yet. Yet. I feel it will soon though, if I don't find a part-time job quickly.
Number one tip you'll get from me today, is you should never ever move to a country/city which language you don't speak. There are ways to earn money, and there are jobs/companies where you don't even need to know what OUI means, but the biggest problem is actually finding those jobs. I've been searching for only two days, so I haven't stretched that much yet, but you know..when you want something, you kinda want it right now. Yes you get different jobs here and there, and I got very lucky by having a friend who works at the salon to take me under her wings, but if I don't (and I know I won't, because I'm lazy and shit) learn french, Montreal will do me no good.

If you are, like myself, currently in a country where is freezing cold outside, and you don't want to leave your nest, but at the same time have no idea what to do the whole day, here is how my day went by and you'll maybe get some fun ideas.

- creep over neighbors and imagine you're there with them
- sing very loudly
- apply for jobs
- convince yourself to work out
- watch a movie
- clean your place
- keep convincing yourself to workout
- take pictures
- make lunch
- eat lunch
- write
- actually work out (yayy)
- listen to Miguel's new album
- go to bed
- watch White Chicks
- really go to bed
- hope for a warmer morning and a definitely more interesting day

On another more serious note, should I watch The Crown or not? Comment on my last Instagram/Facebook picture.

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