So here I am. 20 days into new life, sitting in my first home away from home, overlooking a brick building a block away from my window, and thinking: "I finally fucking did it!".

I am once again walking in my own dreams. Can you believe the feeling?

There is quite a few things that can easily be compared to Europe, but there are some that I don't think I could ever get used to. First of all, it's freaking windy here okay, so being cute is definitely not an easy option, and second of all, Montreal lacks of one thing I particularly can not live without - Nesquik (original) cacao.

On more serious note, this city is day by day growing on me more and more. I love the spirit of aspiration all around, I love the ability to grow and work on the things you love. Things I love.
There are so many things and places, to explore, to see. I love waking up here, not knowing what the new day will bring me. Because you, of course, make plans and everything, but when you're in a new place, you can never expect for things to go as you planned. Trust me. Like for instance, working in a salon never even crossed my mind, not even once in my life, et voila, guess where I'm working right now as an assistant? What's the most funny about it, it's that I actually love it! It's easy going, I can wear whatever (super important), I meet a lot of people, plus I'm learning about new stuff every day. Bingo!

Let me share a few things about Canada I noticed in my first weeks here..

  • everybody loves maple syrup. Everybody.
  • blowdry is very much still a thing (who knew?)
  • Tinder here sucks. #justsaying
  • people are SUPER nice (not a myth)
  • Europe's winter is summer comparing to winter in Montreal
  • super hard to find farm eggs and other goodies (if not impossible?)
  • not very enviromentally friendly city
  • attractive men all around
  • long lines EVERYWHERE (sigh..)
It's gonna take me some time to adjust to the totally different kind of lifestyle and everything, but it's getting easier by day. Though my FOMO (fear of missing out) on family gatherings and friends hangouts will always be present.

Why can't we have everything we wish for at the same time?

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