In the expectation of the movie, and high recommendation for the book, I decided to give it a try during my summer vacation on the Croatian coast, and read it before I see the movie. I didn't even know about this book prior seeing the movie trailer and I'm so glad I got this in my hands!

R. J. Palacio - Wonder

Suprisingly the book was much easier read than I expected at first. Being aware of Auggie's condition from the begining, I was constantly tense for something very bad to happen. What was happening to him was bad, but it didn't go in the direction where my first thoughts went. 
It's a beautiful story about being different, dealing with that and in the end, being accepted for who you are as a person, and not for how you look like. I feel like, being different is OK, but it's also OK for people needing some time to adjust to that difference. What is not ok, and it never will be, is being mean twoards people who are different, just because it's not something you're used to.

What I liked the most, is that the book gives other characters their own little chapters, explaining their side of the story. You get to see how everyone around him is dealing with the same issue in a totally different way. It's an easy read, beautiful read and it leaves you warm hearted. Definitely worth a read.

Now I'm even more thrilled to see te movie! Plus, my favourite Julia Roberts plays in it, wohoo :))

Have any of you read the book? Did you like it?

What should I read next?? Any recommendations would be great! :)

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